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Sales What to do with full 1st edition Pokemon Jungle set?


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I have a complete collection of the 1999 Pokémon Jungle set 1st edition cards in very good condition. What is the best way to sell them all? Should I get them graded by a company like PSA (expensive!), or are there other ways to get a good bid on this collection? Photo attached from a picture I made of the first page.



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If they are in perfect shape all or most, or good shape some and perfect some, then I'd certainly grade it personally.

Someone stole my old collection of first edition cards. Now I have a lot of Jungle Commons and Uncommons and Fossil (1st ed) and a bunch of non-1st ed rares I'm trying to sell.

My friend bought a first edition charizard for $60, Blastoise for $40 and Venesaur for $20 when it first came out and we were both thinking wow that's expesive. The guy at the shop was like wow I can't believe you're buying these. It was a 10 for sure too. Best looking charizard /blastoise/venesaur first editon I've ever seen.


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Yeah, if every page looks like the first and there's no white on the backs, get em graded. Value goes up exponentially.