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Very happy to see Xous make it as far as he did. I remember the days when half of this forum had his artwork as an avatar. Congratulations!
"Half" is a very conservative estimate.

Agree that it's good to see Xous get recognition, his work has already been featured in a DOOM game and it's great to see him get some official love for his Pokemon work too. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


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Just wanted to point out that there seems to be an error in the news text: the greninja is actually the winning entry from japan and the bulbasaur is the winning entry from the U.S.

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Serious question, why do we not get more art like this in our cards? A lot of what comes out lately feels pretty generic. Not to say there are not still stand outs in every set but I'd take artwork like this over most of the 3D stuff any day.
I don't mind the 3D stuff, the ones I don't like is those that are done in a more "abstract" way, that kinda look like made with crayons, I know that's a style, but it doesn't look good in my opinion.

Or the ones that are photographs of clay figures or plushies. Like it was ok for one card, but after the second one is not funny anymore.


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My top 3 picks personally:

1. Arcanine by RosDraws (couldn't spell out his whole name because it automatically changes to "googledraws" for some reason lol
2. Galarian Rapidash by Susumu Maeya
3. Greninja by Taiga Kasai
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