Pokemon What is the Most Plentiful Pokemon in Your Area?

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There are a ton of the normal Pidgey, Rattata, and Weedle, but there are a fair amount of Spearow and Eevee as well. Surprisingly, Nidoran of both genders are pretty common too.


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Garrettsville, OH rarely even HAS Pokemon (not in the whole town, just my area) If I get a Pokemon around it's usually a Weedle or a Pidgey. UGH. (I do have a Jigglypuff from my G-ma's house. She's in Newton Falls, OH. :D


Here in Jacksonville NC I see a lot of Pidgey's, Rattata's and Eevee's. Only that last one is really helpful as far as I'm concerned and only because my top three strongest Pokémon are Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon.


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Pidgey, Ratatta, and Weedle. I don't mind Pidgey and Weedles because they're easy to evolve for exp.

Eevee is also surprisingly common.


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Aside from the Pokemon that are everywhere (Pidgey, Ratatta, Weedle, Eevee), my area has a gajillion Venonat and Drowzee.


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I'm currently at level 11, here's a list of the pokemon I've seen from most to least

Pidgey: 35
Weedle: 28
Eevee: 21
Rattata: 21
Drowzee: 16
Caterpie: 13
Spearow: 12
Venonat: 11
Cloyster: 9
Oddish: 7
Kakuna: 6
Pidgeotto: 5
Paras: 5
Zubat: 4
Poliwag: 4
Squirtle: 3
Metapod: 3
Bellsprout: 3
Nidoran (M): 3
Jigglypuff: 3
Psyduck: 3
Magikarp: 3
Gastly: 2
Pidgeot: 2 (1 Evolved and the other was an encounter, I wasted like 40 poke balls, not from it breaking out, only about 5 actually hit the bird. Most of them just kind of fell out of my hand onto the ground. I eventually just ran it was so bad.)
Nidoran (F): 2
Krabby: 2
Koffing: 2
Horsea: 2
Goldeen: 2
Staryu: 2 (One fled and the second hatched from an egg today)
Scyther: 2
Jynx: 1
Tauros: 1
Slowpoke: 1
Seel: 1
Fearow: 1
Venomoth: 1
Meowth: 1
Mankey: 1
Haunter: 1
Hypno: 1
Vaporeon: 1 (Evolved)
Jolteon: 1 (Evolved)
Gloom: 1 (Evolved)
Raticate: 1 (Evolved)
Beedrill: 1 (Evolved)

I'm kind of surprised the Nidoran and the Magikarp's are so rare. I heard you get great balls at level 12, maybe Rattata and Venonat stop spawning at level 12 as well, would love to see a Bulbasaur or a Sandshrew.

If i had a eevee for every ratatta i had... Well i would have a lot of eevees ;)


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Here in Wellesley, Massachusetts I frequently find Pidgey, Venonat and soo many Drowzee @^@


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After playing the game for a couple months now, I can say with a certainty that this is a proper representation of my neighborhood:



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Now at Level 20, here's a list of Pokémon I've seen, I'm not including Pokémon I've seen once, Pokémon I've only seen from eggs or evolved forms. Also most of these do include egg hatches, I don't know for example how many Pidgey's were hatched from eggs but not many. I don't encounter every Pokémon that pops up, though I have been recently trying to fill my bird and bug medals. But I'd say the first 8 are closer to Eevee's seen list and Eevee's seen list is probably closer to 135.

Eevee: 120
Pidgey: 94
Rattata: 90
Weedle: 67
Drowzee: 62
Spearow: 51
Venonat: 48
Zubat: 43
Oddish: 43
Paras: 39
Bellsprout: 38
Caterpie: 37
Magikarp: 32
Nidoran (F): 27
Shellder: 24
Goldeen: 23
Nidoran (M): 22
Krabby: 22
Psyduck: 21
Gastly: 20
Staryu: 19
Poliwag: 18
Slowpoke: 11
Jynx: 11
Horsea: 10
Squirtle: 10
Jigglypuff: 9
Tauros: 5
Meowth: 5
Geodude: 5
Exeggcute: 5
Rhyhorn: 5
Seel: 4
Pikachu: 4
Koffing: 4
Charmander: 3
Tentacool: 3
Dratini: 3
Abra: 2
Clefairy: 2
Vulpix: 2
Bulbasaur: 2


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In my area of Dallas-Fort Worth, Rattata, Pidgey, Doduo, bugs and grass types up to Bulbasaur are fairly common. There is also a huge lake that I travel to that spawns Magikarp, Psyduck, Slowpoke and Dratini like mad.

Now that I've moved to college at Texas A&M, Rattata and Pidgey are still everywhere, but Koffing, Staryu, Horsea, Poliwag, Bulbasaur, Magikarp, Slowpoke, and Psyduck are the most common. There are also select Jigglypuff, Pinsir, and Meowth nests on campus. They used to be Bulbasaur and Voltorb, but the spawn changes fixed that.