What Unused Dual Types Do You Want to See in Pokemon Sun and Moon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Turtleatlaw, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Turtleatlaw Aspiring Trainer


    With each generation we get some new dual type combinations that we previously haven't had before.

    Here are the unused type combinations as of Generation:

    What type combinations do you want to see in Sun & Moon?
    I would love to see some stronger poison types, so any new type combinations with poison would be great. Poison/Fire and Poison/Steel sound like fun.
    Fairy is still the newest kid on the block, and more combinations would definitely be fun. I would love to see Fairy/Ghost and Fairy/Dark.

  2. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    Well, we already have Ghost/Psychic. (Hoopa and Lunala) and Fire Water (Volcanion)

    Fighting/Dragon and Dark/Fairy are my main DT on my wish list. I was really disappointed that Lunala didn't get the Fairy Dark type, but there is still hope for another Pokemon. Fighting Dragon is something that I really look forward. Please, GF, if you do this, don't ruin it.

    Normal Ghost.. what could that be ?
  3. His Goominess Galvantula stan
    His Goominess


    I'm really surprised that we haven't seen a Bug/Dark yet, they seem like two types that could easily go together. Hopefully we get one in S/M.
    I've always been interested as to what a Psychic/Electric could become, so one of those would be nice as well.
    I'd like to see an Bug/Ice type, they've shown that they can put colourful elemental types with bugs before (Galvantula, Volcarona) so a Bug/Ice could work easily. I can see something like a tiger moth working with the concept, or even some kind of moth/butterfly with icy patterns on its wings working.

    These two do already exist but I wanna see more of them:
    Electric/Steel - This does exist in one line but I think it's such an obvious, natural type combo that I'd imagine we'd have much more than just one line for it.
    Bug/Water - This could have such potential but it's only in one Pokemon and to add, a pretty forgetable earlygame Bug which loses the unique, interesting type for something so much more plain and regular.
  4. Mitja veteran smartass


    Here is a more accurate picture of unused type combinations, factoring in primary vs secondary types as well:


    Fully visible: no existing pokemon of this combination at all
    Quite visible: certain pokemon gain them temporary through formes, or pokemon that are of this combo have their type changed upon evolution, meaning there is still no fully evolved pokemon with the combination
    Half visible: there are pokemon with the reverse combination, but none that are exactly this one
    Almost invisible: one or more pokemon of this type already exist

    1. How is this still not a thing

    Like, seriously. We have 6 evolutionary lines of Bug/Steel, but not a single Bug/Dark one? This combination feels as natural and obvious as Grass/Poison.
    Another one where you'd think "I bet there is at least one already", but there just isn't. We actually already have a candidate for this in Littens evolution, but I wouldn't bet too much on it.

    2. fair(l)y interesting

    Now that we have the basic fairy types established (a /Flying one, some basic Psy and Grass combos), we could use some elemental combos to spice it up, but with Fairy as the primary type (so not like Dedenne where Fairy just feels like an afterthought)

    3. WOW SO COOL

    especially if it made use of the cliche colours, combining purple and yellow in its design

    4. just do it already

    if nothing else, at least we need this so a NFE Pokemon isn't the only one with that combination, but there is lots of insects that live in and on water anyway.
    A very unexpected turn would be if this combo was used for a pseudo-legendary (to get away from all the Dragons, why not a Bug-type instead, coupled with a decent defensive type), based on giant isopods perhaps?

    An additional question worth asking in this thread is:

    What type combinations do you want to see more of?

    Of couse just because a combination has been used once, doesn't necessarily mean that that particular combo is now covered in a satisfactory manner.

    For example, yes we have Lanturn as a Water/Electric, but there is still a lot of unused potential with that type that hasn't really been touched since gen2.

    Another example I can think of immedately is Grass/Ground. Torterra is the best design you might want from that combo, but you'd expect this to be used more often than Water/Ground (which also has like at least 5 lines already IIRC), or is that just me? xD

    Similarly, yes we have Reshiram and Charizards fanservice Mega evolution combining Dragon and Fire, but it is kind of surprising we do not have a regular evolutionary line with that combination yet.

    One more thing I want to mention quick is Flying as a primary type.

    It's the only type that has an absurdly high "used as secondary" ratio, something like 99%.

    Although we did get Tornadus (still the only pure Flying) and the Noibat-line recently, Tornadus hardly counts due to it being part of a trio that shares a design-basis (meaning its design doesn't give much insight into what it takes to be a primary Flying type), and Noibat doesn't seem like a simple Pokemon that should be used as a clear example of what Flying types look like. So what I'd like to see is, a 3-stage pure Flying-type Pokemon, or that there would be at least 2 more lines with Flying as their primary added ASAP.

    oh lol, I've been typing this post so long, His Goomines covered some of the combos I'm talking about already XD

    And oh yeah Electric+Steel is probably an even better example than Water/Electric for already used combos we need more of.
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  5. CF1994 Aspiring Trainer


    There are many unused Type combos I'd like to see some day, but I will name some that I like to see introduced in Sun & Moon the most.

    Mainly for two reasons.

    1. We could do with more masculine fae Pokémon to avert stereotypes and bring a lot of diversity to the recent Fairy Type.
    2. This combo is ideal for a new Pseudo-Legendary. Don't get me wrong, Dragon Types are cool, but I think we could do with something new for a change, since Johto is the only region that has it's own Pseudo-Legendary line that isn't a Dragon Type. Dratini's line is quite common late-game in Johto, but they are technically Kanto's Pseudo-Legendary line. At least Hoenn added an extra Pseudo-Legendary line that sports the Steel/Psychic combo to go along with the typical late game Dragon line.

    You'd expect this combo to exist by now, but so many opportunities were missed. This combo can work in many ways.

    My idea of a Fire/Poison Type is a sentient manifestation of a real-life illness, while being influenced by the Red Death, a fictitious deadly virus that was part of the basis for Thrax, the main villain of Osmosis Jones. A Pokémon influenced by him would be admittedly fun to use in battle, since Clefable, Gardevoir, Ferrothorn, and Scizor are quite common in the competitive metagame these days.

    Another good candidate for this Type combo is a Mega Evolution for Weezing, since gas is a highly flammable substance.

    Another Type combo that I think works well logically. Some venomous stings are known to cause paralysis.

    Another jellyfish Pokémon would make good use out of this combo. Bonus points if it can have Levitate as it's Ability, making it a rather tough foe in battle. Like how Unova had an Electric/Ground Type fish, this would be a nice addition to the new region.

    Those two elements are well known for contrasting with each other, yet one wonders why no Pokémon sports this combo as of now. To be honest, I feel that this was a missed opportunity for White Kyurem, even though it does significantly well on it's own in comparison to Black Kyurem.

    A Pokémon sharing a body of fire and ice is the route to go for introducing this combo.

    This combo seems natural enough, perhaps a Pokémon based off spicy plants or food can work well. I've seen a reptilian-esque Fakemon on DeviantArt that is an ideal candidate for this new Type combo. It could also be the ideal combo for a Mega Evolution of either Sunflora or Cherrim, as long as they know a solar-based Fire Type attack to make good use out of that combo.

    Since we have a Pokémon based off Godzilla, how about a Pokémon based off Maleficent? While copyright will be improbable to work around, the concept of a Maleficent-esque Pokémon still sounds really cool to this day.
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  6. Turtleatlaw Aspiring Trainer


    Since the region is based off Hawaii, I think some types will naturally get a bit more emphasis.

    I think the few remaining dual types for Fire might finally get represented. Fire/Water and Fire/Grass would both play well to a volcanic island in the middle of the ocean.
  7. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    I'd be happy to have more Electric type combos. Especially Electric/Fighting, Electric/Psychic, and Electric/Dark, I want to see at least one of those this gen. Litten's final evolution being Fire/Poison would be great as well. Fairy should get at least 2 new type combinations as well. And Fire/Grass would be perfect for a Hawaii based region. Beyond that, I don't really care which type combos we see when.

    Also, this list is inaccurate as several of these types have been done. Grass/Dragon we have Mega Sceptile, Dragon/Fairy we have Mega Altaria, and Psychic/Ghost we have Hoopa and now Lunala. Fire/Water we have Volcanion. This list must have been made before ORAS and by someone who didn't know about 6th gen's event Pokemon.
  8. Turtleatlaw Aspiring Trainer


    Ah, thanks! Yeah, I used the first image I found - which apparently does have some inaccuracies.
    Now that you mentioned it, I'm surprised we haven't had a Electric/Psychic yet. Electric's been around for so long, and GF loves slapping psychic on everything so....
  9. Gummi 100% for real turtle


    So I'm gonna try to touch on things that other people haven't, because for the most part, I agree with like everything everyone has says so there's no point in reiterating it unless I'm giving my own take, so here are a few things!:

    1. Grass/Dragon (Yes I know that Mega-Sceptile is Grass/Dragon)
    *cough Mega-Serperior* But even without a mega of my favourite Gen V starter, a Grass/Dragon (or Dragon/Grass) would be super super cool imo. While we have that in Mega-Sceptile.... Well... The problem is getting a Sceptile in the first place, especially considering we're going to be in a completely new region, and if they follow the trend of what they did in Unova, only having that Gen's Pokemon in the region until postgame, we probably won't have access to this lovely serpent.

    2. Electric/???
    I love love looooveeeee electric types (well actually I started loving them when I had this kick-butt Luxray in Platinum but sh), but there are 12 different combinations involving Electric/??? which is actually about average in terms of how many different combinations there are; however, there are only 23 Pokemon that are dual-Electric (I think, I may have counted wrong... This is including all rotom formes + megas) and, well, out of 700+ Pokemon, 23 is, well... Nothing. So seeing more dual-Electric types in general, not just ones that haven't been comboed before, would be super super cool.

    3. Normal/Ghost
    There's so many problems with this. Not that it wouldn't be super cool and all, but there's just so many aspects of it that would just be way too complicated. Would it be immune to Ghost attacks or would Ghost be super effective? Would Fighting types be super effective, or would it be immune? I guess, if it were Ghost/Normal, that since Ghost is the dominant type, it would retain its immunities, and if it were Normal/Ghost, it wouldn't. Idk man, it's hard to say because lots of things can go.

    4. Water/Bug
    I would like to point out that both charts are wrong as there IS a Water/Bug! Our dear old friend Surskit, although it loses the typing once it evolves. Yeah, I do think it would be really nice to have another one though because it's a pretty unique typing.

    5. Dragon/Water & Dragon/Steel
    I'm aware that we have Kingdra and Palkia, but those are both a bit more difficult to come by, so having another Dragon/Water would be super rad, also partly because those are my two favourite types and I would just love to have another, potentially easier to come by Dragon/Water type. Also, Dragon/Steel is Dialga only, and I mean COME ON it's not the greatest typing, but it is pretty cool and can be really useful so I'd love to see this (really just more Dragons in general pls pls)

    6. Flying Press
    So, this isn't really quite consistent with the rest of the thread, so mods, feel free to edit this part out, but Flying press is the ONLY dual-type move in the entire game (That I know of, at least). It's a Fighting/Flying move, which is pretty awesome, if you ask me. From what I've noticed, there's a handful of other moves that would be dual-type. Muddy Water, for example, could be a Water/Ground. Magical Leaf could be Grass/Psychic. Considering it hasn't been implemented yet, aside from the one move, I doubt it will be, but I dunno, do you guys think it's a possibility to have more dual-type moves?
  10. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    There's already a precedence for this with other type combinations like Ground/Flying and Dark/Poison. The way it works is that type advantages are multipliers, so if one type is super effective against another (such as Fire against Grass) it's x2 , and if a type is super effective against both types (such as Fire against Grass/Bug), it's 2 x 2 = x4. Immunities are x0, and if you remember your basic multiplication anything multiplied by 0 is still 0, so an immunity supersedes any other type matchup.

    Normal/Ghost then, would be immune to Normal, Fighting, and Ghost, would only be weak to Dark, and would resist Poison and Bug. It would actually be a pretty great type defensively.
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  11. Turtleatlaw Aspiring Trainer


    Good explanation - I was about to jump in with the same comment too.
    We've had ample precedent for the weakness/immunity typing set up. Another example is any of the Ground / Water types. Water is weak to electricity (x2), but ground applies immunity (x0) - so the net effect is an immunity (x0)

    I do agree with the general notion that we shouldn't just be looking at dual types that haven't been used before, but also dual types that are very rarely used. The water/bug is a good example, as is grass/dragon
  12. Orphalesion Aspiring Trainer


    Well, personally, I still consider any type combination that is only represented by a temporary form change as unused. To a lesser degree the same goes for type combos that are only used by starters or legendaries, basically every type combination you can't catch in unlimited quantity.

    So what I'd like to see:

    Bug/Dark: A housefly pokemon. Bam. Done. also i want a ridiculously cute maggot pokemon. Mainly because maggots are the only animals that actually scare me (it's an irrational phobia) and this might help.
    Bug/Fairy (or Fairy/Bug): Either something like a more insectoid looking Tinkerbell or a Flower Mantis. First stage could be a jewel caterpillar.
    Bug/Ice: One of those gigantic pill-bugs that live in the Antarctic sea.
    Bug/Ghost: There is a thing called the Ghost Moth.

    Dragon/Grass: Here I see something like a cross between a raptor and a rose bush...something topiary like.
    Dragon/Fairy: Something based on the Carbuncle, as described by Borges.
    Dragon/Ice: Possibly a one-shot pokemon with translucent wings.

    Water/Fire: A lion fish.

    Fire/Poison: Something based on one of those colourful, chemical flames.
    Fire/Grass: A lot of people want to see a tiki dancer or something...meh, I'd prefer a fire blossom. You know, like in the Jungle Book, where they call fire the "Red Flower"
    Fire/Electric: A jellyfish. Vibrantly red, found in the water. It'd be perfect if Alola features any coral reefs. This could also work as Electric/Poison.

    Psychic/Poison: For some reason I'm picturing something based on Medusa's severed head here...

    Fairy/Fire: A fire sprite, pretty basic.
    Fairy/Dark: I could see another Goblin...but I wonder if there aren't better ideas, like a Banshee. there are so many fairy creatures who are associated with darka nd sinister things, it's actually hard to choose... The Banshee could aslo work for Fairy/Ghost
    Fairy/Snow: Snow Fairies are a classic concept. Have them be ballet dancers as an homage to the Nutcracker.
    Fairy/Fighting: Though one...though maybe something based of Pookah? it could appear as a classic Pokemon mish-mash of hroses, donkeys and rabbits, like the legend of the Pookah itself. Or a Nutcracker? A Nutcracker would be fun and could be a version exclusive with the Snow Fairy ^-^
    Fairy/Poison: The easiest would be something that's inspired by the poisonous mushrooms that form "Fairy Rings" I've seen a couple of fakemon that go this route.

    Electric/Poison: A giant "computer virus", give it a bowtie.
    Electric/Dark: Google "Flatwoods Monster", combine it with a light-show. Instant perfection.

    Poison/Rock: There's a mythical animal called a Leucrotta, a hyena with rocks for teeth. As carrion beasts hyenas are associated with decay and infection -> A hyana with poison-dripping gemstone teeth!
  13. Mitja veteran smartass


    Another pic I've put more hours into making than a sane person should, which might be relevant to this topic:
    All gen1-6 Pokémon with their types, sorted by their primary type and generation.
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  14. Turquoise Greenish-Blue Trainer (?)


    Ghost/fighting pokemon seems interesting for me. Maybe it could look like a spirit of a fighter?

    Also, I would love some more of counter-type-combination (?) pokemon, for example fairy/dark or poison/fairy.
  15. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    Yeah, I was thinking some kind of samurai spirit for Ghost/Fighting. I'm surprised they haven't done something like that yet actually.
  16. GlowstoneLove Aspiring Trainer


    You literally predicted Golisopod.
  17. GlowstoneLove Aspiring Trainer


  18. GlowstoneLove Aspiring Trainer


    We now have:
    Normal/Steel (Pokestar Studios F-00) even though we had that when you posted this. (B2W2)
    Normal/Dragon (Drampa) SM
    Normal/Dark (Obstagoon) SwSh
    Ice/Bug (Snom) SwSh
    Ice/Fire (Galarian Darmanitan Zjen Mode) SwSh
    Ice/Fighting (Crabominable) SM
    Ice/Steel (Alolan Sandslasf) SM
    Bug/Psychic (Orbeetle) SwSh
    Fighting/Ghost (Marshadow) SM
    Fighting/Dragon (Kommo-o) SM
    Fighting/Electric (Galarian Electabuzx) SwSh DLC
    Fire/Water (Volcanion) even though we had that when you posted this. (ORAS)
    Dragon/Grass (Appletun) SwSh
    Poison/Fire (Salazxo) SM
    Poison/Electric (Toxtricity, or is it Txotricity) SwSh
    Poison/Psychic (Galarian Dustxo) SwSh DLC
    Poison/Fairy (Galarian Wzeeing) SwSh
    Poison/Rock (Nihilego) SM
    Poison/Steel (Galarian Nidoking) SwSh DLC
    Fairy/Ice (Alolan Ninetales) SM
    Fairy/Dragon (Mega Altaria) even though we had that when you posted this. (ORAS)
    Fairy/Dark (Grimmsnarl) SwSh
    Fairy/Ground (Galarian Nidoqueen) SwSh DLC
    Fairy/Bug (Ribombee) SM
    Fairy/Ghost (Mimikyu) SM
    Electric/Psychic (Alolan Raichu) SM
    Electric/Dark (Morpeko) SwSh
    Electric/Rock (Alolan Geodude) SM
    Ghost/Rock (Runerigus) SwSh
    Ghost/Psychic (Hoopa) even though we had that when you posted this. (XY)

    The games they came out in are listed after them.
    B2W2 = Black 2 & White 2, XY = X & Y, ORAS = Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, SM = Sun & Moon, SwSh = Sword & Shield, DLC = Sword & Shield DLC
  19. AshCo Breaking za law, breaking za world


    Interesting you're necrobumping a thread from 2016, but I've seen no mention or info of the Galarian Nidos at all. I wouldn't consider these type combinations at all established given that these Pokemon don't even really exist or have any mention of existing yet.
  20. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


    yeah same with galarian dustox and galarian electabuzz

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