Why Did You Join PokéBeach?

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Amt, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. CuriousCleffa Aspiring Trainer


    I joined because I wanted to find people to trade the TCG cards with. There isn't anyone I know of that collects the cards and would trade them (not many people when you're in college). I joined PokeGym, and got scammed super bad and they did nothing about it, so I fully left that site and now only use PokeBeach for my trading needs. I also love checking the news on the front page. And I was hoping I would be able to talk about Pokemon with other Poke-nerds :p
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  2. Milennin *Hugs Absol*


    I joined because I wanted to read discussions about the Pokémon TCG and get advice on my decks and gameplay. The official forums are a bad option since they don't allow any picture or video uploads and the word filter is ridiculous, and Serebii's TCG forum section is way too small and inactive, so PokéBeach was kind of my only good option when it came to anything Pokémon TCG related. For the short period of time I've been here it's been very helpful to me so far.
  3. NameBlank The Divine Paradise


    When I found out about CMP's Neo Redux, I wanted to try faking. So I started VS. Battle Zone
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  4. ScottSpain Life Coach for Gamers


    I normally come to the site for spoilers and news, so I figured I would join and get help with my decks and future teams.
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  5. jonrios Aspiring Trainer


    Hey there!! I joined to get started on my friend safari on pokemon y so I need adds for it haha my fc is 4613-8678-4114 :)
    Add me please :)
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  6. pokedan24 Aspiring Trainer


    I originally set up an account to ask a question about buying or selling cards, but I probably would have joined either way because I was into the TCG. I have accounts on other Pokemon related sites, but this one seems more relaxed and friendlier.
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  7. Klonoahedgehog Ace Trainer


    I was a lurker for a while (still kinda am) but i decided to join so i could post my thoughts on certain discussions, and because i was in the hype for ORAS. I've really enjoyed my time here so far. :D
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  8. Elvis Peebles Aspiring Trainer
    Elvis Peebles


    If I try to help a newb on the company owned forum someone tells me to get back on topic like I'm doing something wrong. makes me uncomfortable but I won't be bullied by a fellow gaming nerd.

    When I google deck lists this forum is generally the best one.
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  9. Materious17 Pokemon Geologist


    Hey guys! I know I'm not a new member, but its been almost 4 years since I posted, though I have frequented the forums and the website since I started.

    In short, I am a graduate student of geological sciences at Central Washington University. My research is mainly structure and earthquake related within the Basin and Range province of western USA but I love Pokemon and I have an ongoing passion for wanting to create geologic maps for the various Pokemon regions.

    My success with Play! Tournaments has been slightly above average, participating in multiple states and regionals as well as smaller cities tournaments in the NW states but never making top cut in either TCG or VGC.

    I love Pokebeach and I want to support it as much as I can!
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  10. DarkMatterGaming "Wait, he's not dead?"


    Your guess is as good as mine.

    ...Okay, in all seriousness, I've been around but my love for the TCG died off for a little while, but as of today, I want to reignite it.

    Now why did it die off? Mostly because I started playing other games and found myself wanting to play the TCG less and less, but I don't want to just let it die off. So here I am, essentially making a fresh start.

    Sorry if I worried any of you or if this just a waste of space. ^^;
  11. Kenneth Ecker Ser Kenneth of House Ecker, Protector of the Beach
    Kenneth Ecker

    News Staff Advanced Member Member

    I joined because everyone told me it was the best place for the Pokemon community to get together.

    They were not wrong. <3
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  12. RunningWithScizors Aspiring Trainer


    I really don't know why I joined. I guess I was just looking for Pokemon TCG forums and decided to sign up. After all, that's probably the best way to join a forum, right?
  13. Boracay_Jason Old Member


    I joined Pokebeach almost 9 years ago because I was just getting into the TCG. I didn't quite prefer that hobby, so I transitioned to the video games instead. I quit the forums 6 years ago, but never lost my love for Pokemon and this absolutely wonderful community! Good old days!
  14. Prometheus Aspiring Trainer


    I joined years ago because I was interested in competitive TCG.
  15. crann777 I See You


    I joined earlier in the year because the site had a good card database, early scans of the Japanese sets, and allot of quality content for free. Unfortunately most of that no longer holds true, but I stick around nonetheless.
  16. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Deck advice and trolling
  17. DevinTheWelf A Mach Punch User


    Yeah... It's really disappointing that they don't have their own scans. Now we get Pokemon's crap-tastic database that makes me rather want to search the cards on google. I'm just here now for news and the occasional interesting threads.

    I joined because I wanted to learn more about the meta and how the game worked competitively. I also joined for the early news.
  18. Mr.Muffin Cooler than Everyone who is less Cool than Me!


    I joined because I wanted to get back into the TCG, but never actually ended up playing competitively. It was because of my bitterness towards EX, and Pyroar being Power Creep'd out so quickly that I left. I kind of stayed because why leave ;/ Also I kind of like this place.
  19. Chaos Jackal Legend of the Past
    Chaos Jackal


    Blame it on DNA. He had a link to this place in one of his profiles elsewhere. I checked it out and just kinda stayed.
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  20. Machamp The Champion TCG Articles Head
    Machamp The Champion

    Forum Super Mod Articles Head Member

    Oh boy, I barely remember why I joined PokeBeach in the first place. I was viewing the site for news for a while, when I stumbled upon the little forum link in the top left. I believe I joined simply to talk about Pokemon with people all the time. I didn't have too many friends who played the card game at that point, and I only saw them at League on Sundays, so a forum was a great place to talk with people about my decks, the news, and help out people with their decks and troubles. And I already went to the site for news, so why not go to it for discussions as well?

    Finding new friends was the easiest part. I made friends with a lot of people on the forums, many of which I still talk to today, both through our interest in the TCG, and through the Forum Games.

    Man, how different would my life be without having found PokeBeach's forums 3 years ago? I spend so much of my day on the forums, helping with the article program, and helping out all over the site. It's such a big part of my life now. It wouldn't be possible without all you wonderful people who visit the site. You're the reason I do so much for the site. Thank you all for enjoying PokeBeach and viewing the site every day. :)

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