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    Without a National Dex only Pokemon found in the Galar region can be transferred from older games.
    What are the 10 or more Pokémon you wish to be included? To make this a bit more challenging , for each Pokémon you name to be included, name one Pokémon you’d “sacrifice” to stay in the older games.

    Let’s see which Pokémon we want most and which Pokémon we can sadly give up on for Sword and Shield.

  2. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    Sawsbuck (+ seasonal forms)

    Squirtle (Gen 1 Starters get in enough games as is)
    Magmar (Save it for Sinnoh)
    Electabuzz (Save it for Sinnoh)
    Starly (Save it for Sinnoh)
    Porygon (Save it for Sinnoh)
    Tangela (Save it for Sinnoh)
    Lickitung (Save it for Sinnoh)
    Magnemite (Save it for Sinnoh)
    Pansear (Feels like a waste)
    Plusle (Feels like a waste)
    Minun (Feels like a waste)
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  3. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    Maractus, Pidove and Jangmo-o are confirmed to make it of the list of Pokémon I wanted.
  4. Secret Agent Seal Aspiring Trainer
    Secret Agent Seal


    I haven't been following SwSh closely enough to say what we already know is included, so maybe some of this post will be irrelevant. Here are some Pokemon I hope don't get included in SwSh. I'm thinking more along the lines of competitive singles really.

    Landorus: In particular, the Therian forme. I don't think it's necessarily broken, but it's so omnipresent that I'd be interested to see how a metagame would develop without it.

    Heatran: See above.

    Toxapex: A pretty unhealthy Pokemon IMO. Regenerator, Toxic Spikes and ridiculous bulk is busted. Then again, we already know that stall teams are losing Mega Sableye so perhaps this loss would be a bit too brutal.

    Greninja: Protean sets become a little less unsufferable without Z-moves, but I still think the raw power of Ash Greninja is somewhat over the top.
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  5. avensis Aspiring Trainer


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  6. McKendra9123 Trio Master: Dark, Poison & Fire Trainer


    Would take a long time to go through all the current PoKémon, but basically for me it boils down to having PoKémon that fit the image that Galar gives after as a British/Celtic knockoff. So PoKémon with ties (via PoKéDex or looks) to royalty, knights, witches, magic, fairies, dragons and nature. And keep any PoKémon without those out of the Galar.
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  7. Vom Riven of a Thousand Voices

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    I would like to see stuff like Escavalier and Druddigon in the Galar dex since they have a medieval feel, maybe Hydregion can squeeze in there too. What I absolutely would like to not see on the other hand, is the ones that you see very very often in simulators and VGC (like Landorus, the Tapus, etc.). I'm dying to know what OU would look like without its main powerhouses.
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  8. McKendra9123 Trio Master: Dark, Poison & Fire Trainer


    When it comes to Legendaries from former regions/Gens, the ones that would fit the Galar format for me are as follows & my reasons behind my picks:

    1. The Kanto Legendary Birds, because they have been linked to the seasonal powers of Summer (Fire), Spring (Lightning) and Winter (Ice).

    2. The Johto Legendary Hounds/Dogs. Aside from being similar to the Kanto Birds, they match pretty close to the signature Legendaries of Sword & Shield.

    3. Lugia & Ho-Oh. Being the Masters of the Birds and Dogs basically means they go where there kin are. Not to mention Ho-Oh is basically a phoneix and rebirth plays a large part in Celtic lore and Lugia's ties to real world Celtic sea/water creature myths-legends.

    4. Mewtwo. According to the site Serebii, Mew will be there. Since Mew and Mewtwo are basically 2 sides of the same coin, wouldn't be right to have one and not the other.

    5. Celebi. Dubbed "Guardian of the Forest" and it's time travel ability, it would hit in so many ways.

    6. The Lake Trio. Given how they helped mankind in the PoKéverse, it makes sense to me.

    7. God and his Creation Trio. Since every region worships them to some degree after Gen 4, I'm sure Nintendo can find a way to add them. So while this lot or the Lake Trio might not be in the game, hopefully Nintendo added some mythos with them.

    8. Darkrai & Cresseila. Nightmares & dreams play a large role also in Celtic lore.

    9. The Tree of Life (X game) and the Wings of Death (Y game). Since these two control life and death basically, I feel it would be appropriate to have them.

    10. And finally, Diancie. Diamonds play apart in the attire of Royal the world over. And based on what the world have seen of with some of Galar's town, wouldn't be surprising if one turns out to be a mining town, which by the way have been common since Gen 3 to add at least one town linked to mining in each game.
  9. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    ^ Oh god, this.
    This would actually be very interesting, though. Given the restrictions on Pokémon, what strategies might fade?

    Anyhow, Pokémon I want to stay, huh? I can't really name too many specifics, but it'd be nice if they didn't just focus on the original 151 like they always do.
    If all 151 Kanto Pokémon are in, that leaves not as many slots for other regions' Pokémon.
    Although having all Kanto Pokémon would make sense from a programming perspective - they're in Let's Go - there are 700+ other Pokémon for a reason! Showcase some others, maybe?

    For a specific Pokémon to keep, I guess I'd like Meowstic, just out of personal preference.
    Like Vom said, I'd leave out the Tapus. Not just for VG purposes, but that they don't make any sense being there.
  10. Secret Agent Seal Aspiring Trainer
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    This is more or less the main reason why I am even following SwSh's development. We're going to see an upheaval of the metagame that will be very interesting to watch unfold.

    I think it's likely that we'll see quite a few legendaries cut from the game. Unlike regular Pokemon, legends aren't as easily integrated into the environment as wild encounters and usually need a special mechanic to access them (like that Hoopa thing in ORAS). Legendary form changes must also be a headache to deal with. It feels like most OU Pokemon are legendaries at this point, so any cuts will impact the metagame hard.

    Some of the big ones,

    1) Heatran: Has basically dominated OU for the last 13 years. This cannot be overstated. As an old-timer player, I have no idea what OU will look like without Heatran.
    2) Landorus & Tornadus: The former is omnipresent and the latter is simply one of the best Pokemon in the tier.
    3) Tapus: Terrain wars and Hawlucha spam are gone. Psychic & Grass spam are no longer a thing.
    4) Kartana & Magearna: Extremely threatening sweepers. I've lumped them together as I always felt both were suspect worthy. Z-moves in particular push them over the edge, so perhaps in SwSh they'd be a little more tame.

    Honorable mentions go to Zapdos, Hoopa-U and Kyurem-B. Diancie and Latias are pretty boned regardless as they lose their mega forms.

    Also, who even knows what Ubers will look like without Primal Groudon?

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