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WTB: Old Staples (Base, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket)

mr rizz

Aspiring Trainer
Hi, I would like to buy the following cards. Ideally you would be sending large chunks of my want list at once, I'm not crazy about sending Paypal payments for one or two cards at a time.

Bill x15
Pokemon Trader x3
Pokemon Breeder x4
Computer Search x16
Item Finder x16
Professor Oak x16
Energy Removal x8
Super Energy Removal x4
Lass x6
Gust of Wind x10
Scoop Up x8
Switch x2
Energy Retrieval x3
Pluspower x15

Arcanine x4
Growlithe x4
Hitmonchan x2
Electabuzz x2
Blastoise x3
Squirtle x4
Ponyta x1
Chansey x1
Gengar x1

Water Energy x19
Fighting Energy x3
Fire Energy x9
Electric Energy x3
Psychic Energy x9
Double Colorless Energy x7
Grass Energy x4

Clefable x4 (foil)
Scyther x4 (foil)
Wigglytuff x4 (foil)
Jigglypuff x4
Gastly x4
Mr. Mime x2
Lickitung x2

Ditto x2 (foil)
Articuno x4 (foil)
Lapras x2 (foil)
Magmar x4
Haunter x4

Team Rocket:
Squirtle x1
Machop x1
Dark Blastoise x1 (foil)
Dark Raichu x1 (foil)
Rocket's Sneak Attack x4 (foil)
Rainbow Energy x4 (foil)
Nightly Garbage Run x4
Full Heal Energy x4
Potion Energy x4

Movie Promo Mewtwo x2 (the good art one lol)
League Promo Eevee x1
Birthday Pikachu x1
Dark Persian x1


Democrat to the End
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Please request a rep thread. I suggest reading over the Trading Corner Rules (found in my sig) to find out how to receive one. Then, PM me once you have and I'll reopen this thread.


EDIT- Requested one.

El Radar

AKA Le Radar
I have the following:
Nightly Garbage Run 1st edition x1
Jigglypuff x1
Squirtle x4
Growlithe x2
Ponyta x1
Gust of Wind x7
Energy Removal x2
Bill, Pokemon Trader, Computer Search, Professor Oak x2
Pokemon Breeder, Energy Retrieval x1
Hitmonchan x2
And a lot of the energy.

Question: do you want the cards to be absolutely perfect? Some of the ones I have have a bit of old wear on them, but do not have any serious creases or folds (nor are they ripped or severely damaged, just old). Lmk.


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Interested in buying Base Set packs? I have 4, for $8 ea, plus a bill.


Aspiring Trainer
I'll have to check for specifics but I'm pretty sure I have these..

Bill x5 (some base set 2)
Pokemon Breeder x2
Computer Search x5
Professor Oak x3 (some base set 2)
Energy Removal x4 (some base set 2)
Super Energy Removal x2
Lass x2
Gust of Wind x10 (some are base set 2)
Scoop Up x4
Switch x2
Energy Retrieval x1
Pluspower x4 (not from base set, but does same thing)

Electabuzz x1
Arcanine x1
Squirtle x1

Water Energy x19
Fighting Energy x3
Fire Energy x9
Electric Energy x3
Psychic Energy x9
Grass Energy x4

Nightly Garbage run x2
Potion Energy x4

LMK if you're interested