Rainbow Rare Ho-Oh-GX, ‘Burning Shadows’ Artwork

CoroCoro has revealed Ho-Oh-GX’s rainbow rare from SM3! The set will be released in Japan on Friday, but we’ll have exclusive info before then.

Ho-Oh-GX – Fire – HP190
Basic Pokemon

[R][C][C] Sacred Fire: This attack does 50 damage to 1 of your opponent’s Pokemon. (Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.)

[R][R][R][C] Phoenix Burn: 180 damage. This Pokemon can’t use Phoenix Burn during your next turn.

[R][C][C] Eternal Light GX: Put 3 in combination of [R] Pokemon-EX or Pokemon-GX from your discard pile onto your Bench. (You can’t use more than 1 GX attack per game.)

When your Pokemon-GX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Lightning (x2)
Resistance: Fighting (-20)
Retreat: 2

We also now have clearer images of the booster pack artwork for Necrozma and Ho-Oh from Burning Shadows, releasing August 4th. Our English set will be comprised mainly of the cards from Japan’s SM3.

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  1. Swampert Full Art Aspiring Trainer
    Swampert Full Art


    Nah, I think I've done my fair share of waifu fighting.
  2. dragonsigner Aspiring Trainer


    was she in Sun Moon video game? I dont remember her. maybe from USUM? (Ultra Sun Ultra Moon)
  3. George Aspiring Trainer


    so, just as a clear up for rulings, can you put a Fire Mega GX or a evolved Fire GX on the bench without needing the previous evolutions? ex: Incineroar GX or M Houndoom EX?
  4. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


  5. Xeynid Aspiring Trainer


    Wicke isn't close to Hala or N.

    You shouldn't be putting unplayable cards in your deck. You should be able to use up most of the cards in your hand most of the time. Yes, there will be situations where your hand is just stuck full of cards that can't be used due to luck, but those occurrences are rare.

    The only situation where wicke even comes close to the other two is if you for some reason have a hand full of bad cards. Why run Wicke, who is only useful when you have an entirely dead hand, when you could run Hala or N, who are both useful in those rare situations where you have a full hand of bad cards, but are also useful in the much more common occurrence of just not having too many cards left in your hand.

    On average, Wicke doesn't improve the quality of your hand, and reduces your hand size by 1. She can take really bad hands and bring them up to average, but N/Hala can do the same thing while also extending good hands.

    I mean, I'm gonna run 4 FA Wicke in every deck I ever make, but card's awful.
    thflame likes this.
  6. George Aspiring Trainer


    Thanks! well, maybe I should put Ho-Oh in my Flareon EX deck.
  7. thflame Aspiring Trainer


    Don't just toss a Pokemon into your deck. You need to look at the strategy of the deck and how the Pokemon compliment each other.

    What does Ho-oh GX do in your deck that Flareon EX doesn't? Is it useful to your overall strategy?
  8. The Cat Hatter Aspiring Trainer
    The Cat Hatter


    In decks other than prerelease it could kinda be kiawe/ ho-oh gx/ turtonator gx
  9. George Aspiring Trainer


    Well, since Kiawe allows me to search my deck for up to 4 fire energies and attach them to one of my Fire pokemon (but automatically ends my turn), and Flareon revolves around energy, what am I supposed to have when I am powering up a Flareon or two? because the meta with the way it is, I need support Pokemon to be in the active spot while I get a Flareon ready, I could use Ultra Ball to get a Flareon, but discard some Fire pokemon EX or GX, then bring them back when I am ready to OHKO my opponent with Flareon... I hope my explanation makes sense, but I do have a plan for Ho-Oh, and I have already done some testing with Ho-Oh and Kiawe proxys, and the decks works very well, I will post the deck list sometime if you'd like.
  10. George Aspiring Trainer


    how did you make these? Can you make a Kiawe?
  11. lavr1989 Aspiring Trainer


    How about my proxys

  12. lavr1989 Aspiring Trainer


    yes i can jejeje
  13. Jonnysniper Aspiring Trainer


  14. Ramo0927 Stay away. I am literal cancer.


    Why was the thumbnail of this news post a closeup of her "Stuff", but now its fixed? Got anything to explain to us? ;)

    Nah Just Kidding, This card is OK at best, but only because of N. Once N rotates this card might be quite interesting...
  15. thflame Aspiring Trainer


    I definitely see the synergy between Kiawe and Flareon EX, and Kiawe and Ho-oh GX.

    I don't really see the synergy between Ho-oh GX and Flareon EX. Ho-oh's GX attack is only really useful for getting out EX/GX evolutions. Any basic EXs/GXs can be played straight down and Rescue Stretcher seems like the better play for recovering any Flareon's you may have discarded.

    If you want a wall to hide behind while you power up Flareon EX, why not try Turtonator GX? You can still use Kiawe to get energy into play early, and Turtonator's GX attack helps you recover energy later.

    One thing Ho-oh GX would be go for is being a tech against Water decks, so maybe a one of in your Flareon deck might be good. I'm personally planning on building a Turtonator/Ho-oh deck. The strategy is to get out a Ho-oh GX turn 1, Kiawe onto it, then use Turtonator's GX attack to recover that energy after Ho-oh GX goes down.
  16. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    The only thing here that's ridiculous is everyone's overreactions, thinking that a fully clothed female character is somehow suggestive and needs to be "toned down" just because she has a large chest. Athena addressed this same line of thinking very well when the second Skyla full art was revealed: Here
    Been at work all day and took a while to articulate my thoughts... That is an interesting question about Pokemon adjusting their marketing to an older demographic. AuraJackle and you had good points about Masters far outnumbering Juniors (and Seniors combined, I would think) in tournaments, and how all of these secret rares are clearly for those who have money to bling out their decks. Combine that with the obvious nostalgia train for Gen 1 all last year. It does seem clear that Pokemon's demographics are shifting. But questioning Pokemon's decisions and their image based on this artwork (and, sure, let's say a few others)? I really think that's making a huge assumption on a few things.

    I want to emphasize two things before I say anything else. I hate sounding like this, because I can't stand this offened-by-everything culture on the internet, but I will undoubtedly come off as sounding like someone who's overly offended by posting a wall of text. And I truly do not intend to put words in your mouth. But...

    It just seems very presumptuous to say that this artwork of a fully clothed female character is overtly sexy, when the only thing that could possibly define it as such is the fact that the character happens to have large breasts. Honestly, seeing a female character with large breasts and automatically assuming that is lewd, suggestive, risqué or overtly sexualized is a huge leap in logic. Does that apply to real women who have naturally large breasts too? I hope not, because that's pretty ignorant. (But it does happen to women, which is why I posted that image.) It is very true that entertainment brands use overtly sexy character for marketing, but I just don't see it with Pokemon's official products. I mean, sure, I don't doubt that some choices on which female characters to give full arts are aimed towards appealing to Pokemon's male demographic... but this is so tame that it's a non-issue, in my opinion. We can even extend this to Olivia's full art. Far more skin showing with less clothing compared to Wicke's full art. (Also illustrated by Naoki Saito.) I still see nothing lewd or suggestive; she's just striking a pose. I honestly think the artwork and character design is respectfully done for a woman who lives on what is probably a hot, humid island; it's summer wear. (Though on the flip side, going back to Wicke, I have wondered why she would want to wear a turtle neck sweater in Alola. Maybe it's cold inside Aether Paradise? Ha ha.)

    I asked my friend what she thought about Wicke's full art, with no other context, other than saying Naoki Saito's artwork was super cute. Wicke's eyes were the first thing she saw. She likes the background, and thought the pose was cute. I asked if there was anything else. She said no and questioned why. I asked if she found Wicke to be overtly sexualized or suggestive. She said, "Not particularly???? I mean, there's sweater boobs, but the way her outfit is, they would be like that. :| Suggestive? Uhhh... Noooo??" I explained how people were reacting to the artwork, and she said, "Geez. Just because a character has a big chest doesn't make any cute pose card art automatically suggestive. :<" Which sounds very similar to what Athena said about Skyla's second full art (linked above).

    Yes, that's just the opinion of one woman, but I think that speaks to how the men are viewing this instead. It really seems like reaching to find the suggestiveness and then jumping to conclusions.
  17. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

    Webmaster News Head Activities Head Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Wicke is a fictional cartoon character created and designed by someone, not a naturally occurring person. She is a piece of marketing for Pokemon like any other character, whether it's Pikachu, Lt. Surge, Professor Sycamore, etc. She is specifically designed to appeal to a certain demographic, like the Pokemon they choose to put into a game.

    I think it's pretty silly to view her as being in a vacuum where she's "just" someone who happens to look the way she does. I think you can tell by the comments here and all over social media what people first noticed about her, and that's because Pokemon chose to use her character and her specific features to grab a certain kind of attention from a certain demographic of fans.

    Just like Pikachu is "cute" and is used to appeal to kids, or they release "Shiny" TCG sets with "romantic" Pokemon themed for girls, Pokemon specifically designs certain characters to target at certain demographics. Sometimes it's a dumb character they want you to have pity for (Magikarp or Psyduck), other times it involves sexiness (Wicke, Sycamore), other times it involves cuteness or toughness (Shaymin, Lucario). To say they don't create characters with specific "marketable" purposes and features is pretty silly and means you would have to be ignoring basic marketing and character design.

    Google my interview with Masamitsu Hidaka for some more insight into the logic behind how and why Pokemon uses certain characters to appeal to boys, girls, etc.

    I appreciate your opinion though and am glad you're expressing it.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2017
  18. Lanstar The Funny Fairy Bug


    Thank you for correcting that Wordpress issue. Appearently, even software can have a wardrobe malfunction at times... Well, I'll end my discussion on that right there.

    As for Wicke's effect, I think there could be a nice niche to using it: Play it in a elemental monkey hand fling deck! What you could do is pair that attacker with a bunch of Ribombee's from this set, of which can each take 2 energies out of your deck. Those energies end up working up your hand size for you to play Wicke, which gives you both hand disruption and a fresh hand at the same time.

    Even more neat - those energies may end up going back into your deck, so if only 2 of your 4 bees could use their ability due to a lack of energy to search, Wicke could let you utilize your other 2 bees' abilities after it is played!

    Edit: After thinking about it, this could work as a draw engine for other decks, too. o_o
  19. thflame Aspiring Trainer



    Here's the problem: Wicke isn't nearly that...uh...voluptuous in her original artwork. She has been SPECIFICALLY altered for some reason that only TPCi knows (though anyone with a brain can easily guess).

    When you take a character that wasn't designed like that, then specifically add it later, it's jarring.

    I honestly don't see the comparison to Skyla's artwork at all. Skyla is just standing in a way that draws attention to her "assets". They aren't actually enhanced like Wicke's.

    As far as the card's effects mechanically:

    Net -1 on hand size as a draw supporter and you can help your opponent out = yuck.
  20. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

    Webmaster News Head Activities Head Elite Member Advanced Member Member