Full Art Wicke from SM3!

Wicke from SM3 has been revealed for the first time! She will presumably have a regular art version in the set as well. SM3 will be released in Japan next Friday, and we’ll of course have exclusive early information before then. Stay tuned!

Wicke – Trainer

Each player shuffles their hand into their deck and draws a new hand of the same number of cards.

You can play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

Wicke is basically a reprint of Sabrina’s Gaze from Gym Heroes, but as a Supporter.

She’s also… well endowed? I thought this was a kid’s game! :x

Update: My apologies, the original thumbnail for this news story was auto generated by WordPress. I was too tired last night to upload a manually cropped one, as I usually do, and thought it was funny how it selected that center portion of the image when I finally saw it. Had it been Guzma’s crotch, I would have left it too. :x