Zeraora from Stellar Miracle!

Hard disagree. Let's save the ex slots for Pokemon who haven't gotten Double Rare cards in a while or ever. Though, I might forgive the usage of a Pokemon who got Ultra Rares recently if it was a Tera with an interesting type.

Honestly, while I like Zeraora, it gets cards a bit too often for me to be excited about another card of it. I like this card, though. Even if it's probably not viable, it's cool. And I LOVE the art rare, very dynamic and fun!
What about the Basic ex slots? I mean, they could've given us a Stellar Zeraora ex instead of Lapras or Galvantula. ⚡

Also, why do you keep replying to my comments? You must be obsessed or something lol. 🤦‍♂️
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Can we please get a Tera Meowscarada ex and Tera Quaquaval ex in the next set? We got a Tera Skeledirge at least (and I made sure to get it) but it's just the regular ex rarity with no alternate arts. Does Creatures Inc not like the starters this gen?? What gives. It's supposed to be Scarlet and Violet, not Zeraora and Zeraora
I wish Zeraora and Marshadow were in scarlet/violet they are the last two I need to finish the national dex to get my reward