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    Welcome to PokéBeach's Wi-Fi Zone!
    In this forum members are able to create their own thread in order to trade and battle with each other!

    To make it easier to find what you're looking for it's important that threads are organised.
    Do make sure to include the following when you create a thread:​
    • Your Friend Code(s)
    • Your in-game name(s)
    • Whether you're looking for battles and/or trades
    • The battle formats you use (if relevant)
    • Your wants and haves (if relevant)
    • Special services you offer (if relevant)
    • Members may have only one active Wi-Fi Zone thread for trades and battles during any given time.
    • You may bump your thread once per calendar week.
    • Hacked Pokémon and items must be labelled as such.
    • Titles should not use excessive punctuation or capitalization.
    Obviously traders should always be honest and fair to each other! :)


    For any other issues, questions, or concerns you can contact the Wi-Fi Zone Staff:


    Trade Hubs

    *Vivillon Form Exchange Thread*
    *Mega Stone Trade Thread*
    *The Trade Now Thread*

    If you have suggestions for new trade hubs, you can post them in this thread!

    Special Services

    Do you offer any special services such as cloning, breeding, shiny hunting, or anything else? Let us know in this thread to be added to the list! Names may be removed if a thread has not been bumped for more than two months.


    The Wi-Fi Zone Hall of Fame!

    The following members have been actively trading on PokéBeach for a long time!

    - @Dr.Mario - "Master Breeder"
    - @Prince Dedenne - "Dedenne!"
    - @King Xerneas - "King Xerneas"

    Please contact a Wi-Fi Zone Staff member if you wish to be added to the list! Requirements are a trade thread with at least 400 posts and you may not have scammed a member!​
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    The rules have been updated! Please take a read above :3

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