'World Down' and 'Legendary Heartbeat,' Japan's Summer Sets Introducing Amazing Rares!


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Trumbeak is the big winner from this batch of reveals. Already translated it and it's something like follows:

"When this card evolves, check the top 3 cards from your deck. Attach any number of basic energy cards you find there to pokemon you control in any way you like".

With Oranguru and Scoop Up net both in format, you have a consistent way to attach at least one extra energy per turn to whatever you control, and that may be relevant for a lot of decks that don't have something like Rose's or Welder to load their attacks.
Apparently we're the only ones who think Trumbeak could be viable energy acceleration with Scoop Up Net. It's a diamond in the rough of this set. Not every deck can afford the space for a thick 3/3 or 4/4 line of this, but it's not all that different from Malamar. (Yes, Malamar is more consistent and overall better but it has its own hoops to jump through and is a Stage 1 too). I'm not sure what decks need the acceleration enough to justify that either though.

I'm thinking that it could be the key to making a deck centered around Amazing Rares work. You can manipulate the top cards of your deck with Oranguru and this new Jirachi, also potentially using it for extra energy acceleration to power up 2 of the 3 potent single-prize attacking options in Zacian, Rayquaza, and Raikou in a turn. You have to run [G][L][P][F][M] energy though, which seems rough though, especially with Viridian Forest rotating. It could possibly fit in Jirachi Prism Star and Mr. Mime too, since you're already playing Nets and Oranguru. It sounds fun to play around with nonetheless.


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How is trumbeak good, how are you gonna get the energy on the top of the deck
The easiest way is Oranguru. Trumbeak's ability is basically half of a Max Elixir with the potential to attach more than 1 if you get lucky. Yes it's on a Stage 1, but that does make it easier to search and recycle with Scoop Up Net. A higher energy count means you'll average close to 1 attachment each time even if you're not stacking your deck. I'm not saying it's amazing, but it may be the best option for some decks.

I'm more surprised this set only includes 6 out of the 9 basic types. No [R], [W], or [D].
Interestingly, the Amazing Rares in this set also use every energy type in their attack costs except for those three.


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Looks sort of meh to me. I always want possible single-prize decks. Aside from the Amazing Rares, Quagsire looks meh, Beedrill is an interesting draw card, and Toucannon is a good card aside from being a stage 2.

Oh, yeah, and Trumbeak doesn't really seem worth it, honestly. You need to already be playing Oranguru, plop a random pair of cards into your deck, evolve it, have an energy in hand, to accelerate one energy. For some decks, it's the only way to do things, except aren't we getting Turbo Patch?


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Oh, yeah, and Trumbeak doesn't really seem worth it, honestly. You need to already be playing Oranguru, plop a random pair of cards into your deck, evolve it, have an energy in hand, to accelerate one energy. For some decks, it's the only way to do things, except aren't we getting Turbo Patch?
Turbo Patch is from the discard pile on a coin flip, so I wouldn't say it's without its own flaws. Sure, it's an Item, but that also means it's generally less searchable as well. Trumbeak could have some niche uses in decks that play enough energy to consistently use it. With 14-15 basic energy, you're on average getting at least 1 energy attached without deck manipulation about as consistently as Turbo Patch would be, with the potential to hit more. The Oranguru trick just makes it more consistent. It takes a specific type of build to make it work, but I don't think it's a bad card. Could also be used in conjunction with Turbo Patch. Maybe both would be enough to make a deck centered around the Amazing Rares at least playable.


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Have you been introduced to Rock Paper Scissors, by chance? :D

(Though many (F) Pokémon now are (G) weak, not (P), but please don't let facts get in the way of a good joke.)

KUDOS YOU GOT THE JOKE! YES its just like rock paper scissor, but you first buy the scissor, then you get to buy the paper, and now you get to buy some rocks!!!

Though (D) eternatus is NOT weak to (G) but please, don't let humor get in the way of BEING PRETENTIOUS.... please... don't
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  • Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill - free retreat Greninja GX which I am fine with that. 5 Geodudes
  • Exeggcute/Exeggutor - Yes, It stops attacking mons with only 1 good atk, but that won't stop Reshizard from using Outrage or Double Blaze. Ehh. 2/3
  • Yanma/Yanmega - ehh. 2/2
  • Pineco/Forretress - KOs 3 prized for 1 prize. 3/3-4
  • Celebi Rainbow - being able to evolve multiple mons is nice, the AC is payable, too. 4
  • Shaymin - I don't see the purpose of the second atk except it won't be able to draw it back next turn. If the flip the active to the bottom of their deck, they still able to search them in their turn. 2-3
  • Dhelmise - ehh. Another boring 120 atk. 2-3
  • Genesect - ehh. 2
  • Zarude V - yes, its literally Mega Sceptile but, is Mega Sceptile saw play? 3
  • Ampharos V- able to spam this using Roxie is nice. 3-4
  • Raikou Rainbow - doing total of 240 for 3 energy. 3-4
  • Electrike/Manectric - free retreat Bewear. 3/4
  • Joltik/Galvantula - abld to take big KOs. 3/3-4
  • Zekrom - another way for auto-paralysis. 4
  • Pincurchin - I love the fact that for a single energy being able to spread damage like how Koko did. Yes, its a L, nothing can stop you using Aurora. 10 tho but its fine as long as you can spread. But what if we use Roxie instead? 3-4
  • Clefairy/Clefable - Clefairy can take KOs, Clefable can heal. Okay. 4/3-4
  • Girafarig - ehh. P sucks post-rotation. 3
  • Shuppet/Banette - devolving to the bench. 3/3
  • Xerneas - may see another replacement to Sableye in Expanded. Its bulkier, Mystery Energy can make it free retreat, and that's it. 3
  • Dedenne - ehh. 1
  • Diancie - another boring 120 atk. 3
  • Alcremie V/VMAX - Since Welder is the only decent energy accel atm, this could be good with this. 3/4
  • Zacian Rainbow - can KO tag teams. 4
  • Wooper/Quagsire - Karate Belt and TwinEnergy can KO F weak Pokémon. Jusy keep KOing 2 prized for spammability factor. 3/3-4
  • Zeraora - we don't have enough 2-energy L Pokémon atm. Maybe this could be the addition. 3-4
  • Riolu/Lucario - a standard atk that KO single-prized but 2HKO 2/3 prized. 3/3
  • Shuckle - ehh 2
  • Regirock - ehhh. 2
  • Zygarde - 200+ on turn 1. 3-4
  • Zamazenta Rainbow - 4-5
  • Steelix V - bulky 2-prized mon. 4
  • Beldum/Metang/Metagross - free retreat on a Stage 2
  • 3/3/3-4
  • Jirachi Rainbow - good luck paying its atk cost to accel 7 energy. 4
  • G. Stunfisk - pointless. 2-3
  • Dialga - Duraludon but does no dmg. 3-4
  • Magearna - 170 on Eternatus. They can still use M&L. 3-4
  • Lugia - that downside tho! 3-4
  • Rayquza Rainbow - again, the atk cost. 3-4
  • Chatot - ehh 2
  • Tornadus - ehh 2-3
  • Pikipek/Trumbeak/Toucannon - Trumbeak is awesome, Toucannon is filler. 2/5/2-3
  • Togekiss V/VMAX - Welder, free retreat able to search cards consistently. 3/4-5
  • Moomoo Cheese - Just decent. 3
  • Champion's Medal - Prize denial. 4
  • Rocky Helmet - good that it gets reprinted. 3-4
  • Beauty - Straight up bad. 2
  • Allister - controllable version of Professor's Research. 3
  • Opal - Will strat doesn't work. Search cards depends on a coin flip. 3
  • Aroma G energy - situational. 3-4
  • Stone F energy - not the one we needed, but we take it. 4
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Considering the amount of Rock-type mons (Lycanroc, Coalossal, Shuckle, Regirock) compared to Ghost-type mons (Banette, Dhelmise) I think Gordie would've been a better fit than Allister. Allister should've been held back until a set with Gengar VMAX imo. Gordie even uses the Giga Coalossal as well as Shuckle. Not mad at Allister, just seems like an odd choice


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Yeah this kills the pre-release promos theory and my (short-lived) type-support theory. Like I initially mentioned, it was all single-prizers with meta potential.

Ok now they have no excuse to not give me shiny cinccino

If they don't simply print golden Decidueye/Altaria or Hoopa...

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Looks I haven't give reviews on the set yet. To sum it up, 20% of the cards have some meta-changing potential, cards like Beauty are straight up bad, rainbow cards are good, unless you can pay its atk cost