Media Why Isn't Pokémon on Cartoon Network as Much as Before?

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by sstsunami55, Jan 7, 2016.

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    I remember when I was younger that I could watch it much more often. Now, it only airs once a day early in the morning. I miss the old days now, when I would watch it Saturday mornings.

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    The anime is in its 18th season, its been over a decade since the original fad of the series died.

    What do you think? Its a very old show now, and kids of today don't watch Pokemon like they did a decade ago.
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    They show it more on CN US than CN UK. In fact, I think they gave up airing Pokémon at all here and just shove it to Netflix.
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    The Pokemon anime is no longer a fad anymore. Pokemon is a old show nowadays and a lot of people don't watch it that much anymore, the Original series was were the anime was full of life and had a lot of mature characters, the show lost all of that when the AG/DP era got started, this is were the anime started to become really terrible.
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    I'm not exactly sure why, maybe it's just becuase not that many people watch it. I've only been watching the anime since 2013, but from old commercials and episodes I've seen, it appears that the anime was a decently popular primetime show from seasons 9 to 13. Once Gen 5 started, they rarely played any commercials and aired it only on weekends in the late morning. I'm not going to lie, I've never seen a single commercial for the Kalos anime on TV, only online. When a show gets pretty low ratings, Cartoon Network usually plays it only in the mornings, where most people are either asleep (on weekends) or at school/work (on weekdays). I've seen it happen to a handful of shows on the channel: Ben 10 Omniverse, The Garfield Show, Sonic Boom, and now Pokémon. While Sonic Boom is still airing (it has a pretty big internet following), the other two shows basically stayed in their early-morning time slots for a year or two until they got canceled, disappearing without a trace. I'm actually surprised the anime has been going for this long, seeing as it airs only a few times a week at a time where nobody watches TV. I think the anime would be better off if they moved it to a different channel. It happened before when it was taken off Kids WB, so I see no reason why it can't happen again.
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    I feel like it's more to do with the lack of originality for the show is what's causing it to be less and less popular. I remember growing up as a kid it was widely watched because of the games and Pokémon Yellow being based off the Anime. With that said after Generation 3 in my opinion, it started the heavy decline because that originality started to slip away in to redundancy. Now were on the 16th season with the almost identical plot and storyline with very little shaking up the anime. That's why when Origins came out, it quickly took on because of how different it was and how it had a more darker tone to it, along with how it actually showed the more realistic side of Pokémon. Everyone for years has been asking for something to shake up the anime and while they've gave some leeway, I feel like it's not enough to make that much of a difference to spike viewers back to the anime.
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    I think this decline is all because of the main character, seriously Ash is so cringe worthy to me. He went through six regions only to end up forgetting how to battle or do anything every time he goes to a new region. You can place 2nd at the Indigo Plateau in Kanto, where you first started your adventure, but can't beat your rival who only just started in Unova after traveling and exploring four regions?

    I think they should go with a reboot; a censored and uncensored show that combines adult humor with kid show --- Spongebob, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and the Simpsons are all good examples (and good shows) of what I mean
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    The show was very popular. I have been watching it since i was 2. But I left it at season 5-7. I really dont know much about the advaced generations. It turned into worst when it came to Diamon And Pearl. Plus it became boring and lost its interest. But i still love pokemon for my memories. The best thing about it is i think - Ash' confidence, the lyrics of the first theme song, and the characters. I hate it for so mny characters coming and going but none of them never shows up in the next season much long. But whenever a chanle starts airing it from season one, the show become zero to hero.

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