Discussion What type of card(s) makes Toolbox type decks a Toolbox


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I think we are all familiar with decks like Darkbox. But I'm not sure I really understand what kind of cards brandish a deck a Toolbox deck.

Toolbox decks, (as far as I understand them) are decks that have different solutions/playstyles (or tools) for different opposing decks.
I think this naturally means, that ways to quickly access these different options is very important in Toolbox decks. As well as ways to open up deck-space. Be that by reducing the energy count, or by playing thin lines of basic and stage 1 Pokémon.

But what kind of card screams "Put me in a Toolbox deck" to you?

Interested to hear the opinions.


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Cards like Aurora Energy that have a level of flexibility are definitely toolbox-worthy. I also think of Pokémon like Aromatisse XY or Klinklang BW that can move Energy like Aurora (or back in the day, Rainbow) around to power up different types of attackers.