What Is the Best Theme Deck?


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So my league was going to have a theme deck tournament in a little over a week, and I was wondering what the best theme deck to get would be? Obviously the world championship ones aren't allowed

Currently I'm looking at the following:

Gears of Fire
Sky Guardian
Aurora Blast

Open to suggestions though
I had a lot of success with Dark Hammer in theme deck tournaments, though it will be rotating out of Standard very soon.

I personally think Sky Guardian will be the best theme deck in the coming format for now, but in a theme deck tournament it's kinda iffy since Lugia's strength is against EX, which you won't see. I've seen a lot of people using Wave Slasher, but it has pretty bad secondary attackers imo. I haven't used Ring of Lightning nor Gears of Fire yet, but it looks like those might be the way to go. Ring of Lightning has Galvantula as a backup, which appeals to me, since it can be especially devastating to low HP Pokemon, which theme decks have a lot of.
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Night Striker (BKT) seems to be the best play, with two very good evolution lines in Gengar and Zoroark, although it (as with most theme decks) lacks in draw power, with only two Tierno and a single Giovanni's Scheme available for draw support.

The PTCGO has a Theme Deck format; it includes a few online exclusive decks, but of the real decks the one that seems to have the best performance is Dark Hammer.