BW/BW2 What's there to do post-game in Pokemon Conquest?


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So, I just beat the story in Pokemon Conquest and unlocked some of the special episodes. They're cool and all, but is there some way to get back to being the hero? Or are special episodes all I can do? Also, how do I level up heroes? Is it done in the special episodes? Thanks.

After researching a bit, I realized how the episodes work and such but I'm still confused about leveling up warlords. There are a few warlords I really want to level up, but I don't want to bother if they just get reverted back to normal after every single episode. If I level up a warlord in one episode, then recruit it in another, will it still be leveled up? Thanks.


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RE: Post game Pokemon Conquest

If by level up you mean evolve, no they will never devolve. If you mean their link with their pokemon, after re-recruiting them in another story the link will be set to something that would make sense for how far you are in the story. But remember, the highest link you reach between a warrior and pokemon "should" be saved in the gallery and is what will be used for multi-player. I quote "should" because something once happened on mine where after finishing the story with the Infernape guy, I had gotten him, the Raishu guy, and the Chandalure guy to 100% link, but a couple of stories later I checked the gallery and they were what I had gotten them up to on my latest story. I finished most of the post game stories and that problem only happened the one time, so you should be good.


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After you complete all the other episodes, the final episode you get to play as the hero again.