Fun What's your favorite rogue?


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With the new PLAY! Pokemon season starting, we've been seing all sorts of serious decks running around, but so far, other than gyarados, we haven't seen any rougues! With this i'd like to ask, what rogue deck in the format is your favorite? To qualify, it must have seen little to no play in the top 32 if any of the regionals so far. For me, mine is definitely primal groudon and friends. His massive 240 hp is rarely one shot, he can easily ohko anything in the format, can't even be lysandred, and with wobb it slows down all the major decks in the format. The one weakness is the loss of korrina, but I'm sure he can cope. After all, he doesn't have to worry about his grass weakness at all now with karen nearly killing vespiqueen.


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Well this nice one right here I've been TOLD is a rogue, but I think it has potential. It's like night march. Good, but not great till the shaymi came. It's the same with this (I hope) Okay > OP
Also Mega Venusaur-EX is really good as well, think he has a lot of potential in this meta.


Well, it isn't this format, but I played bunnelby vileplume houndoom for worlds day two so that was pretty fun even though I got unlucky.


My favourite rogue is @Yog XD


I do like a good rogue deck. Forever trying different things to find my next mindscrew for climbing the online ladder with. I've been playing a good bit of Trevenant/Banette lately. My next goal is to fit Mismagius/Delinquent into the same deck and leave people with no cards in the late game :D


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I have a favorite rogue as well, but I'll wait to show it off in November during the monthly.


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I've been playing this rush deck and it's pretty fun. Been hanging with the meta decks well too.
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My favourite rogue is definitely:
Lupin III

My favourite rogue deck, on the other hand, would have to be my buddy's Ho-Oh-EX deck, which he lovingly named Cormier's Monster (a nod to Frankenstein's Monster, using his last name). I don't have all of the details, but it does a ton of fiddling with energy, and I've never seen a deck quite like it before. It's a very explosive deck; if it sets up it will dominate. However, the drawback is that if it doesn't set up in time, it fizzles out. It's the deck I've had the most trouble against using Rainbow Road.

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I love garchomp/talonflame. unfortunately it focuses on ex pokemon, so it'll struggle when the SM series start.

Regardless, I love the deck. I only needed to trade 8 packs altogether to make the deck(which is the cost of just 1 greninja break).

It's lightning fast, easy to use, and simply very exciting.


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Has to be Talonflame/Greninja BREAK. I love how there's allowed to be a minimal amount of energy flow in the deck, and for my kind of draw, it's useful.


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my favorite rogue has gotta be my Ho-oh and friends with max elixir and ninja boy. It's a ton of fun