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The artwork for this year’s Worlds has been revealed! It features Pikachu, Roserade, Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. It will be used on the event’s Pokemon Center merchandise and promotional material.





For the first time ever, Worlds attendees will need to reserve a spot to shop at the on-site Pokemon Center. Reservations will open on July 18th:
This year, Pokemon fans who are planning to shop at the pop-up Pokemon Center at Worlds must schedule a reservation. Tickets to shop will be available starting July 18. Shopping appointments will likely be claimed quickly, so don’t miss your opportunity to shop for exclusive...

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I wouldn't mind go to London just to see these tournaments,but it'll be pretty much impossible

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I'm still kind of shocked that TPCi decided to host Worlds outside of the US again, IIRC there were a few problems during World 2013 (one of which was the infamous Gino/Mees fiasco) that wouldn't have happened or would've been less severe had the tournament been held in the States instead of Canada.