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Standard Zygarde-GX Decklist

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Defiance, May 7, 2018.

  1. Defiance Aspiring Trainer


    So, I've been lucky enough to get my hands on 4 Zygarde-GX's before landing in the cycle that is Ultra Necrozma /Malamar. So I decided to try my hand at a deck..

    I started by pairing it with Silvally-GX via a decklist I found on here -- but it felt too clunky and I didn't have enough room for additional draw support -- which killed me.

    I'm also open to additional pairings, like Buzzwole-GX (for ninja-boy shenanigans) or Zoroark-GX (draw support king)

    POKEMON: (13)
    Zygarde-GX - 4
    Zorua - 2
    Zoroark - 2
    Diance [*] - 1
    Baby Buzzwole - 1
    Tapu Lele - 3

    TRAINERS: (33)

    Professor Sycamore - 4
    Cynthia - 3
    N - 2
    Guzma - 3
    Ultra Ball - 4
    Choice Band - 3
    Pal Pad - 1
    Bonnie - 3
    Field Blower - 2
    Float Stone - 2
    Scorched Earth - 4
    Lusamine - 2

    ENERGY: (14)

    Fighting Energy - 10
    Double Colorless - 4
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  2. gumball51321 *thumbs up*


    You don't need Brigette with 4 Brooklet Hill, and I would drop the Strong Energies and Fury Belts in favor for a 10th Fighting, Choice Bands, and Float Stones(which the deck basically needs 3 of). There are some other unnecessary cards to cut, but I'll go more in depth later.
  3. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
    Dark Espeon


    Hi Defiance,

    Nice deck. Consider these modifications:

    - 1 Regirock EX (one is sufficient with Diancie Prism Star)
    - 3 Fighting Fury Belt (Choice Band is better in this deck)
    - 1 Brigette (This deck does not need to get the bench set up that fast. Brooklet Hill suffices in addition to Ultra Ball)
    - 3 Strong Energy (Does not work that well with Zygarde GX since most of the time you want DCE for it)
    - 1 Pal Pad (one is sufficient)

    + 1 Buzzwole non-GX (excellent non-GX attacker with a low cost)
    + 3 Choice Band (allows you to hit critical numbers with Verdict combined with Diancie Prism Star)
    + 1 Fighting Energy (you want to discard them fast to accelerate them onto Zygarde GX with the first attack)
    + 2 Float Stone (needed for Octillery and to provide the deck with some mobility)
    + 2 Scorched Earth (another stadium that lets you discard Fighting energy to draw and can be discarded with Bonnie to recycle Verdict GX)

    Hope this provides some initial assistance.
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  4. Defiance Aspiring Trainer


    I've made the changes provided by @Dark Espeon .

    It looks pretty solid this way, but is the 10 damage from Regirock really worth the 3 star bench space? Or could this deck perhaps use his spot for something else?
  5. Alex Sableye Official Pokemon Connoisseur of the Unova Region
    Alex Sableye


    Regirock on the bench switches your Verdict output from 200 to 210, which is a HUGE difference, because you can then 1HKO 210 hp Pokemon. (Assuming Diancie * is on the bench too and you have a Choice Band attached)
  6. Solid list. I'm still a bigger supporter of Zygarde/Zoroark, but this list doesn't look bad. I'd switch the baby Buzzwole to a baby Zygarde (50%, FLI), as it only needs two attachments to attack and hits harder than baby Buzzwole. I'd also suggest adding one Buzzwole-GX, as it's too good of an attacker not to run.
  7. CaptZero Aspiring Trainer


    You tease me with this awesome sounding deck idea and don't give me a list to work with!
  8. Tcgmulisha Aspiring Trainer


    Hi all,
    Any advice would be great. Been playing a while now at the local club and they've mentioned a standard rotation soon. So ive been told the cards to use will be sun and moon and newer. So my plan to build a great zygarde gx deck is getting a little hard as i wont be able to use the cards i want eg-
    Strong energy
    Max elixir
    Regirock ex
    Float stone
    Scorched earth
    Any advice on alternative cards would be very much appreciated ,thanks in advance.
  9. Defiance Aspiring Trainer


    So, I've updated my decklist recently. Its held its own versus Malamar/Ultra Necrozma/Necrozma onslaughts.

    I feel like it could be more tho -- what am I missing?

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