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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Acesfull, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. Acesfull Aspiring Trainer


    Hey all,

    New member here and like a lot of people right now i'm wanting to start collecting some Pokemon cards

    I managed to get 4 tins from a Argoos but am unsure what Set they are for and wondering if someone can clarify.

    Also what is the best website for looking at set contents.

    Appreciate any help

  2. Vom Shocking Puns

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    Hey, welcome! The tins all have booster packs from different sets, so since you already have them I guess you'd just have to open them and see, unless you want to avoid that in which case all I can tell you is that those tins are pretty old at this point - the originals for those promos came out in Dark Explorers, Next Destinies, and Dragons Exalted - all rotated out a fair bit ago, so whatever packs those come with are more than likely rotated out as well.

    If you refer to what set the promos are (the cards you can see in the front) they instead have a number that should look like BWxx in these ones. Promos do not belong to any particular set and instead have their own classification and legality, but BW promos were rotated out as well.

    As for set contents, we have full set scans right here on our site! Just Google, for example, Cosmic Eclipse Pokebeach scans and that should do the trick - the Sets tab we have takes you to TCG Player, a shopping site. Note that there may be some trouble for very old sets because we had a completely different system back then.
  3. Acesfull Aspiring Trainer


    Cheers for the reply Vom!

    Think i understand, so the tin themselves will probably have boosters from 3 differents sets or are you saying the boosters are full of Promo packs which don't actually come from a specific set like XY, Sword and Sheild, Sun and moon etc?

    I haven't actually bought them yet only reserved them so can cancel my order. I paid £19 for each tin. As a starter if the tins don't have specific set's then it's probably wiser to buy boosters for a specific set i would like to start collecting?
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  4. Vom Shocking Puns

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    I don't remember about these tins specifically, but yeah they most likely have boosters from different sets, but they do come from the general pool like the examples you mentioned.

    They do have specific sets, but I don't know which ones they have. If you want to collect via boosters, I'd recommend booster boxes or even booster cases if your budget allows, but tins and other products are the only ways to get promo cards besides buying singles.

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