PTCGO when you are losing on PTCG, what do you do?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Luxinity, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Luxinity Elegant Cosplayer


    Are you gonna be a good sport and let the opponent take the final prize cards? or lose it and concede before they do?

  2. Serperior 99/550

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    I generally let them take their final Prizes. I think that if you concede you don't get the lightning points or whatever so I let them finish the game. What gets on my nerves is when the opponent draws the game out by playing their Supporter, activating Abilities, etc. etc. when all they have to do is attack to win. I think that's incredibly irritating and unsportsmanlike.
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  3. FlashRayquaza Rayquaza Fan


    Today, I bricked at a Cup and almost lost against a newer player. At the end, she had 1 prize left, I had Zoroark active and 200 damage on it. Instead of giving up, or letting my opponent draw the last prize, I played Mallow + Trade to get Rainbow Energy, attaching it to Zoroark and losing the game. I swear this was the most creative loss and she couldn't stop laughing.

    Edit: I was a bit confused because the title said PTCG and the prefix was PTCGO.

    On PTCGO I actually concede fast, for example my opponent has 2 prizes left, and it is impossible for me to draw all prizes in two turns, I concede. I do this because I use PTCGO for playtesting for irl tournaments, and I just save time when conceding instead of waiting two minutes to loose.
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  4. Otaku The wise fool?


    Assuming I'm thinking clearly and not making any mistakes:

    1) If you're taking your final Prize in a timely manner, I wait for you to do so.

    2) If you start "showboating", showing me everything (or just a lot of things) you can do before you win, I concede ASAP.

    I've suggested to the devs that it would be nice if our active Daily Challenges were displayed on the matchup screen. I think they fear collusion, but I just want folks to not freak out when others have "earned" the time they have to accomplish to challenges. Even the easier challenges can become time consuming when folks are so quick to concede. Sadly, nothing ever came of it, probably because no one else backs me up on the suggestion.

    Okay, okay... and they might be paranoid about collusion. ;)
  5. Perfect_Shot Standard sucks, so Ban Expanded


    I don't do it out of anger or impatience, but I do tend to concede the moment I see that I'm in a situation where bringing the game back in my favor would either be impossible or highly unlikely.

    I think 'being a good sport' includes letting the opponent have the win, giving them points towards the VS ladder and by extension allowing them (and yourself) to carry on with the day and to the next match.
  6. Otaku The wise fool?


    If you truly cannot win, you aren't "giving them points"; you earn those points by defeating your opponent so if you can't win your opponent has already earned them. You can save both players some time if both players are only grinding the Ladder Rewards. Even as a player who is often vocal in my criticisms of the game, I still can enjoy actually playing. Indeed, my biggest criticism with gameplay is that we too often have a format where gameplay becomes one-sided so that one player either can do nothing, or do nothing that will ultimately make a difference as to the game's outcome.

    Do as you see fit, Perfect_Shot. I'm not telling you how you have to play, and I strongly suspect the majority opinion agrees with you. ;) I just want to explain one of the other views. To me, agreeing to a game is agreeing to see it through until the end, because there is always satisifaction in finishing the process. I use "satisfaction" because I mean that it is irrating and unpleasant to not finish the game.

    All of this is before we consider things like someone trying to finish up a Daily Challenge (especially KO challenges), testing a deck, etc. The compromise I suggest is considering how much time is really being "saved" for both players. If I truly am in a place where I can't win, or learn anything, or still work on a Daily, I'm not conceding unless I'm sure it is a serious time savings. After all, I might be costing my opponent more time because they were practicing or working on a daily. If I lose in two turns, odds are "Draw, Pass" finishes the game in less than two minutes.
  7. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    conceding has nothing to do with being a bad sport. If I know the opponent has the win, I concede and move on or I let them take the final Prize card. Its just like in real life how you concede and move on to the next game as to not waste time. It is rude however to "win more" and play an additional 12 cards when all you needed to do was win. They still gain their points, get any rewards and still earn their win. You didn't rage quit as conceding to the opponent is a valid option of ending a match.

    In VGC, you can run from a match to concede. In Pokemon Duel, you can forfeit a match and never let the opponent take the goal. These are valid and legal ways to finish a match since nothing is lost.
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  8. CynderDarkov Aspiring Trainer

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    The way I view it, if there's no possible way to win, there's no point in keep playing. It probably looks better IRL to hold out your hand for a good game then to just concede online, at least in my opinion.

    This is the worst thing you could probably do to me in a card game, whether intentional or not. Just win the game please.
  9. Holden Sheeks a.k.a. WinterShorts
    Holden Sheeks

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    This topic reminds me of when I was watching Omni's Youtube channel about Smash Bros. Melee, and one of this videos (I forget which one but it probably had something to do with salt in the community) for about a minute was talking about what player Mew2King said about "saving frames" whereas every time you press L+R+A+Start right before your last stock is taken in a game, you save a couple of seconds instead of the word "GAME!" on the screen, victory animation of the character and then the results screen. So the more times you do that, those seconds turn into minutes saved, and those minutes saved turn into hours saved, and those hours saved turn into days saved, and so on.

    Applying the above logic to this thread, If I know I can't win in a game of Pokemon TCG the second I know it's not possible, I'm gonna quit. Not necessarily out of salt, but as a person who wants more time to do more things while the night lasts before the next day of work. Probably once in a blue moon I'd feel nice and let my opponent take the last couple of prizes, notably if they have a deck I liked the concept of, but that's just if I feel like it.
  10. Otaku The wise fool?


    @Holden Sheeks, I am not sure if that is a good comparison, but let's go with it for a moment.

    Why do you need to save that much time in Smash Bros. Melee? I'm thinking if I was your friend or even someone trying to practice for a tournament, you'd shave hours off of our daily/weekly practice sessions... because I'd cancel those practice sessions, to find someone who didn't treat me like I'm just the game's AI. ;) Permit me another so-so analogy: it sounds a lot more like the folks who bob and weave and traffic to get ahead and technically do, but it just is not worth the stress it causes everyone else so that all those inches and feet they save... add up to no more than a few car lengths before the next red light.

    In the PTCGO, if you're someone trying to grind out the ladder you might be playing two to three hours per day. If you're playing (for example) 20 games per night, saving 15 seconds per game adds up to five minutes. For you, not your opponent. For your opponent, it may cost them extra minutes or even hours. Maybe they were not grinding the ladder (or just grinding the ladder), but trying to practice or trying to work on a Daily Challenge. You're robbing yourself of time to pace yourself. To know how to deal with not rushing. To make sure you didn't miscount and you're actually going to win. XP

    For another (barely) analogous situation, ever met someone really smart, smarter than yourself, who could often finish your sentences before you? Just because they might be right (even most of the time), doesn't make it any less frustrating. Doesn't keep it from causing you to lose your train of thought. Etc.
  11. Holden Sheeks a.k.a. WinterShorts
    Holden Sheeks

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    @Otaku right, I admit the analogy I brought up didn't really consider the other side of the coin, just more of a random thought to try and find logic to why someone would make these decisions. Regardless, the decision to leave during the "impossible" sections of the games still exists, I'd thought I'd just attempt to throw my 2 cents on the topic.
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  12. Otaku The wise fool?


    Right. Sorry if it seems like I'm stifling discussion. As you can tell, I feel strongly on this matter, but I have to remind myself I don't need to put forth a counterargument to every post. XP
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  13. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    The real question is will it be acceptable to quit the match if your opponent is playing the unknown damage combo because sitting there for 30 minutes is just plain boring.
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  14. Mariano11887 Goalkeeper


    I always play the game until it's completely finished, except when all my opponent has to do is attack to take the final prize and starts to play unnecessary cards, in that case I concede at the second or third card they play.
    I totally hate when I'm winning and my opponent concedes right before my last attack, mainly because I like to complete Daily Challenges... Man, it's only 5 seconds at most that you have to wait!
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  15. Professor_jplap Incineroar approves good grammar


    I just think about how mad I get when I'm trying to get bonus coins from those challenge thingies and I'm about to complete them by knocking out just one more Pokemon with one of my Darkness types, but the opponent doesn't know or care sooooo... and then I decide that my opponent could possibly be doing that, so I just let them win.

    EDIT: Just saw Mariano's post
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  16. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    My favorite is to always play though when my opponent is trying to get me to quit by stalling. If I'm on PTCGO, I got 'nuthin but time...
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