What Weird Things Did You Believe as a Kid?

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  1. RULES BEFORE POSTING: Must have been believed when you were 12 or younger.
    Cannot post things like: I used to think that math was stupid.
    Nothing overly personal!
    Pokémon beliefs are allowed.

    When I was little I used to think you couldn't choose to get pregnant, you had to deal with it if you did.
    I used to think when my mom or dad drove a car, if the light went green and they weren't looking, the car would move by itself. I thought that until I was 12 -_-.
    I used to think the President could make you do whatever they wanted to. I always hated the President.

    So what did you believe when you were little?

  2. Celty Somebody you used to know


    I used to think when people I knew moved away that they would return and look exactly the same no matter how long its been.
    When I was little I would see this little black box with a pitchfork on the outside of houses, and I used to think if you touched it you died.
    When I was young my parents told me to never sleep facing a mirror otherwise the other you would come out and kill you.
    Also, I was told never to sleep with my feet uncovered, or a big hairy hand will come up from the sides and grab your feet.
    I used to think dolls were people who needed love to escape their prison bodies.
    I used to believe in a lot of things, and now I can't seem to remember half of them...
  3. thegrovylekid Makes fake cards


    Right up until I was 14 I believed that leather didn't come from cows. [This does count since I believed it when I was younger, right?]
  4. Skyleaf2000 Resident UB Enthusiast


    When I was smaller, I believed that if animals simply chose not to eat each other, everyone would be happy.
    I also believed that the Tick was real.
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  5. Electricbluewolf Ditto Hoarder


    I didn't believe in anything like Santa or the Tooth Fairy when I was little, even when my dad/mum wrote letters from them, never worked.
    I did used to believe that like £50 was loads and loads of money (so much you could buy a house).
  6. Brave Vesperia Head of Buy, Sell, & Trade.
    Brave Vesperia

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    Oh, the things smaller me believed. I think the best one was that if I believed hard enough while bouncing as high as I could on the trampoline, I could enter the "Magic World" where everyone had magical powers and fought each other with spells. :p

    Other examples include:

    Thinking that when a fish was flushed down the toilet after death, it would live in the toilet and.... Eat the poop.
    Seriously considering my dad actually had the ability to pull random things like a pack of cards or money out of my ear.
    I don't remember if this is exactly what I thought, but video game characters coming out of the TV at night and playing their own games. It could just be a vivid dream though.

    As you can see, I had a very active imagination! :p

    Oh, and up until age 4, my cousin thought 2 + 2 = gorilla.
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  7. RunningWithScizors Aspiring Trainer


    I used to think rain was the angels crying.
    I used to think that every father's birthday was on the Fourth of July because my father's birthday was on that date.
  8. Cheyfayce Stylist by day, Pokemon trainer by night.


    I was a good kid. I wasn't one of those absolute horror-stories of endless temper tantrums or spoiled behavior. I was a freakin' angel.
    However,that's not to say my behavior was 100% all the time, I did have my small moments. So whenever I did, my mother would tell me that there would be "Severe consequences" if I didn't stop acting in whatever uncalled for way I was.. Did I know what that meant? no. To her it was probably something like me NOT getting a little lip smackers at the end of a trip out or going home early.

    However as time drew on and more things got soaked up by my subconscious, I believed these severe consequences would mean that she was going (brace yourselves) She was going to send VAMPIRES after me. Where she even KNEW these vampires from or how I even picked that up still remains a mystery, it's just what I thought. I told her probably about 5-8 years ago and she burst out laughing. I still get teased about it.
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  9. Skyleaf2000 Resident UB Enthusiast


    I believed that all fathers would be taller than the mothers.
  10. Prometheus Aspiring Trainer


    Once believed that ancient life could be found underneath the Earth's crust, if we drilled through it hard enough, and find a secret ecosystem that sustains life.
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  11. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    I used to believe that Christmas is not a real holiday and it is just something on TV shows.
  12. 98Greener tree noises


    My dad once warned me that if I ever misbehaved, that gypsies would come after me. They would drive in only gray or black cars, with the left headlight always broken. I don't know what would happen if they caught me, but I still was scared out of my mind.

    I didn't even know what a gypsy was at the time, I thought it was spelled "chipsie" and they were men in black clothing with baseball bats.
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  13. Plasma Dragon Until the end of time
    Plasma Dragon


    I thought that until we had color photos the whole world and everything in it was black and white just like the photo (so just as a example: when you woke up in say, the 15 hundreds your room would be black and white. Hope that makes sense)
  14. Otaku The wise fool?


    Even though I was always being told not to believe something just because I read something or saw it on TV/in a movie, I had a hard time drawing the line between fact and fiction. Especially the stuff that you just wanted to be true. Actually it was pretty creepy because even now I have to remind myself to fact check things, though at least now a work of fiction doesn't have to blatantly say "This is a work of fiction." for me to not mistake it as at least a little true. ^^'

    *sigh* This also still undermines my credibility in some people's eyes, even though I went back and reevaluating just about everything I ever believed because I was so fanciful in the first place. ^^'
  15. (sgtfrog) Aspiring Trainer


    I thought there were people/monsters under my bed at night. If I got to close to the edge of my bed, they might pull me under. I would take two or three hops to get to my bed so "they" wouldn't grab me.
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  16. Icarus Don't call me Pit.


    I used to believe that all politicians were good people with honest intentions.
  17. TheSceptileMaster Gastrodon ate my cake


    I thought the same thing about fish
  18. Jabberwock #Jovimohnaeliackvid


    I used to believe the logo of the United States Postal Service depicted a stylized Reshiram. o_O
  19. Sibernethy Aspiring Trainer


    I used to believe that eating a watermelon seed would cause it to grow in your stomach and split it open.
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  20. SkyeVictini Seriously, calm down.


    I used to believe it was a spotlight or a stylized laser beam. (Looked at it backwards the whole time :p)

    When I was around 4, I believed if I didn't get to bed in a certain amount of time, a weird, giant stapler monster would slowly creep up towards me making train noises and maul me.

    Also, one time when I was little, my dad turned on a lamp and at the same time, the TV went to static. I thought that lamp was connected to the TV and made it act up for years afterward.

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