Pokemon Your Lucky Catch of the Day!

The other day, while coming home from the mother-in-law's house, I happened to come across this cute little guy:


I have no idea if Jigglypuff are rare or not, but I've never seen one yet, so it was pretty exciting. I also saw silhouettes of both Porygon and Sandshrew in her neighborhood, neither of which I've seen yet as well, but I was unable to locate them.
Since I'm away on a weekend vacation, I decided to get up and go on a drive. I did so. On this drive, over the course of an hour, I saw a wild Raichu CP 785. Six wild Vulpix, which is insane. And lastly, a Dewgong CP 1189. It's Galveston, TX. The coast here is absolutely filled with awesome nonstop Pokemon.
I went to the beach today, and I found a lot of Pokémon that I needed for my Pokedex. 19 new Pokémon! The special ones were Weezing, Porygon, Kadabra, Magneton, Magmar and Electabuzz! I also encountered a Mr. Mime, but it fled.. D:
I also caught 4 Pikachu :)

Around 600 people were playing Pokémon Go at the beach,
Kijkduin was an amazing experience :p
My Brother caught a Charizard at Discovery Green. The one time I wasn't there, he caught a Charizard. :(
When to a campsite in another state with my friends, didnt expect to catch a CP1182 Dragonite.. Even oug I lost almost 30 balls trying.. Kept missing
I'm very glad I went out playing the game today, because I found a Slowbro, Mr. Mime, Lapras, Venomoth and a Seaking. Which is insane!
The day hasn't ended yet, so I might be able to get more :p
Just caught a Nidoqueen with just under 600cp, it was a good thing because I've been trying to save candy for one. Also got a Seaking but only noteable because I needed it for the dex, it's actually 89cp, my Goldeen is better.
Found a Ponyta with over 800 CP in a nearby neighborhood (within a half mile away from my house). Though I went through my Great Balls and a lot of Pokeballs, I still managed to catch it.

My best catch was a drive by 900 CP Snorlax last month (I was the passenger). I think I caught it on the second try too.
It might not seem like such a big deal but I finally caught myself a Pikachu. It's only 204cp but it's the first one I've found in all of my time so it's a good thing for me.

Also found myself a 708cp Marowak a few days ago.
I caught a 876CP Snorlax today! It was my first one! I had to run around a lot too because I had no Pokeballs or anything and I had to get poke stops when It only had 5 minutes left! It was a close one!
Get this thread alive again people!
Well anyway, I was going to NYC, living in Jersey City smack dab next to the Big Apple, and see Porygon on my radar. I enter the local mall to get to the ferries, he pops up. Funny yet, the ferry gets close enough to a spot in the water where for some reason a Victreebel spawns in. Very happy now!
Okay, I have to mention this! So today I not only managed to catch a CP1029 Mr. Mime, a CP1070 Kingler and a Kabuto, but I also caught a Ditto! When that Rattata suddenly changed into a Ditto, I nearly screamed, I've never been so excited about something in Go before! :D