What is the Your Most Common Choice of Starter Types?


Random TCG Trainer
Gen I: Bulbasaur. I absolutely love his design. GRASS
Gen II:
Totodile. I think he has a really cool and interesting design. WATER
Gen III:
Treecko. I love his Mega, and Sceptile is a badass Pokemon in my opinion. GRASS
Gen IV:
Turtwig. I adore the idea that his final is the world turtle, and I love his Grass/Ground typing. GRASS
Gen V:
Teig. Even though I hated the decision to make Emboar a Fire/Fighting was a horrible idea, I did really like Tepig. FIRE
Gen VI:
Froakie. The idea to make Greninja a ninja really settled well with me, and he just seemed to be a well-designed Pokemon. WATER
Gen VII:
Litten/Popplio. I know this is cheating, but whatever. Litten reminds me of Macavity, which is really cool. And I love Popplio's design. I can't decide between the two of them at the moment, maybe when their final evolution comes out. FIRE/WATER

Grand Total:
3 Grass
3 Water
2 Fire
So I guess I like Grass and Water equally. Huh.


The Very Best Like No One Ever Was
1. I would pick Charmander : Fire
2. Probably Totadile not 100% sure : Water
3. Mudkip : Water
4. Not sure probably Chimchar : Fire
5. I dont think i have to say it : Fire
6. Chespin : Grass
7. Rowlet : Grass

so 3 Fire, 2 Water, and 2 Grass


Stardoom warrior
My list:
Probably gonna be Rowlet

Fire. Definitely fire.


Shaymin lover
Gen 1 : Bulbasuar ( diddnt know you coul choose your pokemon , gimme a break i was 4 )
gen 2 Cindaquill ( The face was too cute )
gen 3 : Treeko ( Didnt like the other starter as much )
gen 4 : Turtwig ( I like turtles )
gen 5 : Oshawott ( I origanly picked Snivy but I lost so much I restared the game and picked Oshy)
Gen 6 : Chespin ( I didnt like the others )
Gen 7 : Rowlett ( I'm naming it Hedwig and my Sologeo Griffindor and you cant stop me )

Proment type : GRASS


Panthera's Fiercest Fighter
I'm going with Litten likely, but like many say, my ultimate choice could always end up different many times.


Aspiring Trainer
Have to start out by saying that I'm probably going to be a water guy. Almost every generation I picked the water type.
Gen 1: My very first starter I picked Charmander, but I for some reason couldn't get past the Elite 4 (cause I had my level 60 Charizard and max level 20 everything else). After restarting the game I went to Squirtle and fell in love with it. One of my favorite starters to this day (behind Piplup and Rowlet, of course). Water
Gen 2: The exception- Chikorita. I saw it and thought it was indescribably cute and had to have it. It was the closest thing to a dinosaur and it started out in adorable form so I had to pick it. Grass
Gen 3:
Back to water. Mudkip just looked like a solid pokemon that could hold it's own in battle, and it really started to solidify my love for water types. Water
Gen 4:
The holy grail of starters for me- Piplup. It's a penguin. How couldn't I pick it? I was really enthralled with the idea of a water/ice final evolution form, but got an even better surprise when it turned into a water/steel dual type. This will be my favorite for a very long time. Water
Gen 5:
This generation was fairly lackluster for me. I didn't like Snivy or Tepig, and Oshawott had an ok design stuck to him. I stuck to my water typing starter and went onwards. Water
Gen 6:
Froakie had another lackluster appeal to him, but his final evolution really sold me. The knight and the witch of the three didn't really sell to me, but a ninja-based water type was a really awesome concept to me. Plus I love pokemon with high speed stats and Greninja spoke to me on volumes with his speed. Water

Gen 7 prediction: The exception returns- Rowlet. I hate to join the hype train on this one but it's based on one of my favorite animals. I'm really looking forward to its final evolution. If Popplio can come up with something great though the thrown could be taken over. Grass

Team Rocket Fan

Team Rocket Lover and Humble Katy Cat!
Gen 1: Alaways Bulbasaur (my all time favourite starter) GRASS
Gen 2: Chicorita and maybe Cyndaquil GRASS
Gen 3: Torchic and maybe Treeco FIRE
Gen 4: Piplup or maybe Turtwig WATER
Gen 5: Snivy GRASS
Gen 6: Fennekin FIRE

Most propably Grass but maybe Fire too.


Makes fake cards
Gen 1: Squirtle WATER
Gen 2: Chikorita GRASS
Gen 3: Treecko GRASS
Gen 4: Turtwig GRASS
Gen 5: Snivy GRASS
Gen 6: Chespin GRASS
Gen 7: Rowlet GRASS

Overwhelmingly GRASS.


Aspiring Trainer
Gen I: Bulbasaur - GRASS
Gen II: Chikorita - GRASS
Gen III: Mudkip - WATER
Gen IV: Chimchar - FIRE
Gen V: Snivy - GRASS
Gen VI: Fennekin - FIRE

Gen VII: Litten - FIRE

So before Sun/Moon the Grass Starters won, but when Sun/Moon comes out my first choice will make Grass and Fire equals!

As a side note I started buying both games from Diamond/Pearl on (Gen IV), and chose a different starter in my secondary games, so Turtwig/Tepig/Froakie could be added. But it would still make the Grass Starters the winners!

Which will be my secondary Starter will be in Gen VII I'm not sure, but I seem to prefer Rowlet, so Grass...! But I must first see the evolutions of Rowlet & Popplio before I choose...


In terms of water, we have water
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Gen 1: Super cute and one of my favorite Pokemon of all time: Charmander. Fire
Gen 2: I like all of them, but I think totodile is my favorite and most used. Water
gen 3: before I got the game, I was sure I was going to pick Treecko,
but once I started playing, I got torchic and loved it. Fire
Gen 4: I really like Infernape so I'll have to go with chimchar. Fire
Gen 5: Oshawott was the only one from this gen that I really liked. Water
Gen 6: I love greninja. Water
Gen 7: Not totally sure yet, but it's probably gonna either be Litten or popplio because
I'm not totally into rowlett. I'm gonna say Litten. Fire

Man, I guess I really hate grass, lol.
I guess it's fire! Yay!


Aspiring Trainer
Gen 1:
I played both Red and Blue and picked Charmander in one and Squirtle in another, preferred Charmander. FIRE
Gen 2:

Chikorita on my first run through of Gold but didn't like it, picked Cyndaquil in Crystal. FIRE
Gen 3:

RSE: Torchic on my first run through of Emerald, but now I always pick Mudkip. WATER
FRLG: Charmander. FIRE
Gen 4:

DPPt: Chimchar first, then I tried Turtwig but didn't like it so went back to Chimchar. FIRE
HGSS: Cyndaquil. FIRE
Gen 5:

Oshawott (both BW and BW2). WATER x2
Gen 6:

XY: Chespin on my first run through, Froakie on my second, preferred Froakie. WATER. Oh, and I picked Charmander from Professor Sycamore. FIRE

Soo that's 6 for Fire and 5 for Water. Fire is always my favourite, but I've really not rated the Fire-type starters for a long time (and I found it way too difficult to start with Torchic in RSE). Also I find it easier to get a decent Water-type at some point during the game than a decent Fire-type most of the time. I loved Fennekin when I first saw it but was really disappointed with Delphox. I have high hopes for Litten :D


♕ The Queen ♕
Generation 1:
-Squirtle. I just think he was the best one. No reason really. Water

Generation 2:
-Cyndaquil. He's just so freakin' cute! And Typhlosion is a badass. Fire

Generation 3:
-Torchic. Blaziken was the very first Pokemon I ever got to level 100, and was the first starter I ever chose way back in Pokemon Emerald. Fire

Generation 4:
-Turtwig. I just like his design. I've done only one run of Pearl and one of Platinum (because they sucked) and I chose Turtwig both times. Grass

Generation 5:
-Do I have to? They ALL suck! Oh well, Snivy. In my opinion, Serperior is the only starter Pokemon of ANY evolution stage that doesn't make me wanna rip my eyes out. Grass

Generation 6:
-I ran through Pokemon Y with Fennekin. I still have it on Omega Ruby, but I've done three runs on Pokemon X choosing Froakie every time. Water

(So as you can see, it's a tie up until now. But Sun and Moon changed that because mathematically, they have to. It would be impossible otherwise so yeah.

Generation 7:
-While you can't be sure, I'm thinking Litten right now. I still have a desparate hope that Litten's fully evolved form will become a Fire/Poison. I've been BEGGING for this since I heard of Diamond and Pearl's future release. Fire

Well it's 3/2/2 with Fire as my current winner, but that could change depending on their evolutions.


Generation 7:
-Since the starters have recently been confirmed, Popplio's my new choice for the starter, simply because it's evolution is a Siren. This may be my second favorite starter final evo. It's so pretty, and for those of you who are mad about a girly starter, you'll live. Water

Well it's now been updated to 3/2/2 with WATER as e new winner. As I said, the evolutions change what you think about the basic forms.
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Aspiring Trainer
Gen 1: I have always loved dragons, and Charizard is despite not being a dragon (except his mega) still the coolest looking "dragon"in pokemon, so fire.
Gen 2: This one is very hard, I really, really like Totodile and Cyndaquil a lot, but I think Cyndaquil wins just because Quilava is so cool looking. fire
Gen 3:
I hate Treecko, but love its evolutions so grass.
Gen 4: Ught, I really don't like any of these starters but I usually go with Chimchar 'cause its the best looking one. fire
Gen 5:
Tepig is adorable, but its evolutions is horrible. Snivy is cool but its just SO BAD in-game, so usually pick Oshawott which I think is decent in-game and designwise but no favorite. Water
Gen 6
: This one is hard, don't really like any of them fully evolved. I usually go with Fennekin but sometimes refuse to evolve it fire

I usually do a playthrought with every starter at some point, but tend to go with the fire starter as grass types and water types are way more common, and I tend to like fire pokémons design in general (almost every fire pokémon in 1st gen are among my favorite pokémon). Don't know what to pick in gen 7 thought as I haven't seen their evolution yet.

The worst starters I have ever played with are probably Torterra, Empoleon and Serperior.


veteran smartass
This is quite different depending on whether you count my choice at the time the games were new or what my current choice would be. And there is the issue of me liking almost every Pokémon for one reason or another.

Gen I:
Back then, Squirtle no contest. One of my faves when I was a kid. I did like all 3 starters of course, but the choice was clear.
We've seen a lot more starters since then, and I realized after a few that GenI aren't THAT big of a dilemma to choose between, because they aren't as great as a group as most of the others. But I like them all, so by FRLG times my choices shifted to Charizard/Venusaur to balance out my Blastoise obsession (more Venusaur though, because Charizard has enough fans... a Pokémon being too popular seems to make me unfairly like it less xD)
So... if I started a Kanto-game now and had to choose... I guess I'd go for Squirtle.

Gen II:
Now this one is the first set that was extremely difficult from the beginning. I love them all so much, I think Johto-games are the ones where I restarted&traded-over all 3 starters to one game before starting the adventure the most times (although by HGSS times I would never have them all with me at the same time, but switch them out constantly, because there is too many other interesting Pokemon for having such an unimaginative ingame team).
I think Typhlosion was my favourite in GS-times just by a bit, very closely followed by Meganium (I loved the shade of green on the GB) and Feraligatr as well, as a worthy successor to Blastoise in my eyes.
What would I choose if you forced me to choose right now?... gah, I guess Cyndaquil.

Gen III:
I remember buying the issue of a magazine with Pokémon news in Austria, back when gen3 was starting to to come out in Japan.. and it had a whole batch of new Pokemon including the starters of course, but with their middle stages by that time as well. Holy cow. The perfect balance of simplicity of designs and the nice variation and diversity in personalities as well as the middle stages being spot-on, the perfect colour-choices that we haven't seen before (I mean Bulbasaur was turquoise, which really throws GenI starters as a set off balance) etc etc... but I was freaking blown away by Mudkip in particular. As the gen before, I instantly liked all three with all their stages, but Mudkip had priority, and Blaziken being least chosen, mostly due to popularity as with Charizard.
Weird, I don't even remember what I picked in my OR playthrough. Could have been either of them XD
Now I'd choose... geez, I have trouble deciding between Sceptile and Swampert actually.. but let's say Mudkip (even though its Mega is my least favourite lol)

Gen IV:
Oh gawd... similar to gen3, Infernape takes the backseat, with the tough choice falling between a flawless Grass/Ground tortoise and a majestic Water/Steel penguin x.x
In the games I'll have picked Torterra most of the time, due to not wanting to turn Empoleon into an HM-slave. Seriously, Gen4 was an amazing set, and felt like the complete opposite of gen2, what with each starter ending up with a fancy secondary type.
Torterra (sorry Empoleon and Infernape)

Gen V
Ah, the gen that was the closest to the original first Pokemon game experience so far (and well... the only one to even attempt that lol). Besides Emboar (people hated it for the repetitive combo by then, but I loved where they were taking that theme, and hey, no one complained about Samurott being the third pure Water starter, so technically this shouldn't be an issue ;D) the designs went more towards simplicity. The whole cultural theme was a nice touch.
If I had to choose... I'd rather not xD
But ok... Snivy

Gen VI
Ohh, the RPG-class starters :D
A lot of cool aspects about these three that make them noteworthy. I started with Chesnaught as I didn't know which of the other two would be more popular LOL. Feel sorry for Delphox now, when Greninja is obviously the "Charizard" in this case.
I was planning to choose Fennekin if there were XY-sequels coming out, so that's what I'm picking now.

Yeah, I'll pass until I have all the information about them. They're all interesting so far as expected, they each bring colours to their starter-type that I've been waiting for for a long time (Grass-not being flat out covered in green, Fire-using red rather than orange, but also employing black as its main shade, Water-a proper darker shade of blue instead of the usual lighter one).
In terms of types, I like that we finally have another starter that starts out with a (non-exotic) dual type in Rowlet. I kinda hope Litten does get Poison (seriously, how do we not have that combo in general yet??), but I also think it's way overdue for a Fire starter to be pure Fire again.

So...what is that together?
As you can see, I don't "side" with any of the starter types without actually looking at the designs and everything. Neither of them are my favourite type thematically (which would be Ice, Poison or Electric...or Psy again now that its space-association is more clear), but even if one was, I'd try not to let that cloud my choices in a starter-set.


Always standing out from the crowd.
Gen 1: Bulbasaur was always my favorite, just because he did not have a rabid fan following (Charizard) and had battling use (Unlike Blastoise). Grass
Gen 2: I never liked any of these starters that much, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be Chikorita. Grass
Gen 3: At first I liked Torchic the most, but after the Fire Fighting trend continued, I have switched my favorite to Mudkip. Water
Gen 4: Piplup. (What else did you expect from someone with a name like NinjaPenguin) Water
Gen 5: I have personal reasons to hate all of these starters, but I hate Oshawott and Tepig the most, so I guess it is Snivy. Grass
Gen 6: Froakie. (See Gen 4) Water
Gen 7: It is very close for me between Rowlet and Litten, but for now I'll say Rowlet. Grass
Technically, Grass beats Water 4-3 for me, but three of the victories for Grass (Gens 2, 5, and 7) are either between starters I don't like or starters whose evolutionary line is not fully known, so I'll give the true victory to Water for producing starters that I like. The big conclusion, in my opinion, is that I don't like fire starters (which stems from a dislike of the Charizard fandom).