Pokemon What Is Your Most Disliked Pokémon and Why?

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Mistryss Nite, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. PK Fire Stone Aspiring Trainer
    PK Fire Stone


    Farfetch'd is OP in Monotype. Stick and Leaf Blade xD

  2. ... Aspiring Trainer


    Greninja, I knew straight away people would compare/crossover Pokemon with naruto fanart because "hurr durr greninja must have been inspired by naruto"
  3. Nekoban Ryo Schizoid Manchild
    Nekoban Ryo


    Sheerly from an aesthetic view, I think Seismitoad would be my least-favorite. Awkward proportions, gross bulges... just no.

    However, I generally consider Lickilicky my least-favorite due to my love for Lickitung (one of the most nostalgic Pokémon for me and maybe even my first favorite). I'm not a fan of the fleshy head swirl, unnatural-looking belly pattern, lack of a nose, or the overabundance of official art without its tongue stuck out that makes it look even worse. For me, the only thing Lickilicky has going for it is allowing Lickitung to utilize Eviolite. Lickitung FTW!
  4. Kapu Riki Spilling the T, sipping the Tapu Cocoa
    Kapu Riki


    Sawk and Throh

    Those two Pokemon were everywhere in Pokemon Black & White, and Pokemon X & Y. They were stupid strong in the wild, but weak as heck on your team. Then never let you escape and were just a general pain in the butts. Lame designs and just general lameness.

    Also, not that I hate this Pokemon for say, but more disappointed in it not getting the Fairy-treatment, but I was gunning for the Reuniclus line to become gain the Fairy-typing in Pokemon X & Y. I was so sad when they didn't because, I believe they have the attributes to be Fairy-type Pokemon.
  5. KittyDragon129 Aspiring Trainer



    bc every time I do a randomized nuzlocke, it always screws me over!
  6. Anime Psyclone The Raven Child
    Anime Psyclone


    I don't want to think about Kabutops. Why? The first site I ever got banned on, as well as the site with the most abusive staff I've ever seen, had that as the most mascot-y Pokemon they had, since they had no mascot. Not naming any names.

    Oh yeah, and why is mega Kangaskhan good, both it and the Pokemon are weak design wise and normal Kanga is so weak...
  7. beebahboo Collector



    I was not happy when my Crabrawler evolved into what belongs in an episode of Squidbillies.
  8. Zebuum Just your average guy


    Before fairy type was released, I found Spiritomb and Sableye really just overall unfun to battle against because their typing provided them without a weakness. I also really dislike Ninjask simply because of what the meta was in generation 4 (Ninjask with Swords Dance, would Baton Pass to some sweeper who would have max attack and real high speed. Unless you were able to taunt it on first turn, which required a Crobat or some other stupidly fast Pokemon, you basically lost unless you fainted it before it used Baton Pass.)
  9. Darighan Aspiring Trainer



    Sneasel was amazing enough and this evolution it's so ugly for me :'(
  10. Mega Mewthree... A new threat has appeared.
    Mega Mewthree...


    I really don't like munchlax and snorlax. They just seem so pointless. They are just asleep all of the time and then every once in a while they get up and do some insane move that really makes no sense. I feel like they should be more like Metapod and just sit there all of the time.
  11. Mumble Socially Inept


    They aced the design for both Chikorita and Bayleaf. Ending the evolution line with Meganium was a letdown at best.
  12. Courtney Gears Don't be a don'ter, do be a doer
    Courtney Gears


    Eevee, Charizard, Gengar and to some extent Pikachu (because it's the game its mascot i can endure it a bit better).
    The more popular a pokemon is with the masses the more i get turned off by said pokemon.
    And these 4 are all the way at the top of the list for me.

    I find them really overhyped, and there are so many pokemon with more interesting designs.
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  13. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    I don’t like any Pokémon that is grossly overrated.
  14. AshCo ZVARRI!


    Toucannon. Little bit of a story for all of you guys.

    I never really minded Toucannon for a good while. I didn't CARE for it but it wasn't anything bad. I decided on giving it a try in Ultra Sun upon learning it has my favorite ability of any Pokemon: Skill Link! So, I figure: "Well, I've used both Mega Heracross and Cloyster, and THEY have that ability, so this HAS to be fun!"

    Yeah, no. Miserably slow, died to absolutely everything no matter what I did. See, I like my playthrough teams to be fun and effective. Toucannon did none of this and stayed basically just as a free knockout for any trainer I had to see.

    I ended up growing to dislike its design, with those eyes. Those horrible eyes. That oversized beak, everything about it got on my nerves! So, I did myself a favor and boxed him, forever to be forgotten.

    It really makes me sad; as I like every single Pokemon out there EXCEPT for Toucannon. 809 Pokemon after Meltan and Melmetal being revealed, and out of all of them Toucannon broke the streak.

    I feel like this is an incredibly common thing, in not only just Pokemon but with a lot of different forms of media. Disliking something for the sole purpose of being "overrated" is all over the place at this point.

    Is something being overrated not subjective though? Because somebody who likes a certain Pokemon, i.e. Charizard is not going to say that it is overrated necessarily. That person is going to think that that Pokemon is fully deserving of whatever praise it gets.

    Let's take Goomy as an example of where I'm going with this. People like Goomy. It's a popular Pokemon with lots of different appealing factors. People think it's cute, people joke about it, there's merchandise of it, etc. So, someone who DISLIKES Goomy could call it overrated, because something being overrated is something that is not deserving of the praise it gets, in the eyes of the viewer. That person who dislikes said Pokemon, is going to argue for that. Yet, you, someone who I would assume likes Goomy probably thinks Goomy should get a ton of love and deserves all the love it DOES get.

    The same logic goes for a lot of Pokemon. Not necessarily a Pokemon with less attention behind it, say...Toucannon, I don't think he's overrated as I don't see Toucannon being flooded with praise, but I just dislike him, but for the more recognized Pokemon out there, say, Mewtwo, it being overrated is completely subjective. I like Mewtwo, and I think it has appeal, which makes sense for people to like it.

    So, this makes me want to ask, because I am genuinely curious: what exactly makes a popular Pokemon unlikeable to you? Is it that you don't find appeal in the designs and do not see the appeal in them that others do? In which case, yes, I would then accept your use of calling them overrated. Or is it the overexposure of some Pokemon that turns you off to it? Or is it simply that you don't like them BECAUSE they're popular?
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  15. Zielo Caught 'em all.


    I'm glad this question has been brought up, I see it a lot too and I can be on both ends of the spectrum sometimes.
    I find that I am generally turned off of Pokemon such as Piplup, Eevee, and Lucario for the overexposure reason, as well as "basic" people tend to like them the most. I.E people that aren't really into Pokemon but know some exist and are like "oh, I like that one". At risk of sounding too gate-keepy though, this doesn't necessarily mean its a bad thing... just kinda a "basic" thing. Everyone should be able to like a Pokemon without having to be as fully submerged into the franchise as some of us are lol.

    At the SAME time, I really like Pikachu, Charizard, Pichu, Goomy, some Eeveelutions etc.... I guess certain ones just don't do it for me? I also feel like part of it is when they started putting spotlights on specific starters, and I feel like it gives that starter an unfair advantage. Piplup and Fennekin for example were the obvious spotlight starters for their gen, and debatably Torchic as well, none of which I cared that much for. Oshawott was the star of gen 5 sorta, I did love him but mostly because my attachment to otters in general.
    Pokemon like Mew, Mewtwo, Togepi, Gengar, Umbreon etc I'm indifferent about. They're popular, I understand their appeal, I just like others more!
    I tend to enjoy obscure favorites more I guess, but I don't hate on people that have a popular favorite either.

    To continue the topic, its hard to pick a true most disliked Pokemon. Your sig actually reminds me that I REALLY don't like Buzzwole lol, that thing just looks absolutely ridiculous, but maybe thats why he's liked by some. Hes just too much for me, as well as a lot of the other UB's. They don't look anything like Pokemon to me but I know thats kinda their whole thing. I don't like most of the "ugly" mons either, I hate Loudred/Exploud, Magmar/Magmortar, Toxicroak, etc.

    ....Wait nevermind sorry the Genie trio Tornadus/Thundurus/Landorus beat all of those hands down.
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  16. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    Partially between overexposure and because they’re popular. I firmly believe that all Pokémon should be created equal, but alas, that is FAR from being the case. And frankly, I thought I was one of the very few Goomy fans out there. Turns out some dude has even more Goomy stuff than I do. I do see your point about all these qualities, and, as my eyes have been opened, Charizard is a DRAGON. Dragons are cool. I can see where everyone is going with this. Mewtwo is a psychic cat-god. Psychic cat-gods are cool. Same story. It’s really the fact that TPCI won’t stop marketing these popular (not overrated, thank you) Pokémon that makes me sick. They have released plenty of Charizard and Pikachu and Eevee collections (TCG) but that is just business. The closest we can get is the equality of filler cards in sets. For the most part, especially with the region-themed sets, a wide variety of Pokémon have been covered. Has every Pokémon got the space in a set or the equality it needs? Not even close. Haxorus, for example, along with Goodra are the only pseudo-legendaries to not have an Ultra Rare in the TCG. It would be GREAT if every Pokémon got an Ultra Rare some time or another, but Pokémon has already started doing the second layer of Pokémon that they have already given Ultra Rares (Alolan Ninetales, Gardevoir.) I’m sad none of the Sinnoh starter’s final evolutions got GXs (a Torterra GX would be great) but I suppose Pokémon wanted to save a few spots for more popular Pokémon coming from the region.
    A sincere thanks to you for really opening my blinded eyes towards the popular Pokémon. Now I can give ALL Pokémon (except the ones I hate for other reasons) the love they deserve, even Pikachu. That sounds like an Ash quote, but it’s true, actually.
  17. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    ...which puts my least favorite Pokémon at Pikachu, not because it’s popular, but because merchandise featuring Pikachu in my house is dangerously close to outnumbering the merchandise featuring Goomy (excluding cards). There’s simply too much of it that I got sick of it fast.
  18. AshCo ZVARRI!


    I can understand this, that a lot of people would be sick of overexposure. I was never bothered by this for some reason? I NOTICE it, sure, but that never really made my opinion of any Pokemon any lower than it was before. I mean, it doesn't necessarily raise or lower my opinion on a Pokemon. I love Charizard and Mewtwo, but the Eeveelutions have never been anything HUGE for me. I just look at each Pokemon individually with design, or the memories I had with it-It's what my four equally-favorite Pokemon (Empoleon/Snorlax/Lilligant/Darmanitan) all share-I love both their designs and the fact that simply put, I had FUN with them. I'm open to anything honestly and I always love trying new Pokemon in the games.

    I'm aware of Piplup/Oshawott in the anime but I cannot comment on their spotlight due to only ever have watched the Orange Islands arc YEARS ago and absolutely nothing else in the anime. Did Fennekin get the spotlight?? I feel like out of any starter Greninja would have been the most exposed out of any of them... But maybe that's just from what I've seen.

    And yeah, that's completely fine! Nothing's stopping you from liking or disliking any Pokemon, and that's really the beauty of it, you can just pick which ones are your favorite, and EVERYONE has different favorites.
  19. AshCo ZVARRI!


    It's definitely going down to what it was in XY though, I mean consider this, there's only been one Charizard-GX, a single box dedicated to the full art, and maybe one or two things related to Charmander. Pikachu has had a few more with a Pin collection, a few promos, etc. BUT compare that to a lot of Pokemon in XY, such as Mewtwo and Charizard getting a multitude of Ultra Rares and product dedicated to them (note, I am not saying I'm opposed to this, as I actually like how they all look together in a binder, but that's just my collector's side speaking). Mewtwo and Charizard only have ONE line of ultra rares in the Sun and Moon era. (Charizard has that tag team coming but it's still not as much as XY).

    I think our products have been more creative and diverse than they have been in a LONG time. Not only are they diversifying, but they're actually doing competitive players justice. I have three Leles after getting some of those Tapu boxes on sale, they made Zoroarks accessible to players, and then they also come out with more and more creative things all the time. The Poke Ball tins, those new art mini tins, They're on the way to striking a good balance of not just Pokemon, but fun and interesting products but also with lots of different (but not necessarily OBSCURE) Pokemon. Will we ever have perfect equality? No. But I like the way they're starting to go with product. Not quite as quality as some of the Japanese ones (see that new Tag Bolt Premium Trainer's Box), but it's starting to go in a decent direction.

    I also think that the direction they're taking with Ultra Rares is going to a GREAT balance. Both popular AND lesser-known Pokemon are getting love. You've got your legendaries, you've got your Charizard, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, etc. But then you've also got Shuckle, Magcargo, Palossand, it goes in every direction! I really love that they're giving lots of different Pokemon love.

    Will it ever be perfectly equal? No. That's not necessarily good for business nor is it probably feasible any time soon. I'd have loved Sinnoh Starters to get GXs. Empoleon is my favorite Pokemon, and it does make me sad that we didn't get one. For now at least, we'll never know what the future holds. (Glad it got a Secret Rare though, that's one of my favorite cards ever). I'd love for Goodra to get a GX too so all the pseudos could have an ultra (Haxorus isn't a Pseudo-legendary, it does not have the base stat requirement to meet it). But who knows what'll end up happening, yknow? I just take everything as it comes, and I appreciate whatever steps they take to make things more interesting.

    Now, here's something that you and I definitely differ on. I've never been bothered by the exposure of popular Pokemon. I never felt like we've had anything shoved down our throats at all honestly. Maybe it's because I'm a collector so I deal with every single Pokemon out there, but even with product announcements, I've never been like "Ugh, another (insert Pokemon here), I'm more "Oh hey cool, another promo for me to get sometime down the line". It's just more things for me to collect. And I take every single ultra at face value. No matter what Pokemon it is, if it's a cool card then it's a cool card to me. I get excited at different things for many kinds of reasons. But I can see why people would get sick of exposure and I don't blame people for that.

    Now, I don't necessarily think popularity is necessarily the most valid factor towards something's quality to a viewer, and I've dealt with a lot of people in my past when I didn't really spend my time with the BEST people who dislike anything that's popular for the sole reason of being "different", so it becomes somewhat of a small pet peeve of mine, so I do apologize if I come across as rude or condescending when I try to put out my point of view. I don't fault you at all for disliking overexposure, a lot of things can end up making you sick of it. Music is a GREAT example of this. When you hear something like Happy 500 times, you'll start to want to tear your hair out after hearing it that much, especially if you don't care about that song in the first place (like myself).

    Enjoy what you like with Pokemon. As I've said before, that's the beauty of it. I can't fault you for any of your opinions because I can see a lot of reasoning behind it. But I'm glad that I opened your eyes, as you said. Try not to let things they release, whether it be more Kanto, or other legendaries or popular Pokemon get to you, as you can always just pay attention to what YOU enjoy from the series-You have the choice to what you give your time to and/or purchase, after all. Hopefully you'll be able to find even more joy from this series though, as positivity is always nice.
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  20. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK The Phazing Spider-Man
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    The Gen 7 Pokémon is think gets too much exposure is Lycanroc but, it is still fresh and an actual doggo, unlike Lucario

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