Pokemon What Is Your Most Disliked Pokémon and Why?

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  1. Aqualon Hanging With Exbo


    Joltik, Pumpkaboo, Lanturn.

    N i g h t m a r c h
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  2. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    For me, it's Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario and Mewtwo. The "trifecta" of what I dislike about Pokemon. They are overused in everything despite people actually liking them. I don't hate these Pokemon. I just don't care for the fact they get first pick over everything even if they aren't right for it. How TF does Charizard get picked over Pidgeot for the PokeRide feature, a Pokemon designed to fly twice the speed of sound and can effortlessly fly through storms and hurricanes, some islands are prone to? Oh, because it's Charizard. How does a Pikachu in cosplay get a lucha spot in Pokken Tournament over Hawlucha, a Pokemon designed for that role? Oh, because it's Pikachu.

    I liked Mewtwo better when it wasn't everywhere and being catered to. I liked it better when it was just Mewtwo, you know? As for Lucario, it was just everywhere for no reason at all. Before it had the chance to be popular, its face was everywhere. I guess I don't really like it because of furries. Now, I don't really hate these Pokemon. I really love Charmander but I'd like to buy a Pidgey plush sometimes and I don't have that option because of those four. They are overshadowing all the other Pokemon.
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  3. thegrovylekid Makes fake cards


    While there's quite a few Pokémon I dislike for one reason or another, there's one Pokémon I absolutely hate.

    It's Charizard. If you've known me for a while this shouldn't be too surprising but it's by far the Pokémon I like the least. First up, it's design gets praised way too much. Oh, it's a dragon! So is Dragonite, and Dragonite is better than Charizard in nearly every way. Additionally, it's the worst starter out of the oh-so-sacred Kanto starters, both ingame and in competitive (Excluding megas). It's actually one of the worst starters ever on its own, only managing to be better than Meganium competitively (That's not saying much, it's meganium). Most of its cards in the TCG suck as well, though there are notable exceptions (Such as Charizard AR.) Really, it's just disappointing overall, which is part of my dislike.

    Secondly, and perhaps the most obvious, is the sheer volume of Charizard Pokémon crammed down our throats over the years, especially in 2016. It was more like the 20th anniversary of Charizard rather than the series. Charizard alone got eight cards counting itself and its megas (Which, for perspective, is more than several gen 1 Pokémon have gotten in 20 years) in 2016, it was a ride Pokémon for no reason whatsoever (They could've at least made it a flying thing native to Alola), The only non-Pikachu Pokémon Ash has used on his team since the start of the Gen V anime, Red's starter in origins, its own fighter in Smash 4 (Like what I mentioned earlier about Charizard being bad in most media, Charizard is really bad in Smash 4), not one, but two mega evolutions, and much, much more. Charizard gets so much love, it's on par with or more than Pikachu in how much the community thinks people love it. I'm sick of seeing Charizard, and if another TCG card of it was never printed it'd honestly be too soon.

    Lastly, I have a personal distaste of charizard that extends past its uselessness and oversaturation. Since about Sixth grade, whenever I mentioned I liked Pokémon nearly everyone at my school would go "Oh, you like Charizard right?" or "I know Charizard, it's my favourite" or something along those veins, with at least one person actually assuming I was lying when I said I didn't like it. It got to the point where people just assumed I loved Charizard because I loved Pokémon. Eventually I stopped talking about Pokémon at school so people would stop asking if I liked Charizard, which led to me talking a ton less in general.

    So, in short, it's an overrated piece of trash that needed Game Freak to give it a tune-up before it could accomplish anything in the slightest, it's constantly crammed down our throats until we're being choked to death by it and even then TPC won't stopped, and it's actually had a negative impact on my life outside of the games. Nothing, not even the Elemental Monkeys, comes close to the level of dislike I have for charizard.
  4. olivasds Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    BIDOOF! Cause after many months of looking for my shiny pokemon in the video game...it was Bidoof.
  5. MegaPod_781 Spiraling Spirit


    Slurpuff. People hate on the Vanillite line for looking like treats, but Slurpuff is literally a walking, sentient dessert...with a sweet tooth at that, so it's basically a cannibalistic dessert! Plus, it looks ridiculous.
  6. GekkisaiDaiNi The light flickers. I flicker back.


    Feebas, because it's literally just a copy of Magikarp. I do like Milotic though.
  7. But in all fairness it has nothing to do with Pidgeot, just an unbiased view right? ;)

    In all seriousness you're not wrong. I mean Pikachu is the mascot, so that's that but it can get very overwhelming sometimes with all they release for Pikachu. But there is no real reason to favor Charizard, Mewtwo or Lucario. I mean if I got to choose a flying ride Pokémon Charizard would not be my first pick (nor would Pidgeot though). As for Pikachu over Hawlucha in Pokken, I heard there was a fight and Hawlucha lost because of his weakness (electric beats flying), ah well fair is fair j/k. No it probably goes back to the mascot thing. Though personally I dislike Hawlucha so...

    There are lost of Pokémon I technically dislike but nothing really stands out above the rest. Mewtwo does come as one of them, for really no particular reason that I can name, I just don't care for it that much. I would say however it was always everywhere, from the final boss (twice) in Colloseum to even being the biggest challenge in R/B/Y, it just wasn't that obvious at the start.

    Really in all honesty I've always had a small dislike of normal, poison, bug and fighting types. For me they have to have some good second typing to make it worth using them.
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  8. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    Yeah, I do agree with it but Pidgeot is the perfect Poke Ride Pokemon since it was designed for that roll. It can fly through hurricanes and strong winds as well as fly twice the speed of sound. They also exist everywhere and wouldn't cost that much to insure. This is just simple logic to me but these are the same people who choose Pikachu Libre over Hawlucha, who was made for that roll.
  9. TheRealBro.. Relax


    Ah finally I get to share this; it's Simisear.. Just look at it, everything is wrong about it. Pokemon like Vaniluxe and garbodor are ugly and not very original, I get that, but just take a good look at Simisear. They wanted tot do something like Jolteon, Flareon Vaporeon again in gen 5, but man did it go wrong.. The other two monkeys do not look good but Simisear is something different.. That's just as lazy as it gets.
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  10. JahanSoundSystem Aspiring Trainer


    My dislike for Seismitoad and Garbodor is rooted in the TCG, so it's an unfair bias because on every other accord I'm indifferent on them. Venomoth on the other hand is a pokemon I disliked ever since I was a kid. It's mainly the eyes. I hate looking at it, and I really hate that in the video games, even though you are behind it, IT'S STILL LOOKING AT YOU! Which is a bit funny because I love Espurr and it's creep eyes.
  11. PlatinumDude Aspiring Trainer


    Druddigon. It's one of the ugliest Pokemon, IMO.

    Stat-wise, Crabominable. It's slow and frail, a step down from Crabrawler, which has good Speed for its stage. That, and it can only be obtained just before the main story ends in Sun/Moon.
  12. solarbeam Aspiring Trainer


    For me, it's Sunflora. Its design is literally something a kindergarten student could draw, and its overly enthusiastic smile makes me uncomfortable. But most importantly, as I was binge watching the anime, I tapped out during Gen 2 (too many sequential filler episodes), and the specific episode was "Grin to Win." I guess it's not the best reason, but I just immediately draw negative connotations whenever I think of Sunflora.

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    Don't Hate Lanturn, it never did anything wrong q.q
    I assume you meant Lampent though :p

    Mine has been, for the longest time, Smoochum. Smaller evolution of another one of my least favourite Pokemon, Baby Pokemon (which are mostly dumb, there are some cool ones though). Terrible typing, with shitty moves. There is just nothing redeemable about this Pokemon.
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  14. TCGDeoxys I'm made of DNA, just like you are!


    Even though Platinum is my favorite game, I don't like Giritina. Part of it just seems...unnatural. Even for a legendary.
  15. Wechselbalg


    Oh yeah Sunflora lol. I don't think it can can get any more basic than that thing's design - just slap a face on a sunflower and whamm it's all done, great job. The poor thing is also officially the worst pokemon competitively with the lowest overall stat scores. Or is that Delibird? Correct me if I am writing BS lol.

    Oh wait, there is something that's even worse and that's Wobbuffet. It's bascially a blue blob with an 'XD' on it as a face.

    I am also not a fan of some of the more "dark and edgy'" Pokes either, like Mewtwo and Darkrai - and let's not forget the creepiest Pokemon of all, Mr. Mime. I think it wouldn't creep me out as much as it does if it was a gender neutral Poke (just like a puppet or something, like Claydol) but for some reason I find it a bit disturbing that GameFreak decided to give a gender to Mr. Mime.

    Ps. Miltank also gives me the creeps. And Gardevoir is just...well I guess I would be neutral towards Gardevoir, but the internet turned this Poke into this anime waifu fanservice thing that I am personally not a big fan of.
  16. Clefairykin Aspiring Trainer


    One Pokemon I absolutely cannot stand is Pinsir. I think it is the creepiest thing in the Pokemon universe, and there are some pretty crazy looking 'mons. I have never liked it, even as a kid. It just haunts my dreams.
  17. Trainer Josh Competitive TCG Player
    Trainer Josh


    My least favorite Pokémon is definitely the Zygarde core named Squishy from the anime. I know it's not really a Pokémon technically, but it's close enough. I can't even begin to talk about all the things I dislike about it, from its booger design to its strange voice. Also because Bonnie was chosen to have a special connection with it, it made it all the more worse. Watching her cuddle and sing lullabies to a booger made me cringe endlessly while watching the show. That being said, Squishy is one Pokémon I hope Ash never encounters again, particularly in that form.
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  18. Jonathan Jung Meta is the Meta
    Jonathan Jung


    My hate list:

    Ash-Greninja, is part Ash, who sucks


    Mega Medicham

    Smoochum and Jinx
  19. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    Florges, it’s ugly and a discrimination to the best Pokémon
  20. Jynx

    Its pretty self explanatory:mad:

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