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  1. Hello!

    I have question regarding Yveltal (BKT) and how it interacts with Exp. Share (PRC).

    I'd like to know what would happen in the following scenario:

    Player A has an active Yveltal (BKT) with a basic Darkness Energy and a Double Colorless Energy attached.

    Player A also has a Mew (FCO) on the bench, equipped with an Exp. Share.

    If Player B knocks out Player A's active Yveltal (BKT), can Player A move the basic Darkness Energy from the, now knocked-out, Yveltal (BKT) to the benched Mew (FCO) using Exp. Share? Or, is Yveltal (BKT)'s Fright Night Ability still considered "active" and thus the effects of all Tool cards are negated?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    EDIT: Having checked this forum for an answer, I came upon this thread. If a Professor could confirm whether or not this ruling has been superseded, I'd be grateful. Cheers!
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    The ruling in that thread is still current. The moving of Energy occurs when Yveltal BKT is Knocked Out, but it is not discarded until all actions from the attack and any effects triggered by the attack are resolved. Since Yveltal BKT is still in play when the Energy would be moved normally, Fright Night is still active and therefore Exp. Share would not activate.
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