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    Hello PokeBeachers, my name's PineDog with some Theorymon about our next English set: XY: Evolutions. I've been following the news about cards for the set, and have come up with this: what I believe the cards we have confirmed or I think are extremely likely. I will try to update this list as much as new cards are released.

    First of all, I think we have most of the Lightning-type Pokemon confirmed, even though we only have two confirmed for release, those being Pikachu and Zapdos, which coincidentally happen to be the first and last Lightning Pokemon from the original Base Set in terms of PokeDex number. There happens to be six spaces between these two cards, which are exactly enough to fit in the leftover Lightning-type Pokemon from Base Set. Based on that, I think it's very likely we'll be getting these six cards in the set.

    If we have Charizard, we have to have Charmander and Charmeleon, so I'm extremely confident those will be in the set. I'm pretty sure that the Venusaur & Blastoise line will be in this set. While we can fit the Venusaur line into the list with them being the Pokemon at the beginning, we can't fit in Blastoise because we don't know how many Fire type Pokemon will be in this set. As such, it's been confirmed that Mega's of the original Starters will be in the set, and even though we know where they likely will be, I'm still not confident that's exactly where they will be. Plus we don't even know where M Blastoise will be.

    Along with that, there are cards which are fairly likely to be in this set based off the Japanese artwork for the pack, being Farfetch'd, Clefairy, Rattata, Nidoking, and Tangela. Based off this we can infer that Nidoran ♂, Nidorino, and Ratticate.

    We also have cards that were confirmed in the English blurb for the set, being: Dragonite-EX, Ninetales BREAK, and Machamp BREAK, which infer Vulpix, Ninetales, Machop, Machoke, and Machamp will be in the set. While I should also mention this here, the 20th Anniversary Concept Pack packart also shows us Starmie, suggesting that that card and Starmie will be in the set.

    While these won't be in the Japanese set, because they released as promos there, we can confirm M Slowbro-EX, Slowbro-EX, and Slowbro Spirit Link into the set, while it's likely that we'll be getting the classic Energy reprints in this set, and this is more of a stretch here, but I think the Surfing Pikachu and Flying Pikachu promos may be promos here for the Blisters or something like that. We also have the elephant in the room, Arcanine BREAK, which honestly I don't have an answer for, it could be in the set, but it may not, while it does confirm basically that Growlithe, and Arcanine will be in the set, I don't know if it will be in the set, or in another BREAK Evolution Box wih Crobat BREAK and Mandibuzz BREAK.

    Those are all the cards which we have some sort of reference to believably say will be in the set, which totals up to 38 cards in the Japanese set, plus three more added to that in English with M Slowbro, but I do think we will get Spirit Links for Venusar-EX, Blastoise-EX, and Charizard-EX, which puts us up to 44 plus the six cards confirmed for the set. Here's the list of the ones that I believe have some sort of confirmation.

    With the release of more info on the set, we have more info. about the set. I won't explain it a lot, AS @Metalizard already explained it well earlier, but I'll add more. Basically, we have confirmation that Mewtwo-EX will be in the set, as there's space between Mewtwo and Mew, and only Mewtwo of some form can fit in that, and we basically know that BREAK's are for Pokemon that don't have Mega's, however it is also possible we could get the other Mew Promo in this set, which at the moment I'm leaning towards. We also have some good new for @crystal_pidgeot as it's very likely were getting some form of the Pidgeot line, hopefully, M Pidgeot-EX! However, before we can confirm that, we need to know if this set is having any Dragon (other than maybe Dragonite-EX, if it's not colorless,) or Fairy types, and if that's where it's being placed. By for now!

    31 cards we don't know! Were getting close to a full set! If you haven't seen the leaks, go see them! Of them Ultra Rare's we know this:
    EX's (12 including 4 Mega's)
    M Venusaur-EX
    M Charizard-EX
    M Blastoise-EX
    Slowbro-EX (Not in Japanese set)
    M Slowbro-EX (Not in Japanese set)
    M Pidgeot-EX

    BREAK's (4)
    Ninetales BREAK
    Starmie BREAK
    Nidoking BREAK
    Machamp BREAK

    So, other than FA's, we know all the Ultra Rares.

    Calling it that the Secret Rare's are going to be:
    Pikachu (Promo from the Trading situation) 109/108
    Flying Pikachu 110/108
    Surfing Pikachu 111/108 (Which is confirmed as that place)
    I don't know what the Japanese Secret Rares are going to be, but they could be out Charizard-EX/Blastoise-EX/Venusaur-EX/Pikachu-EX Box promos, which would explain why the starter EX cards are reprinted, which would also make the English Secret Rares of Japanese Promos, and the Japanese Secret Rares of English Promos. It just works.

    Now, the leaks also confirmed we will be having an extra 21 cards in the English set, so I'll try to make an educated guess at what those will be.
    M Slowbro-EX
    Slowbro Spirit Link
    Surfing Pikachu (It's a scret rare, so 22 now)

    Flying Pikachu
    Arcanine (Likely this is going to be a promo in Japan)
    Trade Please
    Grass Energy
    Fire Energy
    Water Energy
    Lightning Energy
    Psychic Energy
    Fighting Energy
    Darkness Energy
    Steel Energy
    Fairy Energy
    Charizard (I actually think that this Charizard, along with the other CD Reprints will be our Prerelease promos, but I don't know, also has potenial for a M Charizard-EX box)

    Currently we don't know the place of one Pokemon, being space 61, inbetween Hitmonchan (most likely,) and Pidgeot-EX. Which could be Aerodactyl, but since it's a promo, I'm not entirely confident. If that applies, we also could get Dratini, Dragonair, and the Dragonite promo, but I severely doubt it. We also have confirmation that Venusaur line will not be in the set, along with potenially Blastoise, which is a scary thought, but proves even more that TCPi thinks printing more Charizard's is a good idea, while I hope we at least get them in some form, there not in Evolutions. If we remove these 6 cards, it gives us more options, first of all we get space for Caterpie, Metapod, and Tangela, leaving Koffing as the only grass Pokemon form Base Set not to be released in some form, and Growlithe, Arcanine, and Ponyta in Blastoise's Line space, which even though I hate to say iy, it looks like were not getting those two, hopefully we can get them maybe in the Articuno-EX/Moltres-EX/Zapdos-EX decks, maybe? We have pictures of Weedle, Beedrill, Poliwag, Staryu, Voltorb, Electrode, and Electabuzz, which were all theorized, but now we have photos of. Unfortunatley, it looks like were getting some cards that don't evolve, and a few other cards that we haven't heard of before, those include: Gastly, Haunter, Drowzee, Dugtrio, and Porygon. We also have confirmation on trainers those being: Pidgeot Spirit Link, Blastoise Spirit Link, Misty's Determination, Energy Retrieval, Full Heal, and Maintenance. I can't put any of this on the list, along with the FA's, as we have no context of their Japanese numbering. That's about it!

    This leaves Koffing, Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Farfetch'd, and maybe Dratini/Dragonair as the only Base Set Pokemon that won't be in the set. And to be honest, other than Alakazam (which we probally will never get again due to legal issues,) none of them are that big of a deal. They could be released in the Articuno-EX/Moltres-EX/Zapdos-EX Battle Decks, which also could include some Jungle/Fossil reprints if it's continuing the retro look, but for all I know it's just cards from Evolutions.
    1. Venusaur-EX
    2. M Venusaur-EX
    3. Weedle
    4. Kakuna
    5. Beedrill
    6. Caterpie
    7. Metapod
    8. Tangela
    9. Charmander
    10. Charmeleon
    11. Charizard
    12. Charizard-EX
    13. M Charizard-EX
    14. Vulpix
    15. Ninetales
    16. Ninetales BREAK
    17. Magmar
    18. Squirtle/Growlithe
    19. Wartortle/Arcanine
    20. Blastoise/Ponyta
    21. Blastoise-EX
    22. M Blastoise-EX
    23. Poliwag
    24. Poliwhirl
    25. Poliwrath
    26. Seel
    27. Dewgong
    28. Staryu
    29. Starmie
    30. Starmie BREAK
    31. Magikarp
    32. Gyarados
    33. Pikachu
    34. Raichu
    35. Magnemite
    36. Magneton
    37. Voltorb
    38. Electrode
    39. Electabuzz
    40. Zapdos
    41. Nidoran
    42. Nidorino
    43. Nidoking
    44. Nidoking BREAK
    45. Gastly
    46. Haunter
    47. Drowzee
    48. Jynx
    49. Mewtwo
    50. Mewtwo-EX
    51. Mew
    52. Sandshrew
    53. Diglett
    54. Dugtrio
    55. Machop
    56. Machoke
    57. Machamp
    58. Machamp BREAK
    59. Onix
    60. Hitmonchan
    61. ?
    62. Pidgeot-EX
    63. M Pidgeot-EX (Not sure about the placement)
    64. Rattata
    65. Raticate
    66. Doduo
    67. Clefairy
    68. Chansey
    69. Porygon
    70. Dragonite-EX
    71. ?
    72. ?
    73. ?
    74. ?
    75. ?
    76. Pokedex
    77. Switch
    78. ?
    79. ?
    80. ?
    81. ?
    82. ?
    83. ?
    84. Professor Oak's Hint
    85. ?
    86. ?
    87. Double Colorless Energy
    Key: Bold: Confirmed/Normal: Extremly Confident/Italicized: Not so Confident

    Cards Confirmed for Japanese Release because of Leaks but Can't put on List because the English set has an extra 21 cards that we can't reliably put those in place:
    Dragonite-EX FA
    Mewtwo-EX FA
    Pidgeot-EX FA
    Pidgeot Spirit Link
    Blastoise Spirit Link
    Misty's Determination
    Energy Retrieval
    Full Heal

    This leaves us at 8 (7ish with the Aerodactyl,) spots we don't have any info on. Most being trainers more likely than not.

    Edit - Materious17: Cleaned up the list and thread title to conform with list discussions we have had in the past.
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  2. PineDog Random TCG Trainer


    Forgot to give a shoutout to @Chrswrites for pointing out the Lightning connection.
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  3. Chrswrites Aspiring Trainer


    The set is called evolutions, so I think they will put only complete evolution-lines in the set. That means that the hap between fire and grass are for weedle, kakuna, beedrill.
  4. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    I doubt that's the case. I don't see us getting Steelix or Blissey here. I could see them skipping things like Clefairy or Pidgeotto, of course. (They'll probably skip a lot of the Trainers as well, since most of them are more or less currently in-format. I certainly wouldn't object to basically what amounts to a Target Whistle reprint, but I also don't think they'll happen for the most part. We will probably get a couple (Energy Retrieval and Potion seem pretty likely since their original arts weren't terrible. I can't see Revive coming in with Base Set art, but who knows. I could see them throwing us Full Heal since that hasn't had a print in a while, same with Super Potion. I also expect Supporters based on Lass, which will probably be a nerfed Ghetsis if I had to guess, and Bill. I really want a Supporter version of Pokemon Breeder as well, with Rare Candy's old effect, but I don't know how likely that is.)

    Incidentally, it's a pretty safe bet that everything past Chansey is probably a Trainer. Porygon is the only Pokemon in Pokedex order after Chansey that is Colorless and has a card in Base Set. (Unless they give us a real throwback and do a Colorless Dragonite line, or give us a Chansey BREAK or something. Or colorless M Pinsir EX. I guess there's a slim chance of a handful of post-Base Set cards like Kangaskhan getting in, too.) That's quite a few Trainers. o.o
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  5. PineDog Random TCG Trainer


    Personally I think Porygon will be in Evolutions, so it should be a safe bet that everything past Porygon will be Trainers, but I think with Evolutions, they'll skip Pokemon in Base Set that had an evolution at the time (so Chansey, Onix, and Porygon wouldn't count, because there Evolution came in another Generation) that weren't in the set, so I doubt we'll be getting Pidgeotto, Koffing, or Haunter. However we do have Clefairy in the set based off the Japanese packart, so I'm assuming that is because it's a holo.

    For the Grass-type remaining space, I'm not filling that in, because we have two 3-stage evolutions (Beedrill & Nidoking,) as well as Tangela that could fit there, but we don't have enough information to fill that out. I'm guessing Nidoking may be turned into a Psychic Type, based off changing Poison from Grass to Psychic-type, as Pokemon doesn't seem worried about changing cards, (most notably Professor Oak's Hint, or the weird nerfing off Chasnsey,) however the same thing could be said about Beedrill, so not putting in information there. The closest one I could fill out is the space between Zapdos & Onix with the Psychic and Fighting type, but I have to wait to see if Kadabra (or even the whole Alakazam line,) or they are going to use Pokemon that evolved but those cards aren't in the set, as I'd have to remove Drowzee, Gastly, or Haunter. So basically this entire thing has been me waiting for more details about the set before I predict what'll be in it.
  6. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    I wouldn't be too shocked if Clefairy wasn't in here. It's only in the pack art because it was on the Base Set pack art. I also don't know if they'd be willing to change it to Fairy-Type, since Colorless no longer makes sense for it. (Then again, that might give them MORE of an excuse, though there isn't going to be any Metal or Darkness Pokemon in here, barring something unlikely like a Darkness Mega Gyarados or type change on Magnemite/Magneton.) Just the same, yeah, I could see it making the cut, also. It was a contender for Pokemon's mascot after all.

    As for Porygon... Eh, I guess it could go either way, but they're pretty limited in what they can do with it, and permanent attack effects are rather rare even now. (With Haxorus being about the only exception.) Also, one of its attacks is rendered useless without modification if it loses its Psychic resistance, which it will. (Not a big deal, it could just GAIN a Resistance, but still.)

    Something interesting to note, though: There's exactly 8 cards from Base Set that fit between Onix and Chansey, assuming no Darkness, Metal or non-Clefairy Fairy-Type Pokemon. (Hitmonchan, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Rattata, Raticate, Clefairy, Farfetch'd and Doduo.) I doubt it will be those 8, however. (Pidgey, Pidgeotto and Doduo probably aren't here, and I covered Clefairy above.) Also, totally just remembered Dragonite-EX is a thing. That might be Dragon, and thus be within that range also. Then again, since it's Flying, it could also be Colorless. (Which would help differentiate it from the Furious Fists one.)
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  7. I don't really think they'll put Charizard and the other EX/Megas in this set. From what I heard (don't ask me to quote, as I can't really remember), I remember hearing that Slowbro-EX and M Slowbro-EX will be a thing in this set.

    Right now, the real question on this set is going to be, is the set just going to be a bunch of reprints from the original sets with up-to-date lingo, or will there be some new stuff available as well? I would love if they brought back some of the old school trainers though (or maybe not. Just imagine how those Energy Removal cards would be).
  8. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    There's 5 Mega Evolutions in Evolutions. We know there will be Mega Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise and Slowbro. Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise are almost definitely also in the Japanese counterpart to our Evolutions set. (Slowbro was a promo.) We also know there are 7 non-Mega Pokemon-EX (of which we can safely assume five: Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Slowbro and Dragonite, which was directly mentioned) and 4 BREAKs (two of which we know, Ninetales and Machamp) in Evolutions. I feel I should also point out that we have cards at least partially based on basically every Trainer in Base Set from XY-on, excepting Super Energy Removal (wonder why) and a few cards that we got earlier, in the Black/White sets. You know what? I feel like going down the entire list. :D

    Direct counterparts (either by name, or EXTREMELY similar effect):
    Clefairy Doll (Robo Substitute)
    Devolution Spray
    Imposter Professor Oak (Red Card)
    Pokemon Breeder (Rare Candy)
    Scoop Up (AZ)
    Defender (Hard Charm)
    Energy Retrieval
    Full Heal
    Pokemon Flute (Target Whistle)
    Professor Oak (Professor Sycamore)
    Super Potion
    Bill (Tierno, considering Bill was reprinted as a Supporter in HGSS)
    Gust of Wind (Pokemon Catcher/Lysandre)
    Energy Removal (Crushing Hammer/Enhanced Hammer)

    Direct counterparts from the BW series:
    Computer Search
    Item Finder (Dowsing Machine)
    Pokemon Trader (Pokemon Communication)
    Pokemon Center (Name only, but that voided the previous one anyway, and Max Potion is a pretty direct replacement)

    Inspired by, but not that close:
    Lass (Ghetsis)
  9. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    If the artworks showcased on the official site are any indication (and I believe they are), we should count on these cards to appear in the set:

    - Caterpie, Metapod & Butterfree: fill the space between Venusaur and Charizard line (numbers 6, 7 & 8);

    - Dark Charizard: weird, since there's no space for Dark Charmeleon. However, since they're remaking the cards, they might change Dark Charizard to evolve from normal Charmeleon. This would make it card number 12, moving Charizard-EX and M Charizard-EX to numbers 13 & 14.

    - Vulpix, Ninetales: kinda confirmed due to Ninetales BREAK (numbers 15, 16 & 17).

    - Now, Poliwhirl, Starmie and Gyarados are confirmed to be numbers 24, 29 & 32, respectively. So, my prediction for the Water-types:
    .18 Squirtle
    .19 Wartortle
    .20 Blastoise
    .21 Blastoise-EX
    .22 M Blastoise-EX
    .23 Poliwag
    .24 Poliwhirl
    .25 Poliwrath
    .26 Seel (showcased in the official site, vending machines card)
    .27 Dewgong
    .28 Staryu
    .29 Starmie
    .30 Starmie BREAK/EX - either a BREAK or an EX, Starmie was one of the featured pokémon on the Dummy art pack, so it definitely has one of those.
    .31 Magikarp
    .32 Gyarados
    .33 Pikachu

    - I also think those are the Lightining-type Pokémon that will appear in the set.

    - Psychic-types: Don't expect the Abra line (Kadabra controversy). Gengar line is a possibility though. Nidorino is showcased on the official site but will be Psychic-type instead of their old Grass-type for sure. They probably come right after Zapdos. The other spots until Mewtwo are a mystery to me. Between Mewtwo and Mew is definitely a Mewtwo-EX or even a Mewtwo BREAK, but I'm leaning more towards an EX. Mew might have the same treatment.

    - No guess on the Fighting-types other than the already confirmed Machamp line. Onix is number 59. Aerodactyl from the vending machines is showcased so I guess it is #60.

    - Then, between Aerodactyl and Rattata (#64) are Pidgey, Pidgeotto and Pidgeot (also showcased on the official site), filling spaces #61, #62 & #63 (Sadly, this means there's no Mega Pidgeot). Raticate should follow Rattata as #65 and then there's 2 spots between it and Chansey. Doduo is another of the artworks showcased, so numbers 66 & 67 might be Doduo and Dodrio.

    - This is the tricky part. We know there's a Dragonite-EX. Dragonair from Base Set is also showcased. If they will change Nidoking's line to the proper Psychic-type, I believe they'll do the same do the Dragonite line and change them from Colorless to Dragon (Dragonite-EX could still be Colorless though). Dragons and Fairies usually come before Colorless pokémon though, so my guess is either:
    a) there are none of those types in the set (which sucks and means the official site is trolling by showcasing those artworks);
    b) they will keep Dragonair as a Colorless-type (which is even worse imo);
    c) they decided to put Dragons and Fairies after Colorless since those 2 types didn't exist back then.
    I keep talking about Fairy cards because I hope they will at least include a Clefairy and a Clefable to show a retro Fairy card template, specially since they made a retro Fairy energy. Not including a fairy line after that would be kinda of a waste (and stupid).
    I don't think there will be any Dark or Metal pokémon though for obvious reasons but that isn't as bad as not including Dragon and Fairy-type cards as the templates from the Neo era are pretty much the same as the ones from the Classic sets, only more roundy.

    - As for trainers, the site shows various Gym Heroes/Challenge cards featuring the Kanto gym leaders so my guess is there will be a supporter card (or either a tool/stadium - looking at Koga) for each Kanto gym leader, except they will be changed to affect normal pokémon instead of that specific owner's pokémon, similar to how they changed Professor Oak to Professor Oak's Hint and gave it a new effect. the cards shown are specifically: Brock's Training Method, Giovanni's Last Resort, Erika's Maids and Lt. Surge's Treaty, which if you notice, all follow the [character]'s [something] title format, again, like Professor Oak's Hint.
    Oh, and there's also Here Comes Team Rocket as a nod to the anime, I guess.
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  10. Chrswrites Aspiring Trainer


    Why Caterpie -line, Butterfree is not even in Base Set. I rather see Weedle etc.
  11. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    Besides, this set is not supposed to contain only cards from Base Set...
  12. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    The spots between Raticate and Chansey are weird. There are no full evolution lines from Base Set that go between them. (Aside from the standalone Farfetch'd.) And if Farfetch'd is included (which I expect it will be, it was a somewhat used card, and they seem to be including anything they have an excuse to include.), there is nothing logical to go alongside it. Wonder what the other spot is. The only other thing that really comes to mind is potentially skipping Farfetch'd and throwing in a Jungle Wigglytuff remake. But then, this set is focused so heavily on Base Set, and likely doesn't contain Jungle Scyther, which is equally noteworthy, so... Who knows. I just don't see anything logical that goes in those slots. Unless... Hmm... Maybe a Colorless EX? (Or Farfetch'd Break, lol.) I guess I could see a Wigglytuff EX or Persian EX being somewhat plausible. *shrug*
  13. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    Seriously, this is NOT a Base Set copy/paste. Mew was revealed and it is not from Base Set. The official site suggest cards from other classic sets will be included.
  14. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    The initial full product announcement for the set specifically said it's primarily based on Base Set.

    "The set’s booster package artwork is a completely redrawn version of the original Base Set‘s booster pack artwork! The set’s lineup mostly follows the composition of Base Set."

    EVERY retro card we've seen in the actual set, with a SINGLE exception in Mew (which in all likelihood is just an outlier like the Mewtwo in Legendary Collection), has been from Base Set, and we've likewise seen no hint of any Pokemon not from Base Set that isn't an EX or BREAK.

    Either way, there is nothing that obviously goes in that slot, which is my point. Yes, they could give us a Farfetch'd BREAK, or randomly throw a Lickitung in there, or give us a Wigglytuff EX, or a Fearow line. Doesn't mean any of these have much logic to them.
  15. Chrswrites Aspiring Trainer


    Ninetales Break is in the set. That means: Vulpix, Ninetales and Ninetales Break. There is just one fire spot left and that one is for magmar. So no Arcanine and Growlithe
  16. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    Mr. Mime was from Jungle, not Base Set. In before people talk about "Base Set" Exeggutor, Wigglytuff, Kangaskhan, Clefable, etc. (Already seen people say Scyther and Snorlax. :p)

    At least the species in Fossil are pretty easy to remember are from Fossil. (In before someone mentions "Base Set" Muk or Moltres.)
  17. Mr. Rhyperior The Drill Pokemon. An evolve form of Rhydon.
    Mr. Rhyperior


    My guess in that one is Haunter w/o Gengar
  18. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    Wow, never mind what I said. After seeing the video showing the Evolutions' cards, the Japanese site was trolling by showing images of cards of other sets besides Base Set. It's all Base Set cards with a few extras. This set is ridiculous! They remade Charizard, but there's actually no remade Venusaur. The first card in the set is Venusaur-EX. Don't know about Blastoise so far, but really, they passed on a complete Venusaur line but included cards without evolutions in Gen 1 (Tangela, Porygon) and cards with no evos in Base Set (Doduo, Drowzee). Wow!
    Well, at least, it seems I was right about the Gym Leader's supporters, there's some Misty supporter in the set. EDIT: Nope, wrong again. It's just a Misty's Determination reprint.
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  19. Apterous Aspiring Trainer


    Could 61 be Mandibuzz Break? We need that still. It doesn't fit but it still needs to come out in XY.
  20. Chrswrites Aspiring Trainer


    No, 61 is Fairy type Clefairy.
    Hope this set list will be updated soon!

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