XY Will You Nickname Your X / Y Team? What Will You Call Your Pokémon? Why?


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Oh, I love seeing peoples teams but I also really love hearing peoples name ideas for their new members! How many people name their pokemon, and if so, what's their style for naming? Anyone else have any names for their teams considered yet? I'm making a list of ideas for myself, I have something for my main team so far except for three of them, anyone have any ideas?

I was going to name my Flabebe Charity, but now I want to name my Spritzee that! I don't know if I'll get a girl or boy Flabebe (i usually end up with very feminine looking male pokemon. It's a curse my siblings tease me for!)

So I need a Flabebe name for a boy or girl.
I also need a name for a male Furfrou (I'm going to do my best to get a guy)
And finally, I need a name for my future Skrelp (girl, boy or unisex. Doesn't matter)

(Also on my team I will have Krzysztof the Chespin, Sam I Am the Squirtle and Darling the Aurorus. I picked my team based on mostly the pokemon I liked the look of while trying to keep balanced types. I wanted to use all new pokemon, and I consider Mega Blastoise new so it works for me. I also promised myself that for the first time, I'd have a poison pokemon on my team so Skrelp was a must!)

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RE: What Pokemon Do You Want in Your Team for X / Y? Post Your Ever Changing List Here!

I'm nick naming my pokemon:



Mach 10-Noivern




I think these nicknames will fit my pokemon :D


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I split your post from the X / Y Teams Thread into this new thread; it was off-topic in the other thread, but still a nice topic to discuss!


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Ooh boy!
A thread for what you're gonna
nickname your Pokemon?

I have a rule when giving starters nicknames: give it a job.
For example, I named my Turtwig in Pearl, Private L.
My Oshawott was Ninja Suki. (Being a ninja is a job, now shush.)
So what's Fennekin's name gonna be?

Princess Pyr.

Princess, because she looks like she'll act like one, and Pyr because of character limit.

If it's a guy, it'll be Prince Kago.

I'm having a hard time naming this guy.
I've come down to three names:
Leafhorn, Grasshoof, and Mossback.

I just want to know which sounds best.
(maybe set up a poll...I dunno.)

Naming a candy-crazed pup something candy-like sounds too...too ordinary, I guess.
But when I saw this pup's evolution, I just knew what his name would be.


I really DON'T know why!
I'm not sure if its because of the way it looks, or if it's because of sugar, (Sugar. Shoo-gar. Shoogs.) or just...just why not?

We need more crazy nicknames in this demented world of ours.

I was orginally gonna name him something related to death, but then an idea popped in my head.
If this guy can camoflauge himself with the nature around him, why not name him something nature-related?


Because he's part of nature...and he florishes with it.

I'm creative.


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Ah, yes. Team nicknames. I can remember most past teams I've had just because they all have their names. Anywho,

Either Gipsy Danger if the new character limit will allow it, or Jaeger
A Pacific Rim reference. Jaegers are what the giant mechs were called, and GD was the main hero of the film. Chesnaught's design looks like a bulky mech to me, and as my starter, it will be my main hero in a sense d:

Its coloration reminds me of Christmas and I don't think you understand just how much I love Christmas. I took "Feliz" from the song "Feliz Navidad". Simple enough. Getting one with a Jolly nature will be the icing on the cake ;D

I always have at least one regular name on my team. I'm not sure why; I just like having some normalcy I suppose. There's at least a vague pun here, as "Howard" and "howitzer" sound similar.

Just the name of one of my characters because they look quite similar. It's nice to finally have a Pokemon that I can give a more personal name to.

German spelling of Bowser. Yeah, yeah. Not terribly creative; you all know where I got this name. In my defense, it's a real surname.

Every Dunsparce I've ever had since the beginning of time itself has been named Stripes. It's tradition. It helps keep those fond childhood memories alive. It reminds me that I've always been mediocre at coming up with nicknames.

And as a bonus, since I'm one of those awful people that names legendaries,
Yveltal will be Bile, coming from the four humors and sounding a bit like "Baal", one of the seven princes of Hell.
Zygarge will be Sestren, because its design reminds me of Panzer Dragoon enemy designs (particularly the Guardian Dragon), and Sestren and Zygarde are both beings that keep order.

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Froakie shall be named Froaklin (I always thought Froakie looked like Benjamin Franklin)
Talonflame shall be named FireyBirdy... I always nickname the regional bird 'Birdy' and this is just an improvement (I guess...) on that
Trevenant shall be named Oorotto just because it feels odd referring to it as anything else
Sylveon shall be named DragnSlayr since it is a fairy and fairies kill dragons (the name may change if we get an improved character limit)
Malimar shall be named Veronica (don't ask...)
Goomy shall be named King Goomy (and I won't change the nickname when it evolves... if I let it evolve)


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I usually come up with names on the spot, and sometimes I have to sit there for a few minutes before coming up with anything XD

Generally i name things that just sound nice and have no real meaning [iliosae the flygon from W2 for example], sometimes i wordmash [Oceasea the lugia from SS] or just take bits from their japanese name [Taj and Tajio from W and W2 respectively].

So I have no idea what i'm going to name my pokemon. ovo b

Delphox is close to Delphax, a type of fish i had for a decent time but the PH got too high and he died :c I might name him/her after the fish's latin name of some letters from it.

Fletching is the single most adorable bird <3 Maybe Fletch [oh how original] or Balista, which is apparently a crossbow or something, which is relative to arrows and was the name of one of my favorite cats who died too young :c runt of the litter </3

Pyroar i kinda wanna do the AHMAHGARSH IT'S MUFASA/SIMBA but naah. I named a luxray Zio [for Zion], so I might name this one after some other Biblical place thing XD or just Lion/Lio to make them rhyme.

Noivern will probably be some other crazy name like Iliosae was [Tenocr? meh] if i want to try following that thing with dragons.... no idea

Skrelp final [Dragalge thing?] might be Fume or Phume, possible Phumae just for the heck of it

Heliolisk ... maybe Dial or a warped spelling of it. Depends on when i get him U:

Goomy will be Squishy. And he will be mine. He will be my Squishy.


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Ooh what a great topic :D

I designed a fennekin character called Bracken when the starters were announced, so I was especially pleased when his evolution was called Braixen.

Fennekin: Bracken
Skrelp: Noodles
Pancham: Steel

It'd be cool to give some characters a French theme, perhaps name a fairy pokemon Oberon (king of the fairies) and a riding-pokemon Bayard (mythical horse who changed size to carry many riders). It's sort of tempting to give them all names ending in -ix, Asterix-stylee :D

@Frezgle: Jaeger / Gypsy Danger is a great name for a Chesnaught, brilliant idea!


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I never really nicknamed my pokemon before Gen V, but now I feel like I need to, it's just so much more fun, since it makes everything so much more personal, that said here's mine.


I really don't know why I choose this name. It just sounds like a really fun name to give to a ninja frog I guess.

So I might be cheating on this one. I decided to name my Talonflame Jontron since Fletchling is just so freaking adorable, and it also lets me make the awesome tag team of Jontron and...

I admit I really loved Game Grumps when Jon was there, so when I found out that you could get a Venusaur and an adorable bird, I just had to name both of them after a Grump. I would call Talonflame just Jon, but my name is John, so it would seem a little weird to me.


I decided on Sue mainly because the largest T-Rex fossil ever discovered is called Sue. That and there's that song "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash.

This is just because I love Goomi's name, and this way I can make the excuse that it is kind of like Gomie from Breaking Bad.

I literally have no idea. I don't actually have a good one for this guy, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd be really grateful.


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This is the first generation I'll be nicknaming. Don't know why I never have until now...I'm actually kinda pumped. While my team is as-of-yet undecided, I'll be nicknaming each Pokémon I catch. Here's a few ideas I've tossed around...

I know that my Tyrantrum will be Ghengis Rex and my Noivern is going to be Draecho. When I get a Malamar, it'll be Theon, and Heliolisk will likely be Sunspear. Might go with more punny names for some others like Hexcalibur for Aegislash. I think I might keep Talonflame's Japanese name, Flarrow.

Those won't all be on my team, but like I said, I'd like to nickname most (if not all) the Pokémon I catch.


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Fletchling - Relentless
Greninja - Tongue Couture or Tongue Scarf or Scarfie
Aurora Borealis Pokemon - Aurora
Chesnaught - Dreadnaught or Juggernaut or Naughty

Bolded ones are brilliant! :p

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Would've called Greninja "Ninteninja" if I was going to nickname my Pokemon, but I always keep default names for the first playthrough.
Oh well, Nintteninja would have been pretty awesome. Ruining the fun of the game for opposing trainers and all. *Sigh*


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I took a lot into consideration when choosing my team but I think I'm done with it. I'm only going with Kalos Pokémon and I don't want to repeat the same types (Skrelp loses its Water typing so it's fine). I'd also like to have some Pokémon like Noivern on my team but you can only get him really late in the game so that's a no-no for me. This will also be the first time I'll nickname my entire team so I did some research. =P
Oh, and you can click on the nicknames to hear their pronunciation!! ^^

Greninja (Water/Dark)
Azuriken (Azure + Shuriken)
Was going with Shinura but changed it. (Shinobi + Anura)

Hawlucha (Fighting/Flying)
Qwauhrior (Quauhtin + Warrior)
Yup, Aztec reference! =P I hope it can learn Fly or I'll have to go with Talonflame. =X

Dragalge (Poison/Dragon)
Syngdra (Syngnathidae + Dragon)
Getting X so trading will be required. ^^'

Meowstic (Psychic)
Whispurr (Whisper + Purr)
Oh the pun!! xDD It can also come from Whiskers because... cats! =3 ♥

Aegislash (Steel/Ghost)
Hexcalimor (Hex + Excalibur + Armor)
Almost went with Hywelsprit (Hywelbane + Esprit <-- French for Spirit).
According to Wikipedia, Derfel Cadarn took the sword of his dead swordmaster Hywel and later named it "Hywelbane" after him. Seems fitting with Aegislash's Pokédex entry "Apparently this Pokémon is born when a departed spirit inhabits a sword".

Florges (Fairy)
Florilia (Floral + Azalea)
Self-explanatory. =P

Was going with Klefki and Trevenant instead of Florges and Aegislash but I don't really like having more than one stage Pokémon (not to mention I adore Floette) and I wanted a Steel-type this Gen.
I will also nickname my Sylveon as Nymphala (without the British accent =P) but won't use it. xP

Oh, and for all the people "worried" about the character limit... look at Lapras!! =D


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Greninja as Narutoad, because puns. Also before reading the thread title I have never even heard of nicknames for your entire team. I won't start now.


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I'll be using nicknames on a Nuzlocke playthrough eventually and I've already thought up a couple if I happen to catch some of these.

Flabebe - A Bay Bay (Reference to the song. As soon as I heard the official name, this is immediately what I thought of it.)
Goomy - Gooby (May not look like Goofy, but the name is so similar to that wacky knock off.)
Honedge - Master
Klefki - Keyblade
Amaura - Littlefoot

dmaster out.


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I started making a post a few hours ago that took me 40 minutes to make, only for internet to crash (hence my new sig). LETS START THIS AGAIN:

Chespin - Theodore

Inkay - Ursula

Amaura - Little *dmaster pushes through*

Trevenant (forgot pre-evo) - Borogrove

Sandile - Greaser

Pancham - Boss (Mafia Boss)

Clauncher - THECLAMPZ

The Iceberg guy... Thingy - Titanic (Too soon?)

My original post was going to be neat, organised and colourful. Safari, this is why we can't have nice things. Because you crash.


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I always nickname my Pokémon, and I usually nickname them after other video game characters, with Fire Emblem being the most common because there are so many characters to choose from. I don't think I've had a chance to use Awakening character names yet, so it'll probably be that. Except for Hexcaliber, which is a must. I haven't thought about what names for which Pokémon, though, since it'll vary based on gender.


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I tried naming my Charmander Spike but it wouldnt let me so i named it Dragonborn


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I've been running, and will run in any post-game, the following team:

Andrew - Chesnaught
Cookie - Meowstic
Hendryx - Doublade (With Eviolite mmmmmsogood)
F'Laura - Florges
Bamboozle - Pangoro
Shellshocker - Blastoise

Cookie, Hendryx, and F'Laura work really well online at the moment as well, so... That's nice. Once Bank opens up and you have competitive's moving things over I'm sure things will be different though.

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I like giving Pokémon names suitable for people.

Chelsea the female Chesnaught (because it sounds similar to "Chespin")
Robbie the male Talonflame (because Fletchling is a robin and I know a guy named Robbie with a last name that sounds a lot like it)
Makoto the male Meowstic (named after my twin-tailed cat OC, means "sincerity" in Japanese)
Candice the female Slurpuff (from "candy" and "icing")
Rin the male Aurorus (a feminine name due to its appearance, can mean "cold" in Japanese)
Torrian the male Blastoise (because it sounds like Blastoise's "Torrent" ability)