Discussion What Would Your Specific Set Look Like?


Miss Vaanjie
We all have different favourite Pokémon, different types of Pokémon card we like to play, a TCG-era we enjoy and so on. But if you took all that into account and would make a TCG-set based of your favourite Pokémon, what would that look like? When coming up with your very own set, or sets if you have more, please be creative and come with an explanation behind your choices. The things you could consider, when coming up with ideas, could be: Name, Theme, Playability, Main cards, Booster and Deck looks and/or mascots, which card era it will be in and if your down for it, make a set list of all the cards (though please put the list in a spoiler, otherwise it would be a rather long post :p)

I'll start with a set idea of my own:

The set name would be something like Divine Wonders, and would feature some of my favourite Pokémon on the booster packs and decks - Boosters: Lumineon, M-Medicham, Alolan Ninetales and Virizion, Decks: Magmortar and Electivire.
The theme would be tropical, a la the Alola Region, and the main Pokémon of the set would be Lumineon and Alolan Ninetales, who both would have EX cards. The other ultra rares would be: Silvally EX, Magmortar BREAK, Electivire BREAK, Sharpedo EX, M-Sharpedo EX, Medicham EX, M-Medicham EX, Mimikyu BREAK, Bellossom BREAK, Alolan Persian EX, Reshiram EX and Ambipom BREAK, since they're all Pokémon that I enjoy, or feel like deserve a card (M-Sharpedo).
The era would, despite the choices of Pokémon, be XY, since I really like EX, BREAK and Full Art cards, and the set would probably have some playable cards in it, though I'd imagine it would be more of a filler set, than a competetive set :p


Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*
I'm pretty sure I'd do Roaring Skies 2.0 and give EX/GX cards to things like Staraptor and Talonflame and cut out the dragons. I might call it Sky Force or something cheesy. Would be about a 70 or so card set with no filler with useful trainers with built in counters for Zap Zone Zebstrika. My pack art would be a shiny Pidgeot, Zapdos, Staraptor and Noctowl. The theme for the set would be something Holon-like but focused on an area in the mountains where large birds are the way to get around. I guess to keep up with the TCG, I'd be doing GX cards. The main or "boss" Pokemon of the set would be Pidgeot-GX and M Pidgeot-GX. The other GX cards would be; Staraptor, Talonflame, Unfezant (F), Swellow, Noctowl, Toucannon, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon. I'm not sure if Pidgeot should be GX or not or if I should just make the mega a GX.

Mega Evolved Pokemon will have a different mechanic. They don't end your turn and don't require spirit links. They pretty much act just like normal evolution cards but at the start of the turn, you have to devolve it and return it to your hand. Evolution rules apply to that so you cant evolve them the same turn. They also need to be in the active spot to mega evolve. Since Pidgeot is the boss Pokemon, it would have and ability and have 250HP. The mega would have like 350HP.