Pokemon What Is Your Signature Pokémon?

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  1. Kyoshi_ // :) //


    Two people have already said gardevoir, but my 'signature' pokémon would also be of the ralts line, particularly kirlia. I don't even know why, I just always loved kirlia for some weird reason as a child.

    Also! She made took a lead role in a movie! Kirlia rocks :D

  2. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    I swear the middle of the hat shrinks as it comes off of Kirlia's head.
  3. professorlight Ice Queen


    Yeah, kirlia and gardevoir's heads are a bit of a physical impossibility.
  4. Kyoshi_ // :) //


    I'm beginning to think they're removable hats. Either that or a wig.
    That doesn't stop me from liking them!

    I think their appeal is in their designs for me more than anything.
  5. Patriots Fan Collector
    Patriots Fan


    RE: What is Your Signature Pokemon?

    Charizard. Charmander was the first starter I ever picked (Red Version was my first Poke game), and I have had him on my teams in every single game since.
  6. Umbra Aspiring Trainer



    I love Silver, even though Blue was my first Pokemon game. Silver and Johto I love all the Pokemon from there the best. Its the game I resonated the most with.

    Typhlosion for me is as to Charizard is to some people. He just looks cool. Sounds cool. I felt like his and my spirit combined. Its to bad I cannot find wild Cyndaquil.
  7. DracoGarchomp Dragon Master


    My signature Pokémon are Milotic and Garchomp. Have had the same Milotic since Emerald just love it design and was my main Pokémon for contests. Then there is Garchomp my favourite due to it's amazing power, design and the fact that I love dragon type Pokémon!!
  8. Scorched Feathers

    Activities Staff Member

    It should be obvious :v
    Who doesn't love the dark (not to mention adorable) overlord of all? Of course, it has to be Talonflame IG/Competetively, but our dread lord has a special place in my heart <3
  9. KamonSurge Aspiring Trainer


    I might be a psychic trainer and might have psychic powers, but always:

    Typholsion, named Flamed

    Lugia, named Chant

    Alakazam, named Magus

    Slowking, named Wizard

    ^my main four
  10. FoxFire Fox Pokemon Rule!


    I prefer ones based on real animals, especially canines. Ninetales, Delphox, Lucario, Zoroark ...
  11. LoneWolf2113 Now With Sablenite!


    For a while, it was Heracross. Then it turned into Seismitoad and Zoroark in Gen 5. Then, once Gen 6 hit and Megas were introduced, Lucario has been on my team for every playthrough of X and Y for me, along with the others.
  12. Gentlefish Hero of Truth


    In some ways, I don't have a signature Pokemon. In others, I probably have several.
    Let's see... First, there's my original starter Pokemon, Turty the Torterra. He and the rest of his teammates are still on my Pearl cartridge because I'm conflicted about transferring them; I don't know if it would be the same... I'll be morally obligated to do it once DP remakes come out and Torterrite exists, though. :p Anyway, because I can't really replace him I haven't used many other Torterra, and he's off in Sinnoh to boot. Not really a signature 'mon.

    Lucario is a Pokemon that I used a whole lot by accident. My Pearl team - and most, if not all, Platinum teams - include Lucario, my Black 2 team includes Lucario, and my Y team includes Lucario. That's three Lucario in three generations in the first games of those generations in which it was made available. It was largely accidental, though, and I wouldn't really consider Lucario a trademark sort of thing.

    Officially, Noivern is my current favorite Pokemon, with Sceptile equal to it or close behind (and with a rather confused jumble of other Pokemon behind it). However, I haven't had an opportunity to use it competitively at all (thanks for 97 Special Attack, GameFreak) since it's kind of a niche pick, and the only perfectly-bred Noivern/Noibat I have were from other people. As for Sceptile, I have one from an Emerald playthrough that sits in the PC... so it has the distinction of being a favorite Pokemon that I effectively have none of. Neither of these is a signature 'mon.

    So, yeah. That's my entirely too long post on why I'm apparently abnormal. Oh, I should say that Noivern is great support; I just haven't had a team it would fit in so far.
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  13. Ocho Aspiring Trainer


    I think I have several also:

    Hitmonchan in the tcg, she always makes it into my fighting deck and always survives the cuts I make to other Pokemon. She's nothing special really but I love the design and she's a decent basic that always pulls through for me in games.

    Blastoise in the video games, Squirtle was my original starter in Red way back when! I never took Squirtle off my team and I was so proud when he evolved into Wartortle and Blastoise. Blastoise took me to the Elite Four and beyond haha!

    Bulbasaur in the anime, my girlfriend says I'm like Bulbasaur and I agree. If I were in the anime I would definitely travel around with Bulbasaur by my side. (Don't worry Pika you're still my favorite)
  14. tigre Aspiring Trainer


    Since I love so many pokemon, it's hard for me to narrow it down. So I'll pick one from each generation that I felt instantly connected to and have always used since.

    Kanto: Lapras/Arcanine
    Johto: Ampharos
    Hoenn: Sceptile
    Sinnoh: Torterra
    Unova: Golurk
    Kalos: Noivern
  15. KamonSurge Aspiring Trainer


    Hitmonchan is 100% Male.
  16. Fangarde Drohn is love, Drohn is life...


    Let us see, from Gen I to Gen II, my signature Pokemon was definitely Alakazam, I remember stealing my brothers gameboy so I could trade my Kadabra to get a Alakazam.

    Then in Gen III it was Gardevoir. Oh my Gardevoir, I still have it, and use it, in my Pokemon Y.

    Then when Gen IV hit, I began to use both Gallade and Gardevoir and I loved them both.

    Same with Gen V as in Gen IV.

    Now in Gen VI, my signature Pokemon has changed, my new one is now a Sylveon named Lin, and she can kick butt.
  17. Ocho Aspiring Trainer


    Hitmonchan is wearing a dress....but I looked it up and you seem to be right!
  18. SynxS1N Follow your heart...


    MY favorite/signature pokemon is Gastly/Haunter/Gengar

    I first saw them in the anime and I really fell in love with them, There was a uniqueness about them, being the only ghost pokemon at the time and that episode where they take Ash's spirit out of his body is pretty memorable. It wasn't until I got my first game, Silver Version, that it solidified itself as my favorite. Catching my first Gastly, training my Haunter to level 50 wondering when it was going to evolve lol, figuring out that I needed to trade and finally getting my hands on the main man himself.

    The fact that Gengar is competitively viable just sweetened the deal for me. I almost always include him when building a team and when he got a Mega I went crazy. I used it, for what little time it was allowed and enjoy releasing him in battle whenever I can. From my competitive roots in Gen 4, I hold close my hard fought battles with all the Gengars I've raised. Each with their own nicknames, sets, accomplishments, and memories.
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  19. theturtwiggal Aspiring Trainer


    My favorite pokemon competitively is Mega-Gardevoir, which has been super trained to have an extremely high speed and special attack. It's move set is Thunderbolt, Moonblast, Psychic, and Shadow ball. It can outspeed a Mega-Blaziken and defeat a tank with Moonblast 1HKO. Gardevoir/Mega-Gardevoir, isn't my favorite pokemon though. My favorite pokemon is Torterra.
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  20. Hikomikos Polish Pokemon Master


    Snorlax! is one of my favourite Pokemon ^^
    I can be like he ( - _ - ) Z z z ...
    Eat, Sleep ... Eat, Sleep ... again and again xD
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