What is Your Opinion about 5ban Graphics?


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Serious question.

Their card art is almost universally bad, and guaranteed to be.

Their modelling looks like it belongs in the early 2000s.

With such great artists, and even fanart now, why are they still using this joke of a company/illustrator?


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One thing you've gotta remember with art is there's going to be a lot of different opinions because everyone likes different styles, maybe you're just not one to favour 5ban cards?

For example I personally really like the 5ban Graphics cards, admittedly I'm not so fond of the early BW cards by them, but I think there's been some improvement since (I can't think of any XY-on cards by them I'd consider anywhere near bad quality) and I wouldn't go as far to call them a joke of an illustrator at all, but then again I'm not too fond of a lot of the drawn art cards, and perhaps maybe that's more your thing?

It's just all about personal preference really.


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The 5ban cards they make nowadays are great. If you don't like them, that's your business. BW was bad for them, but they've looked really good in XY, and all the mega evolution cards, both regular and full art are made by 5ban graphics. I honestly like their cards, and it's nice to see variety among the artists and how they portray each and every Pokemon. 5ban has gotten better on doing that. 5ban is fine, and with them designing the main attractions like BREAK cards, Mega Evolutions, and likely GX cards in the Sun and Moon TCG, Pokemon isn't letting go of them anytime soon. And I think 5Ban does wonderful art, but sometimes, I'd like an individual artists interpretation of the Pokemon on a regular card more.
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I would like to see 5ban Graphics get the same treatment as other artists hired to make cards. Their Mega EX Pokémon usually look excellent. Most trainer cards look decent as well and they seem to improve ...But that's it for me. They release way to many cards with awkward 3D models. In my opinion all cards should have drawn art. I especially don't like having those supporter cards in my deck that use art from the games and a lazy 3d background.

Hmmm. what looks better?






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I quite like 5ban Graphics. They provide some great models for the Mega Pokemon, and they have really improved their other Pokemon art. Gallade BKT is probably one of my favourite art pieces of XY, because it's got some detail, atmosphere and fun attitude.


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I generally dislike 5Ban graphics. Their EX cards are alright, but when it's just a random card I can't help but feel cheated, and without all the flash and sparkles on EX cards it just seems out of place with the softer, more dynamic cards, and some of their stuff looks like 3D sugimori art with a background.


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I personally like 5Ban art. Sure, it might not be the best out there, and it may be bland, but it's refreshing to see to me. I even had a discussion earlier about 5Ban. At first, their stuff was basic––a Pokémon on a gradient background––but this was in the first few sets of BW. These Pokémon were likely getting their first prints, and they most likely didn't want any distractions in the background from it. Even with their Plasma Pokémon art, I feel like they're giving a minimalistic setting to show off the evil natures of these specific Pokémon. Their Trainers, however, have always been stellar in my eyes, and even their BREAKs aren't too shabby, with their same minimalistic style. The Megas are pretty amazing and they're done beautifully. They've improved over time, and although they probably weren't the best when they were starting (even though I still loved them back then), they were still good in their own way, and we shouldn't dwell on the past. It's like going through someone's art gallery and being super harsh and nitpicking everything about the artist's old pieces instead of talking about how much they've improved with their newer pieces.

@Robin Aisaga I agree on your point so much. It's so lazy of them to use Sugimori art and a lazy background. Most of them don't even look that good; it's like they didn't even try.


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Their card art has gotten much better. The issue for me was they tried to follow the official art for Pokemon poses while at the same not not really using new standards in 3d art. A first their art was hard to look at. It may have been because of fitting the art to such a small box. 5 Ban's art look good on the full arts and some EX Pokemon card art. Now I don't mind looking at their work. I would still much rather have hand drawn art for the EXs if I had to choose.