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As we announced back in March, new High Class Decks featuring Zeraora and Deoxys will release alongside Japan’s Lost Abyss. The decks were just revealed in Japan. They will release on July 15th for 2,700 yen each.





Thanks goes to Toine L. for the translations!
Deoxys V – Psychic – HP210
Basic Pokemon
[P][C] Psychic: 30+ damage. This attack does 30 more damage for each Energy attached to your opponent’s Active...

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"with the following reprints, some featuring new artwork"

All those cards seem the same as the ones released before.

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Zeraora V/VSTAR/VMAX - 1. VSTAR is just plain standard attack nothing special, and Snipes a Pokemon V. 2. VMAX is neat, but more of a techable one. Still capable of KOing Vs. 2 Colored enrgy is a problem for the first one especially if you can KO Vs if your opponent has 4 ability mons. Double Turbo would fix it and still capable of KOing majority of Pokemon V, even with the drawback. 3/3-4/3-4

Deoxys V/VMAX/VSTAR - 1. Does still applies weakness and resistance on the bench for the VSTAR? Neat card overall. 2. Decks can just play Path and ignore the ability anyway. Sure, decks normally does 220 at most. But Arceus decks can just ignore the ability and accelerate energy to smth like Flygon V and SMASH! 3/4/3-4

Camo Poncho - might see play as a 1-of to avoid being gusted. 4

N's Rhyperior

Pokebeach's The Rhyperior = YouTube's N
Correct me if I'm wrong but the ability would stack having multiple deoxys vmax out right?
Unless otherwise stated, it does. But it only covers VSTAR, so that's why. Things like Oricorio and R. Gardevoir limited to 1 'coz it covers the majority of Pokemon.


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The ability of that Deoxys VMAX stacks and applies to all of your Pokemon... you can potentially reduce the opponent's VSTAR damage by 140 if you have 4 and a Radiant Gardevoir in play. Of course they all get shut down by Path, so it's mostly just a fun meme to try that.