Zapdos from 'CoroCoro Ichiban' Revealed!


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Game-breaking??? If you're in reference to this Zapdos, this is far from game breaking. It's a really good card and great support for lightning, but I would not call it busted in the slightest.

Honestly, I feel like people use that term way too much for cards that don't even fit what defines game-breaking... Since when was new good cards that can contribute to creating new deck archetypes a bad thing???
I think it's the status quo Ash. Most people are just comfortable with having a static meta where all the best decks are known.

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You’d expect it to be for NON GX Pokémon, but here we are, shakin’ things up. It’s too good.


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Perhaps it's just me, but not only do I disagree with it being broken, I'd go as far as saying it's mediocre at best. The energy requirements are the same as the statistical increase in energy from its attack... I'll skip out on wasting turns energizing this card when a magnezone, also not broken, is more efficient.


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Well at least its weak against itself, can help set up Raichu-GX, or Raikou GX's attack against a Rayquaza deck.


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When are they going to stop making such game-breaking cards?
I’m getting tired of this blatant power creep
I see a bunch of people in the comments failing to see this post as the obvious sarcasm it is, and here I am just laughing my butt off. XD

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  • Zapdos - energy accel for a coin flip and cost DCE, I don't know if I'll go for this. 3 Geodudes


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Any electric type currently benefit from a lot of energy in the discard (without shuffling it back?) Feels like there's some potential in a Zapdos chain if the right partner existed, it can certainly thin a lot of lightning fast if you for some reason wanted to.


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Jesus y’all don’t have an ounce of sarcasm in you

Honestly, it's really hard to tell with the way you wrote out your comment, and with the way some people on here actually do treat the game like that it's easy to assume you were being serious. My mistake for not realizing it earlier, it's just a pet peeve of mine when people are actually serious about the game like that, so I immediately jumped on it because I WAS irritated. Don't fault people when your comment was too vague to tell.

(And yes, I did delete my comment, again, I admit to that, I was feeling embarrassed about having not realized you were sarcastic. Sorry about that one, in hindsight I really shouldn't have.)