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Alt. Format XY-On: M-Sceptile EX / M-Heracross EX

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Vinub, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Vinub Aspiring Trainer


    Hello! First of all, sorry for my bad english. I'm thinking of making a deck with Mega Sceptile, but I have doubts on what would be his best partner. I tried a deck with Mega Sceptile and Ariados, but it seems that, despite having speed, it lacks firepower. I'm testing this variation with Mega Heracross, but the lack of spirit link and two megas significantly affect the deck. Ideas?

    Pokemon (12)
    • 2 Sceptile EX
    • 2 M Sceptile EX
    • 2 Heracross EX
    • 2 M Heracross EX
    • 2 Hoopa EX
    • 2 Shaymin EX
    Trainers/Supporters/Stadium (36)
    • 4 Professor Birch's Observations
    • 3 Professor Sycamore
    • 1 Shauna
    • 2 Lysandre
    • 1 Hex Maniac
    • 4 VS Seeker
    • 3 Ultra Ball
    • 3 Trainer's mail
    • 2 Switch
    • 1 Escape Rope
    • 2 Professor's Letter
    • 2 Energy retrieval
    • 2 Sceptile Spirit Link
    • 1 Hard Charm
    • 1 Sacred Ash
    • 4 Plant Stadium
    Energy (12)
    • 12 Grass energy

    Hoopa EX is vital to mega evolve as soon as I can. Professor's Letter and Energy Retrieval makes Jagged Saber heal almost every time, which is the point of the deck, so Heracross can go on hitting with 180 damage. 4 Stadiums, 2 Hoopas, 3 Ultra Balls, 2 Shaymin and 3 Trainer's mail helps a lot to put M-Heracross on Turn 1.

  2. NintendoAlian Frontier Brain


    This may be good in theory, but the fact that Heracross dosen't have as Spirit Link means that you have a turn vulnerable where your opponent gets a free turn to attack you without being attacked. Now, you have M Sceptile to heal, but you opponent gets a turn without taking damage. If you want to play M Sceptile, then I saw play it by itself or with a non-Mega or a Mega with a Spirit Link.
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  3. Vinub Aspiring Trainer


    I agree with you; in all my tests I felt the deck was very slow and vulnerable. I also tested with Mega Venusaur-EX without success. I accept suggestions to use other Pokémon or lists!
  4. NintendoAlian Frontier Brain


    All I can really think of is Lugia EX, Dragonite ROS, and Dragonite EX. Grass will lose it's biggest attacker, Genesect, from the rotation so these are the best right now.
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  5. Voxel Aspiring Trainer


    Sceptile (Primal Clash) can heal 30 damage to a Pokemon while placing a grass energy, so it's really good to add that line into your deck. Also, running all EX pokemon is risky, as a single EX damage preventer, (aka Beautify, which could become a thing due to Giant Plant Forest or whatever,) so having a non EX pokemon might be a good idea. Also, with only Mega Pokemon as your attackers, it would loose pretty bad to Giratina EX.

    Personally, I feel M Sceptile's best partner would be either Trevenant EX, or another card that can benefit from fast energy gain like Lugia EX.
  6. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
    Dark Espeon


    How about 1-2 Memory Shrine and attacking with Sceptile Ex's Assessin Claw since the deck also includes Ariados?
  7. Vinub Aspiring Trainer


    This is a very interesting option, because Sceptile-EX can OHKO primals. I'm going to try it today, see if it works.
  8. GadgetJax Traveling Storyteller and Card Faker

    Shiftry FLF would make a decent attacker. Strong draw Ability, great attack, and since it's a Grass Type, you can play it quicker with GPF.
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