DPPt/HGSS Winning Diamond/Pearl Master Contests


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I'm trying to win a Master-ranked Beauty contest with my Blastoise, and I'm literally about to throw my DS out the window.

They are absolutely IMPOSSIBLE in this game... I mean COME ON! Emerald had it perfect, absolutely perfect. I never had any issues with that game. In this, it's literally you against the all-knowing computer. Honestly, has anyone else tried to win these Master contests?

The dress-up is ridiculous, to say the least. No matter how many theme-matching items I pack on my Pokemon, I'm never first. Blastoise also has maxed Beauty condition. Am I missing something?

Dancing is just annoying. I hit every beat except for one "good" rating, and it doesn't help my score in the least.

The acting is absolutely absurd. I have no idea what Game Freak was smoking when they came up with this horrible design. Honestly, it's so bad I'm in tears writing this. The fact that the lowest scoring Pokemon ALWAYS go first is just stupid. There needs to be some sort of rotation, because if you're actually doing well, your "first turn bonus" moves are completely useless. Also, the fact you need to choose a judge... seriously? No matter which judge I pick, there will be at least one other Pokemon that picks the same one as me, while the other two get a 3-heart bonus because they picked different judges. It's just completely stupid how no matter what I do, a Pokemon will ALWAYS choose the same judge. I understand that eventually I'll get lucky, but these contests are so unbelievably annoying I don't know if I can take much more.

Ok, so truly, this was meant to be a discussion. I've searched the web, but I'm curious what people think about this. Do you miss the contests? If so, do you wish they stuck with the Emerald method?

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Yeah, I agree that Hoenn had the best contests, but the Sinnoh ones just need some getting used to. I haven't done a cool contest, but the chance of facing your mom, Jasmine, or Fantina is all about luck. Keep trying to face Fantina. Her Drifblim uses ONLY ominous wind and focus energy, both are smart moves that give zero hearts. The other two competitors are usually bad, so get the dress up and dancing right and you'll win with flying colors.


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I've won all 5 master rank contests, and it was hard but i liked the challenge. It's possible, just keep trying.


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I won mine with a Tough Bold Golem.

Just keep putting in the effort yo, I felt the same way as you do at several points.