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Alt. Format Zeraora GX/Rayquaza GX Updated Post Rotation

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by aPOLLo, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. aPOLLo Deck Build Help


    Total: 60

    Pokemon: 10
    Rayquaza GX x4 [Attacker]
    Zeraora GX x1 [Free Retreat]
    Latias Prism Star x1 [Accelerate Energies]
    Shuckle x1 [Discard Energies]
    Tapu Lele GX x2 [Set Up]
    Tapu Bulu x1 [Counter Hoopa]

    Supporters: 14
    Tate and Liza x1 [Draw]
    Guzma x3 [Utility]
    Lillie x1 [Turn 1]
    Cynthia x4 [Draw]
    Sightseer x4 [Draw+Discard]

    Items: 15
    Mysterious Treasure x4 [Search]
    Ultra Ball x4 [Search]
    Field Blower x1 [Disrupt]
    Rescue Stretcher x2 [Recover]
    Pal Pad x2 [Recover]
    Acro Bike x4 [Discard]

    Tool Cards: 3
    Wishful Baton x3

    Stadium: 2
    Devoured Field x2 [Boost]

    Energies: 16
    Grass Energy x8
    Electric Energy x8

    Wishful Baton gives you no loss of energies after a KO
    Tate and Liza supplies a multi-situational support to help in many circumstances.
    Acro Bike enables you to get more energies in the discard and find more cards off the top-deck.
    Zeraora is a great tech to retreat for free and turbocharge energies.
    Sightseer is great for discarding and is stable draw support too.
    Lillie is for turn 1 to get lots of cards in your hand.
    Shuckle is to get a lot of energies in the discard and can accelerate too.
    Latias is to accelerate many energies.

    I was thinking of maybe adding in a Xurkitree GX to counter pokemon with special energy.
    And Tapu Bulu was to counter Attacking Hoopa.

    This was an updated deck profile and I’d like to know what you guys think.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018

  2. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
    Dark Espeon


    Hi aPOLLo,

    Nice deck. Not solid in Zinnia since hand sizes tend to be lower in SM-on and you may have a harder time using her. There are only two modifications i would make to the deck:

    - 1 Zinnia (see above, but keep in mind that I did not test her out much thus far)
    - 1 Pal Pad (want the space for a third Rescue strecther due to the massive deck milling and cycling)

    + 1 Rescue Stretcher (combined with Rayquaza's ability this helps to get energy into play fast once one Rayquaza GX is defeated and you might mill one of the two)
    + 1 Lillie (nice draw supporter in decks that have no issues to play out their hand)

    Hope this provides some initial assistance.
  3. aPOLLo Deck Build Help


    Ok thanks, since garbodor would have rotated i might remove a field blower for a rescue stretcher.
    I still like the idea of having a zinnia if i need it but thanks for that anyway
    It has been successful in my tests because im not running wishful baton
  4. aPOLLo Deck Build Help


    When i play the deck i end up with tons of aupporters left over and usually a couple in my hand so i have no problem with drawing cards
  5. aPOLLo Deck Build Help


    I have updated the list due to ineffective cards in my deck testing;

    -1 Zinnia (Too situational)
    -1 Field Blower
    -2 Counter Gain (All my counter gains can be discarded straight away from a field blower and three seems much. I tested it but it wasn't effective enough)

    +2 Wishful Baton
    +1 Acro Bike (4 is consistent and helps with discards)
    +1 Lillie
  6. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
    Dark Espeon


    Hi aPOLLo,

    I can see the switch from Zinnia to Lillie but would retain at least one Field Blower if not two of them to deal with stadium cards such as Commandment Shrine and Aether Paradise Area in addition to opposing Choice Bands, Wishful Baton, and Counter Gain. Maybe also consider to update the original post above to help people see the current status of the deck.
  7. aPOLLo Deck Build Help


    Ok I have updated the list above:


    -1 Lillie
    +1 Field Blower

    -1 Sightseer (I end up with so many supporters left over)
    +1 Wishful Baton (They can all get field blowered in one turn)
  8. ZoroarkFoLife Aspiring Trainer


    Apollo I just recently learned that zeraora is coming out in sm8 not celestial storm so we both might have to wait for our decks. Otherwise I see good potential for this deck in the future! Also your 4 Acro bike on your list will most likely be rotated after worlds so you might want to think about post rotation decks.
  9. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    Acro bike is getting a celestial storm reprint currently it's not even legal until celestial storm
    aPOLLo likes this.
  10. aPOLLo Deck Build Help


    Yeah acro bike is fine, but i guess i will have to wait :(

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