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Standard Wishwash-you Away!

Kyle Brewer

YT Channel on Home Page of my profile :D
Editor's Note: This list is solely based upon the chance that baby Wishiwashi stacks it's ability. I haven't seen any posts about it NOT stacking so yeah...if you know of a ruling where it doesn't stack PLEASE let me know where to find the article. Thank you.

4x Wishiwashi (Dragon's Majesty)
4x Wishiwashi GX
= 8 Pokémon
2x Rescue Stretcher
4x Max Potion
4x Guzma
4x Cynthia
4x Nest Ball
2x Pokémon Fan Club
2x Copycat
2x Sky Pillar
4x Choice Band
3x Acro Bike
4x Enhanced Hammer
4x Field Blower
2x Acerola
3x Switch
=44 Trainers
8x Water Energy
=8 Energy

The idea of Wishiwashi GX is all about bulkiness, so we use that to our advantage. With a sturdy 250 HP it is almost impossible to one shot this Pokémon early game. Yet, was never played due to the costly energy this Pokemon's stronger attacks needed. But, everything changed when the fire nation attacked (Dragon's Majesty came out). Baby Wishiwashi has the ability "Meet Up", which states, "Your Wishiwashi GX in play get +20HP and their attacks do 20 more damage to your opponent's active Pokémon (before applying weakness and resistance). Wow, so if we play 4 Baby Wishiwashi and it's GX's Water Gun attack is used for one water energy to do 20, stack 4 baby Wishiwashi on your bench and do 100 damage for one energy, while gaining 80 HP to your already massive 250 base HP. Heavy hitting basic Pokémon with longevity and one energy attacking? YES PLEASE! We have the Max Potions and Acerola's in for healing or scooping up the BIG DOG. Switches so we can safely retreat without using our supporter. Sky Pillar is used to protect your benched baby Wishwashi's. Rescue Stretcher to pull back Wishiwashi's if KO'ed. Enhanced Hammer to keep Zoroark GX at bay. Choice Bands to 2 shot any GX (unless mirrored). And Field Blowers to get rid of Choice Bands and Shrine of Punishments.

AGAIN, AND I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. IF THIS DOESN'T STACK, IMMA BE MAD!! but I haven't seen any ruling on it not stacking


Aspiring Trainer
Multiple baby Wishiwashi stack. If it didn't, there'd be a limitation attached, like how Banette GX can only inflict up to 100 extra damage with Shadow Chant (10 supporters in the discard), and Forbidden Light Alolan Exeggutor can only inflict up to 100 extra damage with Tropical Shake (5 different basic energies in the discard).

Kyle Brewer

YT Channel on Home Page of my profile :D
I'm not using Sky Field because I want this deck standard.
I'll probably add one more stretcher and sky pillar. Thank you guys for some feedback


Destroying half the universe one snap at a time
(Sidenote: wishiwashi GX only has 210 HP, not 250. Not a massive differnce, but a necessary one)


Fellow Mortal
What's with all the switch copies? I really don't see the point of them. If a baby washi is guzma'd up its getting KOed by literally everything. If a GX washi gets guzma'd up then you just attach a water and you're golden. I might switch them for a copy of Gladion, and maybe a few copies of friend ball.

Kyle Brewer

YT Channel on Home Page of my profile :D
The switches are for switching an injured Wishiwashi GX for a fresh one without using your supporter. Three retreat is heavy and sometimes you will need to switch if you don't have a Max Potion. I get they can Guzma but that is a waste of their supporter for their next turn and I can return kill.


Aspiring Trainer
I've been testing this (archetype, not list) quite a bit online & at my locals and it's pretty fun. Figured I'd input my list and some reasons I have specific card counts different to yours just for some juxtaposition for you. Not been too successful at my locals with it just because there's a lot of counters around there (malamar spread, ultra necrozma , zoroninja all destroy you) but against much of the meta you have a real good time.

4 Wishiwashi DRM
4 Wishiwashi-GX GUR
1 Machop GUR(62)
1 Machoke GUR
1 Tapu Lele-GX

3 Max Potion
4 Nest Ball
3 Rescue Stretcher
3 Super Scoop Up
3 Ultra Ball
4 Brooklet Hill
3 Acerola
1 Copycat
4 Cynthia
4 Guzma
2 Lillie
1 Sophocles
1 Tate & Liza
4 Choice Band

9 Water energy

Machop/Machoke- Slower than Sky Pillar, but with brooklet, nest ball, lillie etc it's pretty reliable to be able to pull it out. The only issue is that it does *not* make your auto-losses (malamar, ultra necrozma, zoroninja) into better matchups, it just stalls them for a turn. However, I never took this out because if your opponent plays 1 Tapu Koko promo this simply prevents them stretchering it back to cause you trouble (especially as you always 2 shot koko w/o Kukui).

3 Stretcher- I had 2 originally, but when your opponent is targetting your baby wishiwashis a 3rd is invaluable just to give you the extra shot to bring them back.

1 Lele- I kept wanting to drop this, but it adds so much consistency and really isn't an issue to get out of the active, or remove from play (as long as I was playing Lele I don't think I'd dock Super Scoop Ups, otherwise I'd perhaps turn all of them into acerolas/max potions).

-1 Max Potion, +1 Acerola- I found I was only using these cards once I'd gotten everything else going, and generally didn't need to do anything during that turn so Acerola was the more reliable option so I can hold onto my energy. It also came in handy in one situation where I had a baby wishi stranded in the active. Inversely, a few situations I've wanted to clear damage after a Flying Flip I couldn't prevent, and a Max Potion would've been more valuable than an Acerola to not use my supporter for the turn to wipe babies.

Considerations: -1 Tapu Lele GX, +1 Enhanced Hammer/Plumeria

Hope this helps :) It's a real fun archetype and it's nice to see another person playing it.


Evil Genius
Try some apracott maker along side 2x freind balls. maybe also some ultra balls with aqua patch alongside 2xTapu lele. I think it'd make your deck faster


Aspiring Trainer
Another issue I can see is going up against Hoopa or other GX blockers since it is really the only attacker here.