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Hi I’m new here and I just need an appraisal for a Pokémon card I’ve had for a couple years now. I just want an idea of what it’s worth.


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RIP to the 407 Hatterene V's I collected on TCGO. Thanks to the new client, 403 of them are going to forever be ground up into dust. Gone, forever.
Base Set Rebalanced released, check out this link for details! (also why is this a forum field lol)
Okay, you see me reviewing cards in a negative manner, but there's a reason for it. Other from some cards newly revealed are complete trash, no more further explanations, some cards that I rated 3 or 2 like FST Butterfree. I like the card but it lacks the potential to be proven it's worth as a good card... (cont.)​
N's Rhyperior
N's Rhyperior
Like how status conditions become nonsensical in a meta where we play so many switching cards, etc. Some also are just the middle average, but when someone makes an in-depth opinion on it, my impressions of this card will change...
N's Rhyperior
N's Rhyperior
Some also based how these new cards will be a new addition to their deck or such, I need the fact that this card or this deck is reliable, or consistent, or like what I said, "Turn 1" friendly. If you see me like this, I need further analysis, maybe it will might change my perspective on them.
noooooooo. My brother literally traded his Promo Flygon EX for 2 Uncommon RCL Falinks on the PTCGO today
Good day, Pat.

I just saw your contribution about Evolving Skies PR promos.
Can I ask permission to allow me to use your scans to google? I think you know him from Youtube, he makes TCG videos and in-depth card reviews, known from his experience as a TCG commentator .So that, I can inform him about this.

Thank you in advance, sir.