Pokemon What's Your LEAST Favorite Pokémon and Why?

Nekoban Ryo

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While there are a few others with designs I dislike more, I'd probably have to consider Lickilicky my least-favorite. I adore Lickitung, it's one of my favorite Pokémon out there (possibly my second favorite from a design standpoint), but this thing looks so awkward (especially with its tongue in). And is that a swirl of flesh on its head? Ugh! So much wrong with this Pokémon...

The only redeeming quality about it for me is that I can use Eviolite on Lickitung.


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I can't hate any pokemon, however there are some I get annoyed with and/or just weird me out. I would say the one that bothers me the most is Geodude. Because everytime I was playing, I would see so many, almost too many.

Not really a least favorite, but close.


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My least favorite is Swoobat. Not only does it evolve from the cursed Woobat, who everyone has already talked about, it also has an incredibly ugly shiny that makes it look like vomit.


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My least Favorite Pokemon. hard to say. many hold that title. Pikachu, Charizard, Mewtwo and Lucario. I hate Greninja too but I think out of all of them, I hate Pikachu more.


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TCG: Trevenant (XY,) or Night March-ers (Pumpkaboo, Joltik, Lampent)
VG: Alamamola (More of disappointment, should have been an evolution to Luvdisc)
Overall: Charizard
I won't be making friends with this, but I absolutely despise Charizard. First of all, ironically my favorite of the Char-- line is Charmeleon, I like the design, personality, etc. But I hate the fully-evolved Pokemon. First of all it's design... it's just a dragon. JUST A DRAGON. That's it, the other two starters have merit to it: Venasaur is a plant/animal combo ant it's amazing (Bulbasaur is my favorite of the starters,) Blastoise is a turtle with a hydro cannon strapped to it's back. Awesome! But Charizard is just a dragon, nothing special to it. I mean, even Goodra: one of the weirdest dragon choices (should have been Water/Fighting in my own opinion, but...) has some coolness to its design, it's a dragon/dinosaur covered in goop, weird, but still cool. That's where my main issue comes in, Charizard is just a dragon, but yet a good majority of the fanbase praise it as if it's the best Pokemon of all time, (by the way if your reading this and like Charizard, that's fine, I can't hate on you for having an opinion, I just dislike how Pokemon thinks of Charizard as the fan favorite Pokemon.) I mean dragons are cool, but seriously? This especially comes into mind with how much Charizard seems to get printed in the TCG and other Pokemon media. Charizard has 39 prints in the TCG, for reference: Pikachu has 110 prints, while Greninja... Greninja: Japan's favorite Pokemon (at the moment,) has only 7 prints... 7! While you could make the counter-point that Pikachu is the series mascot, which is a viable excuse, and Greninja only has been out for 1 generation. I will counter-point that counter-point with a counter-point: Charizard had 6 prints in it's generation, which while technically yes, Greninja has had one more, look at the XY prints of Charizard: it has had 13 prints, with that only supposed to be added onto with Evolutions (which side-point, why is the final set for Gen 7 a reprint set of Base Set, where is the reprint set, XY: Legendary Treasures?). Maybe I would like Charizard more, if it wasn't so over-saturated by the Pokemon company. Also why isn't Charizard a Fire/Dragon. (Actually, it's because Charizard would have been OP if it was a dragon type, also dragon was a rare type during Gen 1, but still...) it's based off a dragon, but it's a Fire/Flying? Even though it's lazily designed off a dragon, and it's not even a freaking dragon! In summary: Charizard is overrated. And lazily design. AND SUCKS! But, keep in mind: just my opinion. If you don't agree, great! Your not part of the hive mind! *Illuminati conspiracy*
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those dumb pokemon when you are just trying to get across the water and they are like "HEY MAN CATCH ME"


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I try to love all Pokemon, but for me I just don't like Alomomola. It's always come off to me as creepy and unsettling with its design, which could have really worked as an evolution for Luvdisc, and it just weirded me out. It also doesn't help that there are just more memorable fish pokemon and more useful tanky cleric pokemon to use. It felt like filler that could have really helped a second filler pokemon like Luvdisc .


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Talking about ugly fish, the new Bruxish for Gen VII really doesn't sit well with me. Really bright colours with the out-of-place lips makes it probably the ugliest Pokemon I've seen. :x

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In the TCG: Mega Charizard-EX from Flashfire. Everyone likes it and it's not any good.

In Pokémon Red: Weedle! All it can do is evolve into Kakuna (which can hardly do anything) and then evolve into Beedrill (which is lame, in my opinion)


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Yveltal. I like having him as a pokemon, but facing off against him.. I just rage because people always use Oblivion Wing.


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Trubbish and Garbodor

I never understood these two ... how can a trashbag be a Pokemon? I remember seeing this one and literally thought that they were running out of ideas ...

Shiny Shinx

I can't say there's one that's the outright worst, but there's quite a few offenders out there:

Greninja: Edgelord frog is not a good combo, and when you take the ninja characteristics into account, you now have an edgelord weeaboo frog, which is an even worse combination. Not to mention its hideous design (the fake 'Gallantoad' design was miles better), it really is the worst of the Gen VI final stages.

Delphox: I'm sure you've heard this opinion a thousand times, but Delphox was a massive step down from Braixen. Let's go from an interesting mage-fox, to a fox with bell-bottom styled fur on its legs and ear hair thicker than the rest of its fur. Not exactly a great design, especially considering the potential of Braixen.

Pidgeot (not Mega Pidgeot, mind you): Can it get any more generic? It doesn't have any notable qualities. Compare it to the other early route birds. Noctowl was notable for being, well, a wise owl. Swellow had a sort of swagger to it, with its sleek design and puffed up chest, giving it a very interesting 'bully' theme. Staraptor is, in my opinion, the golden standard of an early route bird, fast, hard hitting, kitted out with an excellent physical movepool and an intimidating (heh) cry. Unfezant, while it lacks in actual gameplay potential, has the most distinctive design (along with the only proper example of sexual dimorphism), with the flamboyant male and understated female. Talonflame is relatively simple, GF decided they had to one-up Staraptor, so they lit it on fire and gave it Gale Wings. Meanwhile, Pidgeot is a really big bird, which, unfortunately, is something that other species have done much better.

Miltank: Thanks, Whitney.

Jynx: Yes, it may be purple, now, but it still looks like a badly executed racial caricature, which doesn't reflect well upon the franchise as a whole.

The entire Tepig line: I feel like the root of Tepig's name, 'tepid', describes this family well. Not only were they the third Fire/Fighting starters in a row, they were also the worst of the three, trading in the speed and power of Infernape and Blaziken in for a beer gut.

Barbaracle: I've seen some depictions of Binacle that manage to look alright, but I have yet to see Barbaracle as anything other than a malformed abomination that should have been vetoed before it left the concept art stage.

Dugtrio/Magneton: What's the difference between between a Dugtrio/Magneton and a trio of Diglett/Magnemite? A Dex number, and some Gorilla Glue. Weezing nearly falls into this category, spared only by that strange tumor-like approximation of a third head.

Muk: People may rag on Garbodor, but at least they made an effort to create an original design, rather than enlarging a copy of its preevolution.

Sylveon: Somewhere between Generations IV and VI, GF forgot that Eeveelutions are both cuddly and intimidating, and gave us something that really doesn't look like it was intended for battling at all.

Granbull: The concept is interesting, but it really looks dire, with the strange, spiky bottom jaw, leaving the rest of its body featureless and pink.

I think that's all for now, unless someone else reminds me of a species that really provokes my ire.