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Trades [World Wide]Deyox's trades: Lele GX and gardi GX needed!!

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by Deyox4, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Deyox4 Aspiring Trainer


    Hello all and thank you for viewing my thread. I am in serious need of 2 tapu lele gxes and 2 gardevoir gxes for my deck.
    These are my trades:

    Skyla BPK 112/112
    Alolan Muk GX BUS 138
    Gardevoir EX STS 78
    Lunala GX sm17 promo
    Primal Kyogre EX AOR 96
    Oricorio league promo GRI 56
    Steelix EX STS 108
    Gardevoir EX GEN rc 30
    Sylveon GX GRI 93
    Shining Volcanion shining ledgends 27
    Shining Celelebi sm 79
    Wishiwashi GX fa GRI 133
    Kommo-o GX fa GRI 141
    Alolan Golem GX CRI 34
    Venusaur EX xy 123
    Mewtwo GX shining ledgends 39
    Lucario ultra prism prerelease promo-sm95
    Midsdale GRI prerelease promo sm20
    Seviper BUS prerelease promo sm 46
    Palkia GX Ultra prism 101
    Registeel CRI 68 league promo
    Regirock CRI 53 league promo

    I also have a loads of base set block cards like a couple of holos and rares and commons
    All cards woth over 10 pounds at the time of shipment will be shipped in tight fit sleeves but all cards will be shipped in sleeves and toploaders and no cards will be in the same toploader or sleeve as another card. I would much apreciate it if you sent sent all cards in toploaders and sleeves as well.

    If you have a lele I really need jt. If you want to get anything that isnt on my list, please message me because I really need it for the various league cups and so on. I also have lots of GXes that I havent put down os please message me about it. I have multiple of some of these cards so please feel free to message me about them.
    I also do a raffle each month and 1 trade is 1 entry into it. The prises are things like boosters, sleeves or other cards
    I also want full art cards and secret rare energy.
    Thanks for veiwing I hope it is usefull.
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  2. Jadethepokemontrainer We're on the edge of greatness~

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  3. Lisajohny543 Aspiring Trainer


    Thanks for sharing this info.
  4. Mysticvulpix Just be chill


    Hey! I’ve got leles and Gardevoir, used to run the deck. Do you have any jirachi TEU, viridian forest or mysterious treasure?

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