Question Why Do GF Hate Ice Types So Much?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Blob55, Nov 2, 2019.

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    Not a single Ice Type has been revealed for Gen 8, plus only 1 got made for Gen 7. They already made it the worst Type, why are they trying to hide it away too? It makes Ice fans like me really question what they're even doing or thinking. Seriously, what did Ice Types do to deserve this?

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    Honestly (and I say this as a fan of Ice types, and a long standing supporter of making the type less awful weakness/resistance wise), I don't think it's an intentional thing. We haven't had any Ground types introduced yet, are they being purposefully hidden away too? And I suppose Bug types round out the trio of GF's most hated types? We've not had any of them introduced for this gen, which is the most unusual out of all of them imo, since the earlygame bugs tend to get revealed fairly early on.

    The one Ice type in gen 7 - I think you kind of have a point, but it might be worth keeping in mind we did get Alolan Vulpix/Sandshrew (they're not technically new Pokemon, but it was the first time we'd ever had both of those families as their Ice type variants).

    I feel like this is the most secretive they've been about a new generation for a while (I have my suspicions that after they revealed what felt like 90% of new Pokemon prior to Sun/Moon's release they wanted to dial it back and keep a lot of new Pokemon to discover in game). It's got nothing to do with them having a vendetta against Ice types. I mean we know next to nothing about Zacian and Zamazenta - usually we'd get the mascots types, abilities, signature moves, lore etc, this time we've only been told their names.
    Even in the Galar region map, there's a whole section that looks like a snowy mountain range - even with what could be a gym (which is presumably Ice type) there as well. I'd be surprised if there were no new Ice types there.

    I think it's a pretty big assumption to say that they hate Ice types and are actively trying to hide it when we don't even know the full dex - there could be several new Ice type families that they're saving for people to find out about themselves in the game. If the game gets released and there are a very small number of new Ice types then maybe you'd have a point, but at the moment there's just not really anything to properly back the claim up.
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    There will most likely be more than 100 new Pokémon (including Galarian forms), I would be surprised if there is not at least one new evolution line which is partially ice-type. Less than half of the Pokémon have been revealed officially. I like that. I expect to also have 1-2 Galarian form ice types, as they like their stories about adapting to surroundings.
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    Just pointing out, there are only 2 electric type megas. Also, electric types aren't competitive at all in video games.

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