Pokemon What Is Your Signature Pokémon?

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  1. SynxS1N Follow your heart...


    Shiny Gastly, he's always had a place in my heart especially after catching one in Silver (not shiny), I love the evolutionary line and I do my best to find room for Gengar on my in game team and competitive teams. I also collect Gastly cards. He's just my favorite hands down.
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  2. Terack Aspiring Breeder


    I remember playing Fire Red which was technically my first pokemon game. I knew something about Magikarp turning into an amazing dragon if you trained him enough so I took the time and made him my lead and switched him out until I saw his glorious evolution for the first time. Ever since then, Magikarp and Gyarados have been my two favorites. I always need to put a Gyarados in my party if I can find one. I caught a shiny Magiarp a few months back and plan to catch another so that one of them can be a shiny Gyarados.

    Magikarp has actually inspired me over the years to study, train, and work hard so that I can finally consider myself a Gyarados. :)
  3. Pangoro#1999 Fear the bear


    Mine has to be Torterra. Don't look at my profilepic.
  4. Nightblind249 Aspiring Trainer


    For awhile now I think my signature pokemon, even though I don't use her would be Vileplume or even Froslass. I keep going back to these two. But my true signature would be Blastiose, I've used him in every game her game out in. Don't care to much for his mega but it's optional. Me and my turtle have conquered the E4 plenty of times
  5. Klonoahedgehog Ace Trainer


    I can't exactly pick one.
    It's honestly tied between Gardevoir and Blaziken, i use those Pokemon all the time and i can't play gen 3 without them.
  6. MegaBeedrill This isn't even my final form!


    Not entirely sure.. I'm kinda tied between ninjask and aegislash. Both pokemon I really like, ninjask is the absolute favorite that I use in any play through he's obtainable in and usually is my main lead pokemon for everything.. but aegislash is the "go to" mon for me to use for anything as I rarely am seen using ninjask over scolipede or the like in competitive.

    So.. Ninjask being the "main pokemon, on shoulder, ash+pikachu equivalent" while aegislash being the "Most op on the team, used in battles, highest level on team sorta mon"
  7. Chocolate Death I should be the Water Trial Captain now!
    Chocolate Death


    Honestly, for me, it's a tie between Walrein, Basculin, and Registeel

    Walrein already has such great special stats, so when paired with Stockpile and Super Training, it can become a monster. Especially if it's holding a Mystic Water with Surf or NeverMeltIce with Ice Beam. Leftovers always helps too.

    Basculin is a glass cannon of sorts, having insane attack but poor defense and HP. That's why when you couple max Attack and Speed with Rock Head, you can just Double-Edge like crazy with no worries. And if you add that Focus Sash and Flail, it can become even worse.

    Registeel doesn't really have a reason for me.
  8. GadgetJax Traveling Storyteller and Card Faker

    Whenever I play in RU, you can bet that you'll see me using Druddigon. It isn't the sturdiest thing out there, but it can really hurt any Physical Attackers that come it's way, thanks to Rough Skin and Rocky Helmet. Another nice thing about Druddigon is that it has access to some pretty diverse moves, like Fire Punch.
  9. All around Politoed is my signature Pokémon, reason being I love amphibians and Reptiles also Politoed is the best. (Jokes a side) Politoed is and has been a shoe in for the VGC meta game ever since it hatched from its egg. The Drizzle ability which ties into Swift Swim for Pokémon like Kingdra and Ludicolo combines to create one of the strongest offensive combos that has been created for Pokémon VGC. Besides that, Politoed has just the right amount of bulk, offense, and speed to make it a threat all by its self.

    Growing up on Pokémon remembering Arbok and then Politoed as my favorite Pokémon I couldn't leave it behind when I started VGC. Obviously, a good margin of people couldn't either...lol..
  10. MtheW What is MtheW? The world may never know.


    My "signature" Pokemon is Mewtwo. Fits my personality and mentality best, sometimes. If I had to pick another one, it would be Arcanine. I tried to make him work in OU for ages.

    Edit: my inner Giovanni wouldn't let me leave the page without giving a shout-out to Nidoking as another potential candidate. In all seriousness though, it's Mewtwo.
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  11. PumpedAaron S Type Armor


    The Machop family!

    I love muscles!

  12. The Golden Reshiram Aspiring Trainer
    The Golden Reshiram


    I like Bellsprout's sprite because he kind of looks like a sneaky plant.

  13. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Although I never play DS, I try to get Gallade on my team. Thankfully he's a great hitter! I also try to get Roserade, as Leaf Storm and Sludge Bomb can be notably damaging
  14. Shadosharpedo Water-Type Advocate


    Ever since I saw Scrafty and used him, I just can't do without him. My own Scrafty Thanatos I trade between my games has gotten me through many Chanseys and Blisseys in one shot with drain punch and my dragon dances, and has even KO'd some competitive Giratinas.
  15. TheSuhSpence Aspiring Trainer


    I alternate between Absol and Wobbuffet.

    I have fond memories of Wobbuffet from the anime, and Absol has just always been a really neat Pokemon to me. Especially with that horn.
  16. Plasma Dragon Until the end of time
    Plasma Dragon


    For me I really like both Zekrom and Metagross they are both really cool looking and I got really exited when they made a mega for Metagross. I was hoping that they would make a good Matagross/mega Metagross card for the TCG but alas you can't have everything in life...
  17. yu6 Demon Buster Trainee


    Surely Rayquaza!
    My boyfriend got really surprised when I haven't used it against him in a battle XD
  18. Dawn Aspiring Trainer


    Competitively it would be Garchomp.
    But otherwise its none other than PIPLUP!!!
    The amazing cutie. I would just love to have one with me.
  19. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    I was eager to say Charizard but looking back, it truly is Charizard... Even though Y is the first game where I actually got to use it in one of my teams, when I used to play with roms, I used Charizard in Red, Yellow, FireRed, switched one of my pokemon in Silver for a Charizard too... Also, I chosed Charmander in HGSS already thinking of having a Charizard. Now, I use the one I chosed in Y as my main Pokémon and use it mostly as Mega Charizard Y and after getting the Shiny event recently, I intend to use this new one as my main Pokémon in the next game(s) (Z or wtv it's going to be), probably more as MegaZard X to contrast with the former...

    Other than that, there's Giratina who was the first main member of one of my in-game teams, since Platinum was the first game I actually bought, and I tend to choose it over the other 2 dragons whenever that situation presents (like in the HGSS Arceus event).
    Lucario is the only pokémon I've used in more than one team, other than Charizard, so that could count too.
    Actually, I'm also using Kyurem in both Black 2 and White 2 (one in each respective forme).
    Finally, even though I'm reusing all my old Emerald team between OR and AS, Rayquaza has a special consideration (I used it before getting Emerald and I even got a Kyogre from HG just to get the Rayquaza in my SS game).
    I've always had a thing for 3rd Game mascots...
  20. MrCoolViking Aspiring Trainer


    Mine is Lucario (as you can see in my avatar). I always try to get it as quickly as possible (if it is in the game...). That means (of course) to catch Riolu and evolve it.
    But I also use Gardevoir and Zoroark often as possible. So that's my "signature trio", if you will...! :D

    In addition to that I always use my starter Pokémon throughout the whole of my playthroughs.
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