Yeah, not a good time.

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Okay, first off sorry I haven't been here for like a month, since my computer crashed and we didn't take it in for like 2 weeks since it didn't get very bad quick. Well, we took it to Geek Squad and found out our Explorer was crashing, and that it was only supposed to take 5 days. Not good, right? Well, a week later, they do the virus dohicky, and say they fixed it. Ehhh! Wrong.

It's doing the same thing.

So we take it back to them, and they say it'll only take a couple more days. Another miss. It takes them two weeks, and they finally say they can't fix it, and they have to wipe out all of our files to get rid of the Ad-Aware (I think that's what the virus is). So they say they'll back up everything (some things I've been working on for like...2 years). When we get our computer back, all the files are gone, and when we called, they say they lost all of it.

I'm not too happy with this company, anyone else have similar experiences? Or has someone had good experiences with Geek Squad?

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I have had good experiences with the Geek Squad's computer optimization. I don't know if they actually do much, though. :p


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Woah... you're saying Geek Squad LOST your files? ... That's horrible. If they actually said they would back-up your files, but then lose them, you should talk to someone up at corporate or something. You need a good reason why they would screw up like that. Of course, if they couldn't save the field, it would be because of the ad-ware I'm sure. Sorry to hear this, Arcy. =(((((((((( I hope you can get things straightened out.


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Re-imaging a computer is sometimes a must....they didn't lose it, they re-wiped your entire computer to fix, just like every other place. Though if everything was backed up, then they shouldn't of lost that....

I don't know much about computers anyways.

well Sorry for your loss, hope everything turns for the better...

Same thing happened to me, except I just bought another as I knew my files would be wiped..


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That's a shame. I heard Ad-Aware is really bad, but what happened to your files is just terrible.

I agree with GODZILLA, sue them at a small-claims court.

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