Pokemon What Would You Introduce In GO If You Were In Charge, And In What Order?

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After all, we are the real Pokemon experts. All of these new players finding out Pokemon again after not playing it since 1999 have no idea what other things Pokemon games have. So, if you were to put in charge of Pokemon GO, what would you introduce in Pokemon GO, and in what order? For this fun imagination game, let's think that Mewtwo, Mew and all the other non revealed Gen 1 Pokemon are already out there.

I think that I would probably start with introducing the second generation. And, like the second gen, I would probably introduce Shiny Pokemon. Just looking at one player's face when they encounter yet another Rattata, but then say, "oh, wait, that one looks different!" is priceless :]
After that, I would probably introduce the third and fourth generation all together. This is where many gen1 preevolutions and evolutions exist, so noticing how suddenly your Magmar can evolve is also very interesting.

I'm not sure how I would introduce Mega evolutions, but maybe letting a Pokemon to be shown as its Mega form only when it protects a gym is a nice idea, rather Mega evolving in every battle.

Still not sure what I would do with all the different items in the game, but one item that intriguers me the most is the Bicycle . Think about that- the bicycle could be a temporarily item that lets you drive in cars while still counting your steps for hatching eggs. That way, people that are going for a long drive, would not feel bad about not being able to hatch their 10k egg despite going over 30k already.
The first thing I would do would be to fix tracking so it works correctly. It is really frustrating to have things show up in the nearby list and then not be able to find them. I'd also have a feature that once you defeat a gym you have a 2 minute window where only you can put something in the gym; once you put something in the gym, then anything goes. Trading and battling against other players would be the next biggest thing. You'd be able to interact with any player within the circle of your character on the map. This avoids having to give out personal information.
I get that people really want to see new stuff added to the games, but I really think that the basic problems inherent in the game need to be fixed up before anything new gets added in. The first step should definitely be to stabilize the servers and get the game released in all regions. Next up, fix the tracking bugs or add something new in to tell which Pokémon are nearby and approximately how far and in what direction (there were some circle map trackers posted on reddit that look really cool). At least then, the base game should be 100% functional.

The first new thing I would actually add in is trading. Seems like a pretty basic thing that's missing. Perhaps also direct battling between trainers at that point, too, since it would probably use a similar setup in terms of making the versions of the game interact. Probably would also do some kind of Gym overhaul at this point too; I know people aren't exactly happy with how it works at the moment, but I don't really do Gym battling at all, so I don't have a lot of first hand knowledge in the area.

Adding new Pokémon is something that definitely shouldn't be done too quickly or people would get overwhelmed. I would probably wait at least a few months more still before releasing Gen 2, to give time for people to work on completing Gen 1. Generational additions would also be a good time to balance and tweak certain moves/Pokémon, if they're too over- or under-powered in the battling system, possibly adjust the rarities of different Pokémon as well. Shiny Pokémon would probably get introduced during Gen 2, since that's when they were introduced in the games, too.

I like the idea of adding in different other items and mechanics for the games as well. I think for the Bicycle, I would make it a timed item that halves the distance needed to hatch eggs for a certain period of time. So, if you know you're going to be out walking for a while or whatever, you can hope on your Go Bike and your 10km eggs only take 5km to hatch, etc. So kind of like a Lucky Egg, but with egg hatching instead of exp gained. Certain items could also be introduced to act as lures/incense for certain types (like a Fishing Rod attracting Water-types, Honey attracting Grass-types, Magnetic attracting Electric-types, etc.). Certain Poké Stops could be made into Day Cares where you can drop your Pokémon off to get eggs matching that type after a certain criteria (perhaps time passed or distance walked or whatever); Pokémon hatched in this manner would come with a larger number of candies and perhaps rare/special moves.

Certainly fun to think about. :p
aww man I'm ones of those who stopped playing after the third gen since they don't make them pokemon like they used too... that and I feel we are getting overrun with all these legendaries:


At least I can be an expert of the first three gen pokemon.

Anyways as for the pokemon go game I would first fix the game and tracking though they are working on it already so that is good. Then I would introduce the features. Trading and battling other players in that other and then reveal the gens in order and revealing new items or features specific for that gen in between the gens that it pertains to. IMO when it comes to the combat i wish they had stuck with the old style of having a select moves and turn based battles. It would have been great to have that battle system with being able to catch pokemon in the open world. It would cater to pros and amateurs alike. Though I'm still holding out for my dream of playing the pokemon game made for the VR headsets.