Strategy Z-Move Discussion

Professor Palutena

The Queen
So the big new mechanic in Gen 7 is Z-moves! These are onetime use superpowerful moves that can, potentially turn the tide of battle. Every move, with the exceptions of Lunar Dance and Healing Wish, have a Z-move. Yes, this includes status moves. You can use these moves at the cost of your item slot, so the pros and cons must be considered.

A few mechanics notes:
- Attacking Z-moves cannot miss and will break through protect for 25% of normal damage.
- Hidden Power will always be Breakneck Blitz (Normal type)
- Z-Crystals cannot be knocked off and are not removed once being used.

Here are some notable Z-moves that I've encounters in my time playing:

- Z-Parting Shot: In addition to dropping the opponent's Atk and SpA by 1 stage, it also fully heals the incoming Pokemon.
- Z-Rain Dance: While all weather moves share the effect of raising speed by 1 stage in addition to setting the weather, Z-Rain Dance is the most common as it allows Manaphy to be a fantastic cleaner.
- Corkscrew Crash: Commonly ran on Magearna, this 160BP move is designed to force Soul-Heart into activating and turning Magearna into a fearsome sweeper
- Z-Memento: While it does KO the using Pokemon, it does drop the opponent's Atk and SpA by 2 stages and now heals the incoming Pokemon fully.
- Z-Conversion: This single handedly turns Porygon-Z into an insane threat, as it raises all of its stats by one stage.
- Sonic Skystrike: Seen on both Landorus-T and Gyarados, this is designed to lure common grass switchins.
- Z-Splash: This normally useless move now raises your attack by three stages!
- Z-Hold Hands: This has the same effect as Z-Conversion, but is instead used on Jirachi
- Z-Belly Drum: Before dropping the user's HP by 50%, it fully heals, which can open up a sweep.
- Bloom Doom: Heatran's premier set, as it is a 190BP move designed to lure the Water-types that normally try to kill Heatran
- Tectonic Rage: Usually seen on Dugtrio, this 180BP move gives Dugtrio a lot more power if it needs to revenge bulkier foes
- Z-Haze: So far seen on Tapu Fini, this move gives it a full heal on a Pokemon that otherwise lacks recovery
- Z-Hypnosis: Seen on Xurkitree, this gives it a speed increase in addition to possibly putting a foe to sleep, which opens up for a sweep.
- Breakneck Blitz: While niche, this has been seen on users of Explosion and Hyper Beam to be a 200BP move with no negative effects.

What other Z-moves have you seen and been using? This is certainly an interesting mechanic that opens up for a lot of creativity.
I cant help but notice the lack of Inferno Overdrive via Overheat in your list. You get an insane 195 base power and not take the stat drop, then can go into Overheat [again... kinda] before halving your SAtk and possibly needing to switch. Not the best ever, but certainly on-or-above the level of Dugtrio's Tectonic Rage.