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Standard What the Wug? (wugtrio/zoroark mill)


The Angel That Flew Too Close To the Sun
Pokemon - 22
1 Manaphy - Bench Protection
1 Skwovett - With Bibarel, the card is essentially a supporter per turn. Shuffle and draw one.
2 Cherubi - Effect immunity while on bench
2 Cherrim - Energy Acceleration
2 Bidoof - Bench immunity
2 Bibarel - card draw
2 Zorua
2 Zoroark - Stage 1 Replacement - Essential
4 Wigglet Sv1
4 Wugtrio Sv1 - Star of deck. Goal is to attach triple energy or grass energy+Cherrim to power up mill. Flip dependent so good luck

Item - 14
1 Hisuian Heavy Ball - Gets prized pokemon
2 Superior Energy Retrieval - Energy Recycle. With Cherim, can immediately fufill wugtrio's mill cost
4 Level Ball
3 Ultra ball
2 Rescue Carrier - Pokemon recovery to hand. Consider Rod as a good replacement.
2 Escape Rope - Switch/mild disruption

Supporter/Stadium - 10
4 Iono - Disruption Incarnate. Really good considering we'll always draw 6 with this card.
2 Bruno - Basically extremely good draw given the worst-case scenario (losing a mon every turn)
3 Professors Research - Good support
1 Boss Order - More disruption
4 Path to the Perk - Annoying for Most decks that arent ours

Energy - 10
6 Grass - Kinda low but it is what it is
4 Reversal Energy - Fufills Wugtrio's mill with a single attachment

Any suggestion is appreciated.


Aspiring Trainer
I’ve been trying out this strategy with guarados as a second mill Pokémon, poke stops as the stadium, and miss fortune sisters for extra mill