Pokemon What was your first Pokemon card/game?

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by MountainDrew, May 10, 2013.

  1. MountainDrew Wishes Mega Umbreon would exist


    Sup guys I didnt think there was a thread for this, so I decided to make one. Anyway what was your first Pokemon card/video game? As for me my first Pokemon video game was Pokemon yellow back in 2003 which I got at a yard sale for a buck, and my first Pokemon card was base set Machoke back in 2002 which I got from my friend on the bus.

  2. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

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    I don't recall my first Pokemon TCG card, but I know my first game was Pokemon Red (and I got a aqua Game Boy Color) for Christmas in 1998.
  3. PMJ happy thoughts

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    First card I had was two packs of base set. Pulled Hitmonchan and Chansey and felt like a boss.

    First game I owned was Silver, but I played my friend's Red version beforehand and fiddled with roms so I knew the ropes

    It was funny, I didn't know you could only have one save file so I ended up overwriting my friend's file (he had four badges).
  4. Rusty Sticks ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
    Rusty Sticks


    First game was Crystal for my birthday.
  5. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    First card was actually a theme deck so there's not really a first card but the theme deck was Wildfire of Base Set and since it comes with Charmeleon and Charmander, I consider them the most important ones...

    First game I actually owned was Platinum. But the first game I fully played was Sapphire. Yet, I played a bit of Red when I was younger so I know the games since they first came out...

    EDIT: I think the thread could be about other things besides the cards and the games... More like, what was the first thing you ever got, Pokémon-related? For example, in my case, the first thing I got of Pokémon was a Nidoking sticker (the stickers were round-shaped and the background was a pokéball with the pokémon in front of it; those were popular at the time)... As such, I have a special care about Nidoking, it's one of my favorite pokémon ever since I got that sticker...
  6. Machamp The Champion TCG Articles Head
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    I was too young to remember my first card. I think my Brother and Sister gave me the 2 player starter deck thingy from Base Set, the one with Machamp (everything makes sense now :O). I still have that Base Set First Edition Machamp displayed on my desk. As you can probably guess, it looks terrible.

    My first game was Yellow, and I sucked at it because I was, like, 3 years old. I remember beating Lt. Surge, and then my battery died before I could save, and I quit because I really didn't feel like beating him again.
  7. omahanime Come and visit me.

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    Take a wild guess.

    Base set.
    Red and Blue.

    Did you guess right?
  8. Tsukeo Skitty is so cute! <3


    Machamp promo.
    Pokémon Blue.
    3 years old. x)
  9. MountainDrew Wishes Mega Umbreon would exist


    I guessed right :D

    You got a omahanime award - Bulbasaur
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  10. Seismitoad537 Pokemon Master


    First video game was Leaf Green..which soon expanded to Pokemon Yellow, Emerald..and so on. First card, I believe, was a Numel from the Power Keepers Expansion. My mom bought me one pack and I kept making her go back for more!! From there, I have built my collection up to almost 800 cards (I would have close to 1,100, but I sold like 300 cards on eBay a couple years ago; I was trying to get out of Pokémon [big MISTAKE])
  11. PsychedelicBreakfast We can live beside the ocean leave the fire behind


    I still remember my first booster pack, only because it was the only 1st Edition Base booster I bought. It sucks because Clefairy Doll was my rare. =\ Other cards from the pack were Nidoran, Voltorb, Wartortle, and I don't recall the rest, and I don't want to check.

    First game was Red or Blue. I forget which one I got first. I think Red.
  12. debugs We were all born to die!


    My first Pokemon game was Pikachu Yellow version. My first card was a Fire Energy.
  13. TheTPCProductionz Aspiring Trainer


    First set, Base Set don't remember my first card it was over 10 years ago. First Pokémon game was Pokémon Yellow.
  14. Chariblaze When you add it all up...


    First game: I played a bit of Gold first, but Red was the first I played a lot and ended up owning. Both were my cousin's.
    First card: No idea! Ended up getting two small binderfuls of Base Set, Jungle, and Fossil stuff, also from my cousin.
    Weirdness: Google Chrome suggests "wonderfulness" when spell checking "binderfuls".
  15. Luckyfire Aspiring Trainer


    First card was a Magikarp. Huh, explains why I suck at games. :p

    First game was Platinum. I picked it out instantly from the store.
  16. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    Magikarp lol. How would that make you suck? Magikarp is OP.

    I can't completely remember, I was something like 3-4 years old.

    Pokemon Crystal! The Game I couldn't get past the 3rd gym with a high-leveled Charizard!
  17. Flys Gone 2071 Also known as Flygon2071
    Flys Gone 2071


    Promo Suitcune from Wizards of the Coast from the 4th movie.

    Pokemon Emerald.
  18. SkyeVictini Seriously, calm down.


    I don't exactly remember what my first card was, but my first pack of cards was from Base Set 2 Unlimited.
    First promo was Mewtwo packaged with the First Movie VHS.

    My first Pokémon game was Yellow. Could never get past the 1st gym. Still haven't and it's dead so I never will. :(
  19. SheNinja Mother Father Gentleman


    Yeah those early games are way too hard. Agreed.
  20. Scorched Feathers forgetful
    Scorched Feathers

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    In my first pack, the most memorable was an Altaria EX.
    For Games, I got a bundle of things like emerald and red.

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