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I'm not a very big Shiny hunter - it takes more time than I'd care to spend, especially filling the Pokédex, but I do occasionally do a Masuda method or two.
My first random encounter Shiny that I remember was a Scraggy in a horde on Kalos Route 5 in the middle of a (unsuccessful) hunt for Froakie. I had just returned from Lumiose City to go back to the Day Care and pick up another 5 eggs, but for some reason I was not using anything with Fly (now of course I use Talonflame), so I was walking through the grass when the Scraggy appeared.
Since then, I've found a shiny Zubat in a horde while EV training, and a Shiny Abra on a random encounter in Granite Cave in the middle of my AS playthrough (fortunately, a Great Ball caught it before it could teleport). Through Wonder Trade I've received Shiny Purrloin and Plusle, and a Clauncher over the GTS (not rare because chain fishing, I know).
My favorite Shiny from those I have (which is not a very large selection, I know) is most definitely the Abra, now an Alakazam. It's Modest, too.
In general, I really like most Shinies from Generation 5, like Serperior, Gigalith, Zoroark, and Braviary.


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What do you mean? For horde hunting, Honey doesn't work any better than Sweet Scent, which can be used infinitely. The main problem is the Shiny Charm; it takes forever to fill the Pokédex.


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I bought Gold and Silver at the same time and caught a shiny on both game (excluding Gyarados) around the same time so I'm not sure which one I captured first.
My 2 first shinies are Ponyta and Hoothoot. Later I used the cloning method to clone more so I could have the shiny evolution line.


My first shiny Pokémon was either a shiny Machop (now a Machamp) or a Tentacool (now a Tentacruel).

My last shiny was a shiny Purrloin in BW2.

I've kind of wanted a shiny Espeon since I saw in the battle tower in one of the games, I think Fire Red.


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From wonder trade: I've been lucky enough to get a shiny Eevee and Nincada. From giveaways on Pokémon Showdown's Wi-Fi room, I've won a shiny Treecko [How ironic], Shiny Gallade, Shiny Drilbur, Shiny Corphish, and Shiny Shroomish, which are currently residing with a friend because I couldn't find my 3DS, and they get to choose one and keep it.


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My very first shiny was my starter in my very first Silver playthrough, a green Totodile. I didn't know what shinies were at the time, and was really just focused on restarting the game and dumping my starter onto Pokemon Stadium, 2 until I had all three starters in one game. I thought Totodile was glitched, but I shrugged and plopped him onto Stadium and restarted. A ways into my playthrough I finally learned what shinies were, and was so excited to have a Totodile. (I had to fill up my Pokedex a bunch before I could transfer him to my game, though!)

I went on to catch a Graveller and Weepinbell in gen 2, and have caught at least one in each generation since!



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My first Shiny (that I actually didn't lost to save data loss, traded for or used illegitimate means to get) is a Magnemite in Alpha Sapphire. However I like a couple shinies, I think My favorites would be Aegislash, Latias,/Latios (they compliment the normal colors well, except maybe the megas), Scizor (I have a thing for Chartreuse), Sigilyth (it reminds me of spicy Mexican food) Braixen (I also like Purple), and Boldore/Gigalith (again Purple, plus thanks to Miku Hatsuen I also have an affinity towards Turquoise). I actualy have a couple of these shinies, but I'm not sure how legitamate they are (and I'm gunning for a Shiny Aegislash either though TSV trades or the usual Masuda breeding (once i get the charm)


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Well hopefully I'll revive his forum.

The first shiny I ever caught was a Ponyta all the way back in 2007, on my first run through Pokemon Leaf Green. Now, he's sitting in a box in Pokemon Omega Ruby, as a shiny Rapidash.

I've caught a lot of Shinies in XY though, so many that I feel like the game has oddly been tweaked with. There was even a day where I even caught two of them in one day.

-Shiny Bunnelby. First run through the game, and I caught him on Route 2.
-Shiny Swirilix. I caught her on this same day as Bunnelby :p They're both now in Omega Ruby.
-Shiny Diglett. This was just a random encounter during a random play through, early last year. He arrived in Hoenn a couple months ago.


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My first shiny besides event or in game gifts like Red Gyarados, was a full odds Pawniard in Lost Hotel in Y.

I got it back in March.


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My first was a "full odds" Roggenrola in Black! (Full odds means completely by chance, right? No specific hunting and such.)


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My first shiny I caught was a Roselia! It took around 340 horde encounters. :v
My first shiny was a Zapdos from WonderTrade. I don't remember who I got it from, though.
My favorite shiny that I caught is definitely a shiny Swablu! (5000+ encounters, it's ridiculous, but worth it.)

I've never found a random shiny though.. >.>

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My first Shiny was Golbat in Silver Version's Ice Path. Like many first-time Shiny encounters, I didn't know what Shinies were (I thought it was something exclusive to the Red Gyarados). The dark screen made it hard to spot the color difference and figured my eyes were just playing tricks on me when I saw the "Flash" animation, so I tried to run from it. While the game probably said "Couldn't get away," I could've sworn it said "You don't want to do that!" Heeding that advice, I caught it and later checked it in the PC -- I was shocked to see the three-star icon on its status screen! After showing him, my older cousin (who had been playing Pokémon longer than me) told me about these extremely rare alternate-colored Pokémon and was super jealous because he had never found one.
My favorite Shiny visually is Mothim, but my favorite "full-odds" encounter was a Shiny Nidoran-M from FireRed's Safari Zone. I cringe every time I have to go to the Safari Zone in fear that I'll encounter a fleeing Shiny, but I got lucky and caught this one (my third Shiny ever). Unfortunately, I let a friend borrow the game and they lost it... I've chained one since, but it's not the same... :(
My favorite full-odds Shiny that I still have is the gift Porygon (now Porygon2) from Platinum. I was soft-resetting for a Modest nature, but after less than 20 resets, blue cyber-duck! Not the nature I was wanting, but I definitely wasn't going to pass it up. Insta-save.
While not full-odds, I consider Noko (Dunsparce) my most-cherished Shiny and mascot Pokémon. I stayed home for Christmas one year and randomly decided to see what was swarming on Pearl. Dunsparce. I had gotten pretty attached to Dunsparce as a kid while trying to evolve it into Gligar (I didn't have Internet to know otherwise) -- I pretended to be a professor, drawings diagrams and everything. Anyway, seeing that they were swarming brought those memories back and I knew that I wanted a Shiny one (despite never having luck with the PokéRadar before). I didn't know all the fancy rules of chaining back then, I didn't even use Repels, but I lucked out and got a Shiny Patch at a chain of 14 and caught my pink-bellied bee-snake. Adamant nature with Serene Grace, too! I was even able to give it Headbutt by trading it to HeartGold (where it replaced my Starter Pokémon as soon as I was able to trade it over).
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My first random encountered shiny was a Sentret in LeafGreen. And, I can't remember the rest I've caught u.u


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My first shiny seen was all the way back when Silver had just been released. I walked into the first patch of grass after getting my Cyndaquil and ran straight into a Shiny Pidgey. Now in hindsight, this was mindblowing that the first patch of my first run through of Silver ever in this new region at the time was a grey/silver Pidgey. Sadly because of this, I couldn't catch it to show it off, so I was very upset... Until I reached Olivine City and fished up a Blue Corsola. I named him Blue because I was very original as a kid clearly. I got a lot of other crazy shiny stories, but that one's my first. Shiny Pokemon seem to love me.


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The first shiny I ever caught was a shiny Aron in Sapphire. I was just trudging through Victory Road catching Pokemon to migrate to Diamond when suddenly, BOOM, red eyed Aron! Thank Arceus it didn't use Roar.

I also caught a shiny Fearow in Pearl, shiny Pidgey in SoulSilver and a shiny Chingling in Y. Of course there's all the event shinies like the legendary beasts, Metagross, Rayquaza, etc. In terms of my favorite shiny, the first ones that come to mind are Zorua, Emboar and Sylveon.