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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by ZABOKI ., Oct 11, 2019.

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    ZABOKI .


    So apparently zoroark takes no skill to play and people at my league have actually talked about this while playing reshizard. This has lead me to 2 assumptions, 1: they have never played zoroark, because draw power isn't everything because you actually have to think, I know a strange concept. 2: I'm just bad

  2. CrownAxe Aspiring Trainer


    You're bad

    Zoroark GX dominated the meta for two seasons in both standard and expanded. It contributed to multiple cards being banned in expanded an pretty much only got usurped by the arrival of tag teams

    Of course say it takes no skill is being hyperbolic but it had a long history of being the defacto best deck with out much competition except for decks specifically designed to counter it
  3. ZABOKI . Aspiring Trainer
    ZABOKI .


    So people hated zoroark just because the card is good?
    It's not like any card has been good for it's whole lifespan before *coughs in yveltal EX*
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  4. Otaku The wise fool?


    Saying almost any deck takes "no skill" is being salty, not hyperbolic. However @CrownAxe right: @ZABOKI . you'll need to learn to accept that folks do such things. Unless you yourself were engaging in hyperbole to spin your claim, in which case don't do that. XD

    For the record, at present I'm more sick of players throwing around things like "no skill" claims and exaggerating problems than I am the actual problems... and y'all know how many things I think are off about the Pokémon TCG, so that's saying something. XD

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